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If you are interested in Shah Investor Intraday Trading, then this article shall help in more ways than one. Here you shall learn about various important details about intraday trading conducted by the company.

Shah Investor was established in 1994 and had been running strong since then. It is the first brokerage house of Gujarat that got registered with NSDL and is owned by Mr.Upendra Shah and Mrs.Purnima Shah. The brokerage house is known for the premium broking services it offers to the clients.

Shah Investor Offers

The company has emerged as one of the most customer-friendly brokerage houses of the nation. It has always worked for the benefit of its clients and helped them earn good profit from all the financial deals.

Shah Investor has proved its worth over and again, but here we shall discuss something apart from its goodwill. We shall learn here how Shah Investor Intraday can be initiated and what are the charges involved in it.

Shah Investor Intraday Trading & Benefits

You must know the fact that intraday trading is different from the traditional trading method, and the former is more complicated. However, some added advantages of intraday trading are offered by most of the brokerage houses.

Shah Investor also offers some advantages to its clients on intraday trading, and we shall discuss them over here. Go through this section thoroughly to understand the Shah Investor Intraday Trading advantages.

  • Shah Investor offers free trading accounts to the clients. It means that you will not have to pay any money for opening your trading account with this broker house.
  • The broker house operates some of the highly-advanced trading platforms that are extremely user-friendly. These platforms have got many useful features that will help the client in trading effortlessly.
  • Clients get updated with all the details of their transactions and charges that they need to pay. It is how the company maintains transparency with the traders.
  • Shah Investor Intraday Tips are very useful and never go wrong. Clients can bank upon these tips and go ahead with their trading.
  • Clients get to access flexible brokerage plans with this broker house, and that helps them in trading without any limit.
  • There are several discounts offered by Shah Investor on the brokerage charges.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Shah Investor?

    Intraday trading is considered to be one of the most challenging methods of trading. A client needs to gather a lot of experience for conducting intraday trading flawlessly.

    He needs to keep himself updated about the stock market on a daily basis, and that, in turn, shall help him in making profitable deals. However, Intraday Trading in Shah Investor is made quite easy for the clients.

    You can get the trading process started by following some simple steps that are mentioned below.

    1. The first you require to do is getting a trading account opened with the broker house. It can be quickly done by filling up the account opening form that you shall find below on this page. After filling up the account opening form submit it, and the executives from the broker house will guide you through the remaining steps.
    2. Once you created and activated your account, you will receive your account ID and password. You will need them while trading from your account and they should be kept highly confidential.
    3. For logging into your trading account, you will have to use your user ID and password. Make sure you change your password once you log into your account so that the new password is only known to you.
    4. You will be able to view a long list of shares from which you will have to choose the ones you want to buy. If you are not sure about which share you want to trade, then take help from the Shah Investor advisory tips. These tips will help you in selecting those shares that can earn you a tremendous amount of profit.
    5. A watch list can be a good option for you to view those shares that you prefer to trade-in. It will help you in tracking the current market condition of these shares and indicate whether buying them shall prove profitable.
    6. After selecting the stocks, you will have to trade in them, and for this, you will have to enter the Buy or Sell section of your trading account. There you will have to choose the ‘Intraday Trading’ option, and your trading will commence.

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    Shah Investor Intraday Charges

    Shah Investor Intraday Charges are fixed at 0.03% per transaction. It is an outstanding feature that is maintained by the broker house as a client can trade any amount of money for a fixed brokerage fee. All the charges and taxes that a client needs to pay are given in detail below.

    • Transaction charge
    • Shah Investor Intraday Brokerage charge that shall be calculated on the amount of transaction
    • STT or Securities Transaction Tax that is fixed by the government
    • Stamp Duty that will depend on the state where the transaction takes place
    • SEBI Turnover Charges as per the rules of SEBI
    • GST on the total value of transaction charge
    Shah Investor Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge0.03%
    Intraday Brokerage CalculatorShah Investor Brokerage Calculator

    For example, if you buy 1000 shares at Rs.2 per share, then your total holding shall sum up to Rs.2000. When the price of each share increases to Rs.4, then you will earn Rs.4000 on selling them. Therefore you earn a profit of Rs.2000 from a total turnover of Rs.6000.

    If the transaction took place in Maharashtra, then the charges you will have to pay are:

    • Brokerage charge: Rs.1.80
    • STT: Rs.0.756
    • SEBI Turnover charge: Rs.0.012
    • Stamp Duty: Rs.0.120
    • Transaction Charges: Rs.0.210
    • GST: Rs.0.362

    The total brokerage charge is Rs.3.260, and the profit made is Rs.1996.74.

    Shah Investor Intraday Margin

    The Shah Investor Intraday Margin is up to 5 times for each client. This will help you in trading limitlessly as you can buy shares beyond your account balance.

    Shah Investor Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin FundingUpto 5x
    Intraday Margin CalculatorShah Investor Margin Calculator

    For example, if the current balance in your trading account is Rs.10,000, then you will be allowed to purchase shares up to Rs.50,000. You will be granted extra as Shah Investor Intraday Limits is up to 5 times.

    The extra money has to be paid back to the broker house along with its interest.

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    Shah Investor Trading – Types

    A client can carry out Shah Investor Trading in three different ways, and they are online, offline, and on-call. The trading platforms maintained by the broker house are brilliant and helps in seamless Shah Investor Online Trading.

    One can also visit the branch of the company for offline trading, and the executives of the company tirelessly support on-call trading.

    Shah Investor Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    After a thorough survey of the investment market, we have concluded that shah Investor Intraday Trading is undoubtedly one of the best.

    Clients are given a lot of freedom for trading, and the company supports them strongly. Transaction charges levied by the broker house are less, but the services offered are of top-notch quality.

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