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MVT Trader Terminal is primarily a trading terminal designed by My Value Trade. Basically, it is a desktop application which has all the features to perform seamless stock trading activities.

Apart from stock trading, this robust trading platform is equipped with all the functionalities to do currency trading, commodity trading, and even derivatives trading.

My Value Trade Trader Terminal has the Personalized Interface option where you can customize every aspect of trading as per your requirements. Then there is the Social Integration feature by which you can connect the account with your Twitter account.

The application has the Advanced Charting options in-built that generate historical charts relevant to the stock market. You can also get real-time updates from the stock market with Market Monitor & Scanner option.

All in all, MVT Trading Terminal is a robust application for any stock trading activities.Value Trade

MVT Trader Terminal Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

MVT Trader Terminal Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.7/10
Usability 6.7/10
Features 6.8/10
Speed 6.9/10
Performance 6.8/10
Overall Ratings 6.8/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About MVT Trading Terminal

As we gained some idea about MVT Trader, let us know who is behind the curtains for this amazing trading platform. The desktop application or Trading Terminal, whatever you call it, is developed by My Value Trade.

Now, MVT does fall into the umbrella of the parent company, Master Capital Services Ltd, which is a full-service stockbroker and are there in the stock trading industry since the year 1985.

My Value Trading has two more trading platform apart from MVT Trader – MVT Mobile, which is a mobile app, and MVT Classic, which is a web browser-based trading platform. MVT Trader is a desktop application which is free to download and use. However, there is an account opening fee involved, which we will discuss later.

But in this article, we will focus primarily on the features and benefits of MVT Trader along with its advantages while using this incredible application. We will also discuss the application set up procedures highlighting the steps to open an account with My Value Trade.

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    MVT Trader Terminal – Top Features

    MVT Trader is one of the prime services that My Value Trade offer to their clients. So, here are some significant features of this incredible trading platform:

    Charts & Analysis

    My Value Trade offers a total adjustable trading condition. It also includes market analysis, technical analysis, and charting functions to take into account your particular needs. The goal is to trade more astute and quicker.

    Connects with Twitter

    The Trading Terminal get integrated with your Twitter account. MVT Trader carries the intensity of social media to your online stock trading knowledge, which you can take advantage.

    Option Strategy

    Option Strategy on this trading platform delivers propelled option trading strategies to you like Butterfly, Bull Spreads, Straddle, Bear Spread, Strangle, and some more.

    So, you can likewise make your very own plans by utilizing positions from the strategies which are offered. You can also see payoff tables and payoff graphs for individual positions or a portfolio, and additionally for the strategies you assemble.

    Intraday & Historical Charts

    Get progressed Intraday and Historical Charts with configurable interim and following information which are extremely helpful in technical analysis.

    You can utilize more than 40 technical indicators to make sense of the best time to purchase and sell. Meanwhile, you can code your trading strategy in the charting option and back-test the equivalent in this trading platform at no additional expense.

    You can also save and transfer templates for some stochastic indicators. However, you can set any template as a default, which can be applied as a matter of course for any graph that you summon.

    Real-time Updates

    Now, you can get Real-Time Updates on all stocks in NSE that rupture their 52-week High, 52-week Low, Day’s High, and Day’s Low.

    It also includes those who are moving toward their Upper Circuit and Lower Circuit Levels. Therefore, you can track stocks which are clinging on these indicators and follow up on them effectively to enjoy future trading.

    You can also sweep stocks crosswise over NSE and rank them dependent on Volume, Value, % Gainers and % Losers for ‘n’ number of scrips.

    Additionally, you can trade straightforwardly on any stock refreshed in the Market Monitor board, by getting to the purchase/sell order section windows, see the market picture or add it to your market watch.

    AMO & BO

    MVT Trader offers propelled order types like After Market Orders (AMO) for setting orders by the day’s end to be executed the following day without signing in.

    Bracket Order (BO) offers setting objective and stop misfortune levels with trailing stop distress highlight. On the off chance that you need higher leverage without manual stop setback position, you should let Cover Order (CO) do its job.

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    How to Set-up My Value Trade Trading Terminal?

    Now once we know what MVT Trader is capable of, we should focus on how to set up this Trading Terminal. Here are the steps:

    1. You need to follow this link, My Value Trade Website.
    2. Over there, you will get the headline “Utilities.” Underneath that, you will get an option, “Master Swift 2.0.” Click on that and download the set file.
    3. Install the application.
    4. Get the login credential for the Trading Terminal from My Value Trade. We will discuss that step later.
    5. Change the password as you like and start using MVT Trader.

    How to own MVT Broking Trading Terminal?

    MVT Trader is the property of My Value Trade. So, it is apparent that they will allow only their clients to use this trading platform. Therefore, you need to open up an account with them first. Thus, here are the steps to open an account and own this trading terminal:

    1. At the bottom of the page you will find a button called “Open Demat Account.” Click on that.
    2. You will get a form where you need to put your contact information.
    3. Then, you will get a call from an agent of My Value Trade. You need to tell them to open a Demat account along with a Trading account. It will cost you ₹555, which is a one-time payment.
    4. The agent will ask for the documents to complete your KYC. Typically, it takes 1-2 days to verify.
    5. Once you make the payment and they accept the KYC, they will provide you the login credential of the trading terminal.
    6. You then need to go through the entire MVT Trader set-up steps and use the login credential to access your account. You can start trading then.

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    Advantages of MVT Trader Terminal

    While you are considering in joining My Value Trade to take advantage of this fantastic trading platform, here is the list of notable benefits of MVT Trader Trading Terminal:

    • The trading platform offers a beautiful user interface. Something which is not only seamless but at the same time, user-friendly. Meanwhile, you can also customize the entire interface as you prefer.
    • You can connect your Twitter account and share your thoughts on social media. Of course, it will allow you to be updated with the stock market whereabouts.
    • You can see in the features segment for the details about the Options Strategies this platform can offer.
    • The Advanced Chartings are integral for any stock trader, and MVT Trader didn’t disappoint.
    • You can monitor and scan detailed reports in this excellent desktop application.
    • You can place a wide range of Advanced Orders like After Market Orders, Bracket Order, and Cover Order.
    • MVT Trader is equipped with Dow Jones news to keep you updated.
    • The trading platform offers Stability and High Broadcasting ability.
    • The desktop application has 4 Live TV streaming service – CNBC Awaaz, CNBC TV18, ET Now, NDTV Profit.

    My Value Trade Trading Terminal – Conclusion

    So, what we have understood so far is My Value Trade is an established Discount Broker company backed with years of experience. Therefore, the Trading Terminal, which we call MVT Trader, can be an excellent choice.

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