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Every trader anticipates trading with a platform that should be secured and fast. In that respect, Astha Trade Odin Terminal is the best. It is loaded with technically advanced indicators that actually make the analysis very much easy.

In addition to that, it allows the trader to create his or her own customization indicators on Odin which facilitates the traders to get the details regarding the stock market on a real-time basis. At the same time, the traders can use it for creating several portfolios in one go.

One more important thing is that you can place any stock you want to place in the watch-list and add as many you like to have. Therefore today we will see why Astha Trade Trading Terminal is gaining popularity.Asthatrade offers

Astha Trade Odin Terminal Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Astha Trade Odin Terminal Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.8/10
Usability 6.6/10
Features 6.5/10
Speed 6.7/10
Performance 6.5/10
Overall Ratings 6.6/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Astha Trade Odin Trading Terminal

If you think of any secured, faster and highly interactive web trading terminal then Astha Trade Odin Trading Terminal comes first in the category. The first thing about the Odin Diet is that it offers a web-based trading solution with the full capacity of an application.

Next, you can download it very easily. Also it offers real-time information and it is very much light in weight. Moreover, it is stocked with super features, which makes it quite impactful. On top of everything trader who is opting to use it for the first time would find its operation very easy and hassle-free.

Besides that, the traders would love to use it because of the reliability and for its accuracy level as well. Coming to the analytical tools they are cutting edge and have immense functionality. Last but not least, the speed of the web trading terminal is also praiseworthy at the same time.

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    Astha Trade Trading Terminal – Top Features

    The Astha Trade Odin Software has some underlined features lets read those in the below points.

    Managing the order and feed from the market

    You can use an individual screen to carry out different activities sorted from other various segments. In fact, traders can invest time in comprehending the portfolio as well as the option like basket trading.

    At the same time, you can get the market data in a real-time format. In addition to that, the trader can use EXCEL format for the market data that means they can edit or add the scrips very smoothly and efficiently.


    The trader can use the updated ticking watch option which notifies the trader in advance regarding any event. Even they can customize the alert option and create alert for the scrips.

    Advanced scanners

    The ODIN diet has a superb feature like the scanner that basically keeps a note on the significant happening in the market and alerts the traders on that.

    Highly secured

    The trader doesn’t need to worry at all with the security of the trading platform as it uses the highly encrypted 128 bit SSL encryption. In addition to that, follows a 2-factor authentication process as well for the additional safety of the traders.

    High-end tools

    Here on the Astha Trade Odin diet, the trader will get hold of some of the highly efficacious tools like the Resistance watch, Greek watch, Greek Neutralizer, heat map, ticker and also various types of calculators such as retracement, pivot, extension, and options.

    Now these tools are so useful that it helps you create the right strategy for trading so that you can enjoy the victory. In addition to all these, the trader also gets a report chart based on real-time analysis, recommendations on the stock, analysis for the market and the research calls.

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    How to Set-up Astha Trade Odin Software?

    In order to set up the Astha Trade Odin Trading Terminal you have to follow few bullets penned below:

    1. First of all you have to be on the web page Astha Trade Website.
    2. There you will come across the option called the Odin Diet.
    3. You will see that there is an option saying download.
    4. Then press that and you will that it’s downloaded on your system.
    5. And see that it is there on the desktop.
    6. Just double click that.
    7. A zip file will be opened.
    8. Press double click on the Odin Diet.exe and it will start to install.
    9. Then just double click on that to enter.

    How to Own Astha Trade Odin Terminal?

    Now to use the Astha Trade Odin Trading terminal you have to go through the process below:

    1. As the ODIN diet is installed on your computer, you have to enter the user id and the password.
    2. As you enter, you will come across all sorts of categories.
    3. Like you can enter the market watch and add new scrips to that.
    4. On top of that if you press right-click and select graph it then a graphical chart will pop up.
    5. Like this, you have to explore the rest of the segments.

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    Advantages of Astha Odin Trading Terminal

    Just like the notable features, the Asthatrade Odin Trading Terminal has some talked about advantages as well so read them in the points below:

    • It offers great integration that means it is integrated with the back office of the broker, IPO modules, RSS feed.
    • The payment gateway is integrated so that the trader can easily transfer the fund from the bank account to the trading account and vice versa.
    • The trader has the flexibility to customize the interface as necessary. That means the trader can customize the theme of the interface along with that customize the view option as per requirement as well.
    • It is important to say that the application is very efficient and highly scalable as well.
    • It also leverages the investor to enter bulk order at a single time. Therefore you can understand that it is very much time-saving.
    • The best thing is that it automatically gets upgraded whenever the latest version is available.

    Astha Trade Odin Terminal – Conclusion

    In conclusion, it is better to say that the Astha Trade Odin Terminal is the most advanced trading terminal with rare and effective features. It is properly equipped with UI themes that actually make the Odin traders unique to the traders.

    In addition to that, it is seamlessly integrated with back office and other features like the RSS feeds, IPO modules etc. Overall the user interface is very much smart, well organised and friendly.

    Thus, it is a multi-tasking web platform for the traders offering superb market exposure. It is because of these unique qualities it experienced good development over the years.

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