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Mysore is a beautiful city in Karnataka that is not only famous for its silk but also gold jewelry. People here look for Live Gold Rate in Mysore Today (Feb 17, 2023) because they invest widely in this precious yellow metal.

This article will throw light upon Gold Rate in Mysore that will help readers in making wise investment decisions. Gold in both the forms of 22 Ct and 24 Ct is in demand in this city because traders and customers deal with them in a huge amount.

Here, the market trends of this year and the previous year shall be explained thoroughly along with the performance of the gold rate in the last six months.

Readers will learn about the taxes imposed on this metal and some other factors that determine the increase and decrease in Gold Rate in Mysore live.

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22 Carat Gold Rate in Mysore – Gold Price in Mysore Today (Feb 17, 2023)

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People in Mysore buy a lot of gold jewelry and so they are always interested in 22 Carat Gold Rate in Mysore. This is because this form of gold is completely suitable for making beautiful jewelry.

22 Carat Gold is not the purest form of this metal as it contains a certain amount of fillers that provide strength and durability. Mysore has a large number of gold jewelry stores that register gold sales records around the year.

These stores keep a track of the Gold Rate in Mysore Today as they sell their finished products as per the same.

Therefore, customers should also learn about the latest rate for 22 Carat Gold before purchasing any gold jewelry for having a good deal.

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24 Carat Gold Rate in Mysore Today (Feb 17, 2023) – Gold Price in Mysuru

Many people of Mysore often get confused with Pure Gold Price in Mysore and start making wild guesses.

For their information, the price of 24 Ct Gold is termed as pure gold rate. Gold is extracted from the ores in the form of 24 Ct and thus, it is called the purest form of the metal.

However, this form of gold cannot be put to use for making jewelry as it is very soft. Jewelers pay the 24 Carat Gold Rate in Mysuru for buying the purest form of this metal and add fillers to it for making it suitable for jewelry.

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Gold Price in Mysore for Last 15 Days

All the gold investors and traders in the city keep checking for Gold Price in Mysore for the past 15 days. This provides them with a clear idea about how this precious yellow metal is performing in the market.

The price chart for the past two weeks also predicts whether the gold rate shall increase or decrease in the coming week. Going through the rates of this yellow metal for the last weeks, it can be said that the numbers have fluctuated to a good extent.

The rates were initially low and then they went high relatively. However, in the past 1 week, the rates are again coming lower and making it favorable for investors to take the plunge.

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Graph of Gold Rate Today in Mysore – Also Past Gold Price in Mysore

Graphs have always been a suitable form for understanding any statistics effortlessly. The same is applicable for Gold Rate in Mysore as investors get a detailed overview of the performance of this metal in the market.

Graphical representations make the whole picture clear and viewers can extract the required knowledge at a glance.

Many popular websites in Mysore put up the graphical representation of the Gold Price in Mysore that is followed extensively by the local people. It gives them an idea of whether they should consider investing in this commodity or wait for some time if the pointer is already facing downwards.

  • Gold 22 CT :
  • Gold 24 CT :

Gold Price in Mysore – Past 12 Months Price

Investors in Mysore, who have been dealing with gold for a long time, always prefer going through the rates of the previous 12 months before investing.

This is a very useful method and new investors should also try to follow this. The Gold Rate in Mysuru for the past 12 months can help them understand the trend of the market.

They will get a rough idea of the fact that whether the rates are going very high or shall decrease in the coming months. Below are the performance details for this precious metal in Mysore for the past six months.

January 2023, Gold Price Movement in Mysore

Gold Rates in January 2023 22 Ct Gold Rate (Rs) 24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st January 2023 5065 5525
8th January 2023 5135 5601
15th January 2023 5206 5679
22nd January 2023 5230 5711
31st January 2023 5255 5733
Highest Rate in January 2023 5315 5798
Lowest Rate in January 2023 5050 5510
Performance 3.75% 3.76%

The Gold Price in Mysore for January 2023 has been discussed below and this will help traders and investors residing in the city

  • The highest recorded price for 22 Ct Gold was Rs.5315 and for 24 Ct gold it was Rs.5798 in Mysore
  • 22 Carat Gold Price in Mysore touched the lowest price of Rs.5050 and that for 24 Ct was Rs.5510
  • This precious jewelry metal showed an average performance of 3.75% in 22 Ct and 3.76% for 24 Ct
  • The rate of 22 Ct gold fluctuated on the side positive and negative and for the month it concluded on a higher rate.
  • 24 Ct gold price also evidenced the same trend as 22 carat gold.

Gold Rate Movement in Mysore for December 2022

Gold Rates in December 2022 22 Ct Gold Rate (Rs) 24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st December 2022 4880 5323
8th December 2022 4955 5405
15th December 2022 5004 5458
22nd December 2022 5030 5487
31st December 2022 5065 5525
Highest Rate in December 2022 5065 5525
Lowest Rate in December 2022 4880 5323
Performance 3.79% 3.79%

Gold is always the centre of attraction and there are multiple reasons for the same. The demand for gold is as well always high but grabbing a smart investment is based on unlocking the perfect price of sell or buy. Studying the price shift is the smart way to go and this section calls out for the price from the month of December.

  • Here is a track of the price shift for the month of December for both the category gold, i.e. 22 as well as 24 carat.
  • You may have the determination to excel in gold investment and hence, we have drafted the percentage change as well, which was 3.79% and 3.79%.
  • Shift in price was almost the same for both 22 as well as 24-carat gold, which is vivid from the percentage change.
  • Now, moving on with the peak of the month, the highest price of the month was Rs.5065 and Rs.5525.
  • You can also check the lowest price, which was Rs.4880 and Rs.5323.

Gold Rate Movement in Mysore for November 2022

Gold Rates in November 2022 22 Ct Gold Rate (Rs) 24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st November 2022 4660 5083
8th November 2022 4685 5110
15th November 2022 4785 5220
22nd November 2022 4835 5275
30th November 2022 4860 5302
Highest Rate in November 2022 4880 5323
Lowest Rate in November 2022 4615 5034
Performance 4.29% 4.31%

Our clients are the most important to us and their comfort comes first. Therefore, for both 22 carat gold and 24 carat gold rate variations over the month of November in Mysore we present you the details so that you can easily and conveniently compare and contrast and make your choices.

  • For both the 22-carat and 24-carat prices, you can check the rates for all the significant timelines and dates for the month of November.
  • We have monitored the proportion and variations for you to remind you of price changes over November in detail.
  • All the important variables listed are given to you by us.
  • The highest price points for 22 carats and 24 carats are presented as Rs 4880 and Rs 5323 respectively
  • The lowest price points were Rs.4615 and Rs.5034.

Gold Rate Movement in Mysore for October 2022

Gold Rates in October 2022 22 Carat 24 Carat
1st October 2022 4655 5078
8th October 2022 4790 5225
15th October 2022 4625 5045
22nd October 2022 4705 5133
31st October 2022 4665 5091
Highest Rate in October 2022 4790 5225
Lowest Rate in October 2022 4625 5045
Performance 0.21% 0.26%

We have all the data pertaining to the Gold Rate in Mysore from the month of October. This is the common information you need for the purpose of research and it will take you through the investment process. Investing in the strategic way is the way to go.

  • The table you see in the section has the major and necessary price you need to consider for research and study purpose.
  • If you check the change in the price levels, the change is as much as 0.21% and 0.26% in percentage terms.
  • The highest price level which the metal touched in the city for the month is Rs.4790 and Rs.5225
  • Well, the lowest price level up to which the metal fell is Rs.4625 for 22 carat and Rs.5045 for 24 carat gold.
  • This is not a major change, unlike other previous months, where the fluctuation was high enough.

September 2022, Gold rate movement in Mysore

Gold Rates in September 2022 22 Carat 24 Carat
1st September 2022 4655 5078
8th September 2022 4670 5095
15th September 2022 4625 5045
22nd September 2022 4605 5024
30th September 2022 4670 5095
Highest Rate in September 2022 4695 5120
Lowest Rate in September 2022 4585 5002
Performance 0.32% 0.33%

You need to go through your investment procedure in a systematic manner. This is to ensure you have each and every penny you invested, accounted for. This makes it to the well investment scheme, which ensures returns are fruitfully made. For all of this, you need data for the process of research we have just the exact offering.

  • Gold Rate in Mysore for the month of September is provided in this section, for both 22 as well as 24 carat gold.
  • Let us walk you through the change in price level which is essential to determine. As per the commutation we performed, the stats are as 0.32% and 0.33%.
  • The highest price level which the metal touched for the month was Rs.4695 and Rs.5120
  • All the stats show that the price of the metal fell below the maintained threshold.
  • We also have the data of the lowest price levels for the month, and they were Rs.4585 and Rs.5002

August 2022, Gold rate movement in Mysore

Gold Rates in August 2022 22 Carat 24 Carat
1st August 2022 4715 5143
8th August 2022 4760 5193
15th August 2022 4820 5258
22nd August 2022 4765 5198
31st August 2022 4705 5130
Highest Rate in August 2022 4820 5258
Lowest Rate in August 2022 4705 5130
Performance -0.21% -0.25%

The trend of a particular investment, if wished to be looked into for long term, should be looked at for many advanced months.

For example, if one wishes to invest in gold, it is necessary to check the past few months gold performance to know if it is the right time to invest or not. The below details are about the changes in gold prices for the month of August in Mysore.

  • Changes in gold prices for the month of August is given in the table.
  • The price fluctuation is a bell shaped curve.
  • The price on the first day of the month was Rs. 4715 per gram for 22 carat gold and Rs. 5143 per gram for 24 carat gold.
  • On the last day of the month the price changes in 22 carat gold was Rs. 4705 per gram and for 24 carat gold was Rs. 5130 per gram in Mysore.
  • The overall performance is also calculated for 22 and 24 carat gold. The performance statistics is -0.21% and -0.25% respectively.

July 2022, Gold rate movement in Mysore

Gold Rates in July 2022 22 Ct Gold Rate (Rs) 24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st July 2022 4785 5220
8th July 2022 4685 5111
15th July 2022 4658 5082
22nd July 2022 4645 5067
31st July 2022 4725 5154
Highest Rate in July 2022 4810 5247
Lowest Rate in July 2022 4607 5010
Performance -1.25% -1.26%

Gold trend for the month of July is discussed in this section. Gold is a precious metal that is demanded by all, therefore knowing how the change in gold rates impact its demand and vice-versa is a very important factor to take note of.

  • Change in gold prices on a weekly basis is given in the table.
  • The opening price was at Rs. 4785 per gram for 22 carat gold and Rs. 5220 for 24 carat gold. And closing rates were Rs. 4725 per gram for 22 carat gold and Rs. 5154 per gram for 24 carat gold.
  • The highest closing rate is Rs. 4810 and Rs. 5247.
  • And the lowest rate was Rs. 4607 per gram and Rs. 5010 per gram for both 22 and 24 carat gold categories respectively.
  • The overall performance for the month is -1.25% for 22 carat gold and -1.26% for 24 carat gold respectively.

June 2022, Gold Rate Movement in Mysore

Gold Rates in June 2022 22 Ct Gold Rate (Rs) 24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st June 2022 4750 5182
8th June 2022 4770 5204
15th June 2022 4715 5144
22nd June 2022 4745 5176
30th June 2022 4665 5089
Highest Rate in June 2022 4836 5276
Lowest Rate in June 2022 4665 5089
Performance -1.79% -1.79%

Recent trends help investors to judge their investment in a better manner and draw conclusions on portfolio diversification. We have compiled data for the month of June and its changes in gold rates I the city of Mysore in the table below. Points for reference are also mentioned.

  • Changes in numbers on five different days of the month is available in the table.
  • The highest price for 22 carat gold in Mysore is Rs.4836 per gram and lowest price is Rs.4665 per gram for the same category.
  • For 24 carat gold the highest price is Rs.5276 per gram and lowest is Rs.5089 per gram.
  • The prices this month are volatile for both the categories in the city of Mysore.
  • The overall performance for change in per gram gold rates for the city of Mysore is calculated to be at -1.79% for 22 carat gold and -1.79% for 24 carat gold.

May 2022, Gold Rate Movement in Mysore

Gold Rates in May 2022 22 Ct Gold Rate (Rs) 24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st May 2022 4839 5279
8th May 2022 4740 5171
15th May 2022 4625 5045
22nd May 2022 4705 5133
31st May 2022 4775 5210
Highest Rate in May 2022 4839 5279
Lowest Rate in May 2022 4610 5029
Performance -1.32% -1.31%

Here the 22 Ct and 24 Ct Gold Rates in Mysore for May 2022 will be discussed with some useful points:

  • The highest recorded price for one gram of 22 Ct gold in Mysore has been Rs.4839
  • 5279 is the highest price recorded for one gram of 24 Ct Gold
  • The lowest recorded 22 Carat Gold Rate in Mysore per Gram is Rs.4610 and that for 24 Carat Gold is Rs.5029 which is on the higher side
  • Performance of the price of 22 Carat gold was -1.32% and that for 24 Carat gold was similar with -1.31%
  • The gold price decreased gradually in small percentages every day throughout the month and in the end, it started to rise.

April 2022, Gold Rate Movement in Mysuru

Gold Rates in April 2022 22 Ct Gold Rate (Rs) 24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st April 2022 4810 5247
8th April 2022 4825 5263
15th April 2022 4955 5406
22nd April 2022 4930 5378
30th April 2022 4840 5280
Highest Rate in April 2022 4985 5438
Lowest Rate in April 2022 4780 5214
Performance 0.62% 0.63%

The performance of the 22 Ct and 24 Ct Gold Rates in Mysuru for April 2022 has been discussed below:

  • The highest recorded 22 Carat Gold Rate in Mysore per Gram is Rs.4985 and that for 24 Carat Gold is Rs.5438.
  • The lowest recorded price for 22 Carat gold is Rs.4780 and for 24 Carat the price is Rs.5214 for April 2022
  • This month has marked a good performance percentage of 0.62% for 22 Ct Gold price in Mysore
  • A similar percentage of 0.63% was recorded for the growth in 24 Ct Gold rate in the city
  • In April this year, the prices of 22 Ct and 24 Ct gold have taken a good jump till mid-week then slightly start declining.

March 2022, Gold Rate Movement in Mysore

Gold Rates in March 2022 22 Ct Gold Rate (Rs) 24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st March 2022 4670 5095
8th March 2022 4940 5389
15th March 2022 4760 5193
22nd March 2022 4775 5210
31st March 2022 4765 5198
Highest Rate in March 2022 4980 5433
Lowest Rate in March 2022 4670 5095
Performance 2.03% 2.02%

The Gold Price Movement in Mysore for March 2022 is significant as this is the last month of the financial year and can be viewed below:

  • The Gold Price in Mysore per Gram for 22 Ct Gold has touched the highest value of Rs.4980 and the lowest of Rs.4670
  • The highest price recorded for 24 Ct gold is Rs.5433 and the lowest is Rs.5095
  • 22 Ct Gold rate in Mysore has shown a fall of 2.03%
  • The performance of 24 Ct Gold rate was also note worthy with 2.02%
  • 22 Ct and 24 Ct Gold rates in Mysore have got increased in the 2nd week but reduced in the last few weeks of the month

February 2022, Gold Price Movement in Mysore

Gold Rates in February 2022 22 Ct Gold Rate (Rs) 24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st February 2022 4490 4898
8th February 2022 4540 4953
15th February 2022 4640 5062
22nd February 2022 4625 5046
28th February 2022 4700 5128
Highest Rate in February 2022 4725 5155
Lowest Rate in February 2022 4490 4898
Performance 4.68% 4.70%

Here, readers will find details of the 24 Carat and 22 Carat Gold Rate in Mysore for February 2022:

  • The highest recorded 22 Ct Gold price was Rs.4725 and that for 24 Ct Gold was Rs.5155.
  • Rs.4490 has been the lowest marked price for 22 Ct Gold Rate in Mysore per gram and Rs.4898 for 24 Ct Gold
  • The monthly performance of 22 Ct gold price in February was 4.68% and that for 24 Ct gold price was of 4.70%.
  • The rate of 22 Ct Gold in Mysore increased till the second week but went down in the third week post which it again spiked high.
  • 24 Ct Gold rate was also fluctuating throughout the month with major records of decline.

Gold Rate in Mysore – Trend in 2020

Gold Rate in Mysore

The year 2020 has seen a lot of ups and downs from the first month with various agitations going on across the world. All of these have affected Gold Rate in Mysore in 2020.

The growing tensions between the United States and China have affected the global market.

This has crashed the stock markets worldwide with the price of gold going very high.

The outbreak of a serious pandemic in India and a large number of other nations can be blamed for the price fluctuations as well. But, things are getting better as Today Gold Rate in Mysore is quite suitable for investors there.

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Gold Rate in Mysore – Trend in 2019

The Gold Rate Trend in 2019 in Mysore cannot be compared with that of 2020 as things have not been favorable in the latter case. In the previous year, gold rates were increasing stably from the beginning to the end and a certain amount of predictability existed.

However, in the present year, the past 6 months did not look very bright for gold traders and the next six months cannot be predicted easily.

What makes Gold Rates in Mysore to increase?

The current conditions of the world and the local market have a huge impact on the Gold Rate in Mysore as on today. Some important factors are discussed below:

  • Inflation in the global economy has led to an increase in the Gold rate in Mysore today per gram
  • The hike in the valuation of the US dollars concerning the INR has increased the gold rate in this Mysore
  • If the local gold market of this city faces a huge amount of demand for this valuable yellow metal
  • When the treasury of the Indian government has less amount of gold

What makes Gold Price in Mysuru to decrease?

Reasons responsible for the reduction in the Gold Price in Mysore are:

  • A good amount of price deduction of gold in the world gold market
  • Today Gold Price in Mysuru shall be less if there are many traders in the city, i.e. the demand of gold does not meet the supply.
  • If the Reserve bank of India announces an increase in the rate of interest or some good policies then the gold rate shall reduce

Why Central Bank Policies impacts Gold Rates in Mysore?

The valuation of the US Dollar rises or falls daily concerning the INR and this affects the Gold Rate in Mysore. Apart from this, another factor that affects the gold rates in this city and the whole nation is the policies of the Central Bank.

This bank creates policies that play an important role in determining the Gold Rate in Mysore Today and thus, traders keep checking the policies every day.

Why Gold Price in Mysore is different from other Cities?

Each city in India has its policies, laws, and regulations that have a huge impact on gold rates. The Gold Price in Mysore is affected widely by factors like the taxes imposed by the native government, transportation charges, etc.

If these charges are less, then the Gold Price in Mysore 916 will remain affordable for the local traders and investors and vice-versa.

What is Gold Rate in Mysore 916 Hallmark gold?

Hallmark gold is the standardization fixed for this precious yellow metal in this nation. The Gold Rate in Mysore 916 refers to the rate of 22 Carat Gold that is used in gold jewelry.

These finished products should hold the hallmark sign that is marked by the number 916 to indicate that they are made following the rules of the gold standards.

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How much is the Tax Levied on Gold Rate in Mysuru?

The price of gold goes quite high because various taxes are levied on it by the state and central governments of the nation. A GST of 5% is attracted by this valuable commodity that is charged by the central government.

Besides this, jewelry shops impose a making charge on the finished ornaments which are also exposed to 5% GST. The price of this valuable metal shall vary with the variation in the Tax on Gold Rate in Mysuru.

Gold Rate in Mysore – Conclusion

This article has focused on the Gold Rate in Mysore and helped with numerous useful details about this valuable commodity. People residing in this city should follow this article if they are planning to invest in gold shortly.

Today Gold Rate in Mysore will be affected by an array of factors and this article will help investors and traders in understanding them all thoroughly.

Mysore Gold Rate FAQs

Ques – How to check Today’s Gold Rate in Mysore?

Answer – No specific process or extensive methods are required to discover the present rate. We have it all sorted and have incorporated it in a table, refer to the top most sections of the article, where you will specifically see the mention of today’s gold rate.

Ques – Where to find Gold Rate in Mysore?

Answer – This article acts like the hub for all kind of gold rate related information. We try to educate our readers as much as possible and provide all the materials and information for the same. We covered the present rates and all the past rates in this article.

Ques – Is this Live Gold Price in Mysore?

Answer – Yes, the data you see in this article is all in context with what you see. As in, the today’s gold rate section is in regards to the live rate in Mysore. Also, all the other rates are in relation with what the claim to be, i.e. to the time frame they belong to.

Ques – Can I find last month’s Gold Price here?

Answer – We have made all the explanation clear in this article, and you are deemed to discover the last month’s data as well. Check the section of past 6 month, where you will be able to find the detailed analysis of the month you are looking for.

Ques – Where to find 22 Ct Gold Rate in Mysore?

Answer – For the rates of precisely the 22 carat gold, we you need to refer to the same sections. We have separate tables to illustrate the 22 carat gold rate and then, we have different sections for 22 carat gold rate in table which is meant to provide the information of 22 and 24 carat gold combined.

Ques – Is the Gold Rate in Mysore Update?

Answer – Yes, the information or insights you see in this article are all up to date relating to the particular time frames. We ensure to provide you with the updated rates of present day, for both 22 and also 24 carat gold rate. Then, we have the data pertaining to the past as well.

Ques – Will I find Gold Rate Forecast here?

Answer – Yes, you will in fact find the data of the months before as well. We have a separate section catered to provide the detailed information of the past 6 month, and it is where you will find the rates of the last month. Check the table and also the following explanation.

Ques – Can I use Gold Investment Calculator?

Answer – For a better understand of the returns you will earn from a transaction, we have deployed the investment calculator. You simple need to provide the city or state, Carat gold, invested amount and time of investment inputs, and it will tell you the amount of profit or loss you incurred.

Ques – Can I calculate Mysore Gold Price in Tola?

Answer – Yes, and for the said purpose, we have deployed the Gold Rate Calculator. It not only lets you check the price in Tola, but has a bunch of other units you can check as well. To be redirected to the calculator, click on the calculator’s link, which is provided at the end of 15 days rate section.

Ques – What is 24 Carat Gold in Mysore?

Answer – 24 carat gold is in fact the purest level of gold, without the mixtures that make it strong and compatible for crafting different items. So, 24 carat gold is generally fragile and also is pricier than the 22 carat gold. It is purchased as cold coins or gold bars.

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