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In this article, you will be able to learn about Arihant Capital Intraday Trading detail. All the important factors about intraday trading in this broker house are discussed thoroughly and you will get a great deal of help from them.

Arihant Capital is an initiative of the Arihant Group and was incorporated in 1992. It is a full-service brokerage house that is associated with NSE and BSE. The broker house was founded by Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain and has got almost 150 branches across India.

Arihant Capital Offers

Arihant Capital has been offering unparalleled services to investors since its inception. The company always positions its clients over anything else and thinks about its benefits. It provides a lot of help in intraday trading and this is why it has attracted a huge client base.

Keep reading for the details of Arihant Capital Intraday charges, procedures, benefits, and margins. You should read it carefully to get all your queries answered.

Arihant Capital Intraday Trading & Benefits

Intraday trading is not at all easy and has got a good deal of differences from the regular trading method. But it is highly profitable and most of the broker houses offer benefits to the clients on intraday trading.

There is a set of advantages tagged to Arihant Capital Intraday Trading and we shall discuss them below. Take a look at them for your understanding.

  • A client can open a trading account with the broker house for free of cost. Arihant Capital helps investors to a great extent with this facility.
  • The broker house offers premium services with the trading accounts but does not charge any maintenance fee in return. This feature is quite a rare one and helps clients save a lot of money.
  • Arihant Capital operates robust trading platforms that are extremely advanced and allow effortless trading. There are many advanced features in these trading platforms that help traders in making profitable deals.
  • Transparency is sworn by the broker house and it makes sure that each client is fully updated about his profile and the transactions taking place in it.
  • The Arihant Capital Intraday Tips are extremely helpful and investors can get expert trading tips from this feature.
  • This broker house offers flexible brokerage plans and exciting offers on brokerage charges. Both of these features prove extremely helpful to the clients.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Arihant Capital?

    Most of the investors refrain from trying out intraday trading as it is not at all an easy task. A good amount of knowledge on the share market is required for cracking profit-making deals in this trading process.

    Intraday Trading in Arihant Capital is however quite easy and a trader needs to follow some basic steps for initiating the process.

    These steps are comprehended below:

    1. A trader needs to open a trading account with the broker house at first and for this; you need to fill up the ‘account opening’ form that is present below. Once you submit the form, the representatives of the broker house will contact him and help him complete the rest of the procedure.
    2. After the trading account is created and activated, the trader will receive his account ID and password. You needs to keep them safe and should not share the data with anyone.
    3. You will have to use this account ID and password for logging into his trading account. After logging in you should change the password that has been sent by the broker house and set something new for added security of the account.
    4. Then you will have to choose the shares you want to buy from the list that will be available in the account. The trader can refer to the advisory tips that are provided by Arihant Capital if you wants to and make some good deals.
    5. There is also an option for preparing a watch list that will only comprise of those shares that the trader wants to trade-in. This will make the search narrow and the trader will be able to concentrate better.
    6. After selecting the shares it is time for trading them and for this the trader will have to enter the buy and sell section of his account. There you will have to choose the ‘intraday trading’ option and you will be able to initiate intraday trading smoothly.

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    Arihant Capital Intraday Charges

    Arihant Capital Intraday charges are fixed for all transactions. It is 0.03% and is surely a very low amount for the full-service brokerage circuit.

    This means that a client can trade in any value of shares but the intraday charge will not increase. There are some other charges and taxes that shall be deducted from the account of the trader. These charges are minimal and are mentioned below.

    • Transaction charge
    • Arihant Capital Intraday Brokerage that is charged on the total transaction
    • STT or Securities Transaction Tax
    • Stamp Duty that is decided by the state where the transaction is taking place
    • SEBI Turnover Charges levied by SEBI
    • GST levied by the government
    Arihant Capital Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge 0.03%
    Intraday Brokerage Calculator Arihant Capital Brokerage Calculator

    The following example will help you understand better: Assume that you have bought 1000 shares for Re.1, then your total holding will sum up to Rs.1000.

    After some time the price of each share increases to Rs.2.5 and you decide to sell all the 1000 shares. Then you will earn Rs.2500 and make a profit of Rs.1500. Your total turnover will be Rs.3500 for this transaction.

    If the above transaction took place in Tamil Nadu then the charges and taxes will amount to:

    • Brokerage charge: Rs.1.050
    • STT: Rs.0.441
    • SEBI Turnover charge: Rs.0.007
    • Stamp Duty: Rs.0.350
    • Transaction Charges: Rs.0.122
    • GST: Rs.0.211

    Thus, the transactions and taxes will sum up to Rs.2.182 and the profit you will be earning is Rs.1497.818.

    Arihant Capital Intraday Margin

    Allowed Arihant Capital Intraday Margin is very high and reaches up to 5 times. This helps clients in trading a higher amount of money without worries as the broker house takes care of the outstanding amount.

    Arihant Capital Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin Funding Upto 5x
    Intraday Margin Calculator Arihant Capital Margin Calculator

    For example, if your current account holdings are Rs.2,000 then the broker house will allow you to trade in shares worth Rs.10,000. The excess amount will be paid by the broker house and you will have to return it along with interest.

    The Arihant Capital Intraday Limits help investors who have a small amount of money to invest to a great extent.

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    Arihant Capital Trading – Types

    Three different methods are used to conduct Arihant Capital Trading and they are online, offline, and on-call. Clients can visit a branch of the company for initiating offline trading and on-call trading is easily done over the phone.

    The broker house maintains advanced trading platforms that allow seamless Arihant Capital Online Trading. Full support to its clients is as well provided by the broker house where it helps them in all types of trading.

    Arihant Capital Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    Arihant Capital Trading is one of the best in this country and extremely beneficial for those investors who are completely new to the business.

    If you are also interested in intraday trading then contact this broker house and open a trading account with them for free. The broker house will surely ensure that you earn the maximum profit from your investments.

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