Gold Rate in Kolkata – Find 22 Ct & 24 Ct Gold Price in Kolkata Today

We wish to give you a glance into the Gold Rate in Kolkata, for the concerned individuals, through this article.

Inclusive of data on Gold Rate in Kolkata Today, you will find all the other facts about gold price. With an insight on gold, we have ensured to include both the 22 carat gold and 24 carat Gold Rate in Kolkata Live, for your convenience.

22 Carat Gold Rate in Kolkata – Gold Price in Kolkata Today

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22 carat gold is fine gold containing of alloy, perfect for making jewellery. The demand in the state has a rational affect on the 22 Carat Gold Rate in Kolkata.

Some of the city related circumstances are also included in the list. Check out the table of Gold Price in Kolkata Today, to see today & yesterday’s performance and the change percentage.

Gold Rate Forecast for Tomorrow

24 Carat Gold Rate in Kolkata Today – Gold Price in Kolkata

24 carat is the rather pure gold, delicate as compared to the other category. Investors from Kolkata, will find the 24 Carat Gold Rate in Kolkata for today and yesterday in the table provided below.

Pure Gold Price in Kolkata stats are included in the table below, where you will recover yesterday’s price, change% and also the performance.

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Gold Price in Kolkata for Last 15 Days

Closing up on a decision purely from 2 days price analysis is not a good strategy. To help you study the Gold Price in Kolkata in a better way, we have included the figures from previous 15 days.

This will take your study to the next level, a detailed analysis.

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Graph of Gold Rate Today in Kolkata – Also Past Gold Price in Kolkata

Checking on the Gold Rate in Kolkata is always better when a graph is deployed. Therefore, we have a graph to show the Gold Rate in Kolkata from today, and also previous times. This way, the price fluctuation is easily noticed.

  • Gold 22 CT :
  • Gold 24 CT :

Gold Price in Kolkata – Past 6 Months Price

Graph is a good idea study the Gold Rate in Kolkata. However, if you need further help, we provide you the precise explanation of the past 6 months.

Gold Rate Movement in Kolkata for October 2020

Gold Rates in October 202022 Carat Gold Rate24 Carat Gold Rate
1st October 202049565247
8th October 202049525243
15th October 202049745276
22nd October 202050115171
31st October 202048915252
Highest Rate in October50355327
Lowest Rate in October48905130

We have inculcated a draft of the Gold Rate in Kolkata for the month of October in particular for this section. This is a great idea of studying the past prices and rates which will then give you the major idea of investment for the futures.

  • Follow up with the table you find above, which has separate columns for 22 and 24 carat gold and also has information for highest, lowest, closing, opening and other price intervals.
  • Here is what you need to do, the percentage change was as much as -1.31% and 0.10%
  • 5035 and Rs.5327 were noted as the highest figures for the month.
  • 4890 and Rs.5130 were noted as the lowest figure for the month
  • Change was in a way not too much significant as minor fluctuations happened.

September 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Kolkata

Gold Rates in September 202022 Carat Gold Rate24 Carat Gold Rate
Highest Rate in September50905398
Lowest Rate in September48865156

Go on with the research process of Gold Rate in Kolkata and you will be able to strategise your money in the right place. Following this, you will be able to earn definite returns from the investment, since it will be based on thorough analysis and research. This is one of the right ways to go.

  • Turn towards the table to see how the price went through change for both 22 and 24 carat gold.
  • Commutation part has been handled by us, where the commutation revealed the change was -1.56% and -1.09%.
  • This states that there was a decline in the price of the metal over the entire month’s stats.
  • The highest price level must be of concern as well and as we can see, the highest price level for the month was Rs.5090 and Rs.5398 for 22 carat as well as 24 carat gold.
  • For the next thing, we have to discuss the lowest price recorded for the month and it was again Rs.4886 and Rs.5156

August 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Kolkata

Gold Rates in August 202022 Carat Gold Rate24 Carat Gold Rate
01-08-2020₹ 5,260₹ 5,400
08-08-2020₹ 5,510₹ 5,650
15-08-2020₹ 5,175₹ 5,444
22-08-2020₹ 5,142₹ 5,412
31-08-2020₹ 5,041₹ 5,311
Highest Rate in August₹ 5,511₹ 5,651
Lowest Rate in August₹ 5,012₹ 5,282

Let us now take you through the Gold Rate in Kolkata, where this section precisely features the data of the August month. There were major changes in price levels in the month, which you need to, know about. Hence, the table is constructed in order to lay out the same for you, briefly.

  • We urge you to see the table, and the following explanation, which features the highest price level and the lowest price level of the metal and also the percentage price change.
  • The change in the price level is the concern now, wherein we have done the calculations to obtain the change percentage. So, the change percentage was actually 9.96% and 6.99% eventually. This was an average kind of shift in the price levels noticed.
  • On the other front, we have the information from across the entire month, wherein we can see the 2nd week of the month as the highest priced interval. This further declined, towards the end of the month.
  • Well, we now must discuss the highest price level of both the category gold, i.e. Rs.5511 and Rs.5651.
  • Similarly, the lowest price levels of the month were Rs.5012 and Rs.5282 eventually.

July 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Kolkata

Gold Rates in July 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-07-2020₹ 4,796₹ 4,923
08-07-2020₹ 4,787₹ 4,917
15-07-2020₹ 4,835₹ 4,992
22-07-2020₹ 4,935₹ 5,075
31-07-2020₹ 5,250₹ 5,380
Highest Rate in July₹ 5,250₹ 5,380
Lowest Rate in July₹ 4,725₹ 4,855

Taking you through the brief study of the Gold Rate in Kolkata, we have the information on how the gold prices have changed across the entire month. You urge you to consider the events which seriously shaped new price levels for the metal and make you likewise predictions.

  • Refer to the table provided in this section to check out the price frequencies of each week. We also put together the highest and the lowest price levels.
  • Here is the follow up on the change in the gold price, in the form of percentage which was commuted at 11.11% for 22 carat gold and 10.81% for 24 carat gold.
  • This change was a pretty high variation noticed across the entire month, and this may support your study relating to the price changes in gold.
  • Furthermore, the associated price high price level for 22 carat gold was Rs.5250 and for the 24 carat gold it was Rs.5380.
  • We also have the lowest levels of the metal across the entire month and they resulted to be Rs.4725 for 22 carat gold and Rs.4855 for the 24 carat gold.

June 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Kolkata

Gold Rates in June 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-06-2020₹ 4,581₹ 4,731
08-06-2020₹ 4,561₹ 4,711
15-06-2020₹ 4,681₹ 4,810
22-06-2020₹ 4,738₹ 4,867
30-06-2020₹ 4,767₹ 4,894
Highest Rate in June₹ 4,774₹ 4,903
Lowest Rate in June₹ 4,560₹ 4,709

We now have the data of the Gold Rate in Kolkata for the month of June, the most recent month of our study. Check out how the prices of both 22 carat and 24 carat gold varied for the month.

  • The data of the month, as provided in the table is from various essential timelines, precisely the first days of each week.
  • Both categories gold were taken into account, one of which, i.e. 22 carat gold, had a change percentage of 4.69%, whereas 24 carat gold has 4.12% as 24 carat gold change percentage.
  • Opening price was recorded at Rs.4581 and Rs.4731.
  • The commuted percentage change was from the highest and the lowest price. The highest price of 22 carat gold was Rs.4774 and Rs.4903 for 24 carat gold.
  • The lowest price of the month was Rs.4560 and Rs.4709.

May 2020, Gold Rates in Kolkata

Gold Rates in May 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-05-2020₹ 4,530₹ 4,716
08-05-2020₹ 4,473₹ 4,649
15-05-2020₹ 4,541₹ 4,730
22-05-2020₹ 4,606₹ 4,801
31-05-2020₹ 4,561₹ 4,712
Highest Rate in May₹ 4,681₹ 4,844
Lowest Rate in May₹ 4,456₹ 4,633

Let us begin the discussion on the Gold Rates in Kolkata, beginning from the month May 2020. Using a table, we explained the Gold Rate in Kolkata per Gram, and you can use the same in the best possible way.

  • Starting with the first month, we decided to know the price movement for the month through 5 days from 5 equal intervals of the month.
  • We have brought the entire month’s performance for you, where the 22 carat gold has 5.05% and 24 carat gold has 4.55%.
  • This shows there was no massive dip or surge in the price levels.
  • We also have the highest and lowest rate of 22 carat gold, which is Rs.4,681 and Rs.4,456.
  • The highest and lowest for the 24 carat gold is Rs.4,844 and Rs.4,633.

April 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Kolkata

Gold Rates in Apr 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-04-2020₹ 4,064₹ 4,266
08-04-2020₹ 4,125₹ 4,393
15-04-2020₹ 4,197₹ 4,473
22-04-2020₹ 4,123₹ 4,405
30-04-2020₹ 4,505₹ 4,706
Highest Rate in Apr₹ 4,575₹ 4,801
Lowest Rate in Apr₹ 4,064₹ 4,266

Continuing to the next month of our discussion regarding Gold Rate Movement in Kolkata, we have April 2020. This month’s Gold Rate in Kolkata per Gram price movement is shown in the table below.

  • 5 days study, as shown in the table can be used to study the month trend in the easiest possible way.
  • Now studying the performance of the metal for the month so April, it was 12.57% and 12.54%.
  • The performance shows there was a significant amount of dip and surge for the month.
  • As per the 22 carat rates, the month’s highest was Rs.4,575, whereas the lowest was Rs.4,064.
  • 22 carat rates however were Rs.4,801 as the highest rate and Rs.4,266 as the lowest rate.

March 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Kolkata

Gold Rates in Mar 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-03-2020₹ 4,099₹ 4,304
08-03-2020₹ 4,368₹ 4,586
15-03-2020₹ 4,253₹ 4,461
22-03-2020₹ 4,023₹ 4,218
30-03-2020₹ 4,063₹ 4,266
Highest Rate in Mar₹ 4,368₹ 4,586
Lowest Rate in Mar₹ 3,966₹ 4,162

Picking up the trends of the Gold Price Movement in Kolkata for the month of March, here is the next table. Make sure you keep track of the Gold Price in Kolkata per Gram for this month and clearly construct your strategies.

  • 5 equal intervals from the month again are perfect to illustrate how the price has moved across the month.
  • So, we have the performance for the month of March as well, which shows 10.14% and 10.19%.
  • This is however a noticeable amount of surge in the price levels of the month.
  • Taking into account the 22 carat gold rates, we have Rs.4,368 for the highest and Rs.3,966 for the lowest.
  • 24 carat price levels were – Rs.4,586 for the highest and Rs.4,162 for the lowest.

February 2020, Gold Price Movement in Kolkata

Gold Rates in Feb 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-02-2020₹ 4,005₹ 4,202
08-02-2020₹ 3,964₹ 4,163
15-02-2020₹ 4,016₹ 4,214
22-02-2020₹ 4,163₹ 4,365
29-02-2020₹ 4,171₹ 4,378
Highest Rate in Feb₹ 4,227₹ 4,438
Lowest Rate in Feb₹ 3,964₹ 4,163

Featuring the next year’s 22 Carat Gold Rate in Kolkata, we have yet another table at your disposal. It has the major Gold Rate in Kolkata per gram price movement for you to study.

  • February month study will as well be conducted through the 5 days of month’s prices.
  • Figuring out the performance for the month, it was 6.63% and 6.61%.
  • This is a small amount of variation that happened across the entire month.
  • Referring the 24 carat gold prices, the highest rate was Rs.4,438 and the lowest rate was Rs.4,163.
  • However, the 22 carat gold lowest price was Rs.3,964 and the highest was Rs.4,227.

January 2020, Gold Price Movement in Kolkata

Gold Rates in Jan 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-01-2020₹ 3,838₹ 4,030
08-01-2020₹ 3,978₹ 4,182
15-01-2020₹ 3,885₹ 4,081
22-01-2020₹ 3,961₹ 4,158
30-01-2020₹ 3,963₹ 4,165
Highest Rate in Jan₹ 4,052₹ 4,259
Lowest Rate in Jan₹ 3,838₹ 4,030

Resuming the 22 Carat Gold Price in Kolkata study, we have the first month of the 2020 data. The collected study of the Gold Price in Kolkata for the month is featured in the table.

  • You will find the price levels of the 5 days of the month here, just like you did for the rest of the 4 months.
  • Performance analysis for the month is 5.58% and 5.68%.
  • So, according to the performance a tiny surge of fall in the price level was mentioned.
  • Price movement for 22 carat gold for the month was Rs.4,052 for highest and Rs.3,838 on the lowest.
  • Similarly, the gold price movement of 24 carat gold for the month was Rs.4,259 as highest and Rs.4,030 on the lowest.

December 2019, Gold Rate Movement in Kolkata

Gold Rates in Dec 201922 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-12-2019₹ 3,768₹ 3,956
08-12-2019₹ 3,725₹ 3,906
15-12-2019₹ 3,707₹ 3,887
22-12-2019₹ 3,750₹ 3,940
30-12-2019₹ 3,843₹ 4,034
Highest Rate in Dec₹ 3,843₹ 4,035
Lowest Rate in Dec₹ 3,704₹ 3,887

This section contains the Gold Rate in Kolkata data of the last month of the year 2019. This is the final month of our discussion, where you will see the 24 Carat Gold Rate in Kolkata, alongside the 22 carat rate.

  • 5 equal time levels of the month are the best way to study the 6th month as well.
  • The metal’s performance for the last month of the year was 3.75% and 3.81%.
  • Noticing the performance level, it wasn’t a significant fluctuation.
  • Lowest rates for this month were Rs.3,704 for 22 carat gold and Rs.3,887 for 24 carat gold.
  • Highest rates for this month were Rs.3,843 and Rs.4,035.

Gold Rate in Kolkata – Trend in 2020

Gold Rate in Kolkata

Gold Rate Trend in Kolkata 2020 is moreover inclined towards the pandemic.

There have been number changes on account of COVID-19, where the government tries to save the economy.

While trade issues do exist with the neighboring countries, Today Gold Rate in Kolkata cannot be predicted.

Government has been setting up various policies and making changes to the interest rates, to provide relaxation.

This change has precisely led to an increase in the gold prices, which has surged as compared to the last year 2019.

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Gold Rate in Kolkata – Trend in 2019

Mentioning the Gold Rate Trend 2019 in Kolkata we would rather say it was down the slope in comparison with 2020.

However, there were different set of events and this led to a major high and low for the year. You can refer to the graph to check out the Historical Gold Rate in Kolkata price fluctuation.

Major turn of events was when the stock market crashed, the shutdown of US government which took a toll on the currency and also some other trade deals.

What makes Gold Rates in Kolkata to increase?

Predicting the Gold Rate in Kolkata as on today, is rather difficult, as the prices move on account of various happenings.

Of all the bundle of factors which can increase the Gold Rate in Kolkata today per gram, we have catered the most common ones below:

  • From the vast set of issues, inflation is a major cause for the rise in gold rates. This is the reason why investors invest in gold to create a hedge against inflation.
  • Currency variations, or a set back from the international markets as well make the price rise.
  • Market conditions shift can also lead to increase in gold prices.
  • Also, if the demand of the metal rises, when the production is low, price levels surge. Especially since the mining of gold has proportionately become difficult, this will change the price levels drastically.
  • RBI gold reserve fluctuation also impacts the surging gold prices.

What makes Gold Price in Kolkata to decrease?

Gold Price in Kolkata fluctuation is common and this happens on account of lot of events and happenings.

Events from domestic market and also from international markets can lead to the shift in Today Gold Price in Kolkata per gram, and here are some of the common events.

  • If there is a shift in US dollars, on account of which INR value increase, gold prices eventually come down.
  • Next, if there are any other changes in the finance industry, as issued by the government, the prices fall as well.
  • Bear market is another reason which can lead to fall in gold prices.
  • If the supply rate surpasses the present demand rate, this can lead to fall in gold prices as well.

Why Central Bank Policies impacts Gold Rates in Kolkata?

Yes, central bank policies have a major role to play in the Gold Rate in Kolkata. A remarkable shift in Gold Rate in Kolkata Today can arise on account of change in interest rates. A likely rise in interest rates makes other investment options favorable and gold less likely.

For example, with rise in rates, financial instruments will prove to provide higher returns to the investors. Hence, a rational investor will choose to go for an option which gives greater return.

Why Gold Price in Kolkata is different from other Cities?

Influences upon Gold Price in Kolkata or not limited to domestic and international market, but are rather local as well.

Manufacturer for instance you choose to buy from, has an impact on the price rates, even there are local jewellery organizations which have an impact on local markets.

Other factors which are responsible for variations in Gold Price in Kolkata 916 are hauling charges, the purchase quantity you make and also the import duty as levied by the government.

What is Gold Rate in Kolkata 916 Hallmark gold?

Stating the Gold Rate in Kolkata 916, it is similar to the 22 carat gold category. If you wonder what it signifies, it is referred to the amount of purity in 22 carat gold.

Precisely, there is 91.6 grams of gold in 100 grams of alloy and this makes it compatible for making jewellery.

So, watch out for the 22 carat gold prices in the similar way. Furthermore, the hallmark symbol is tagged to all such products which real the industry standards in every possible way.

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How much is the Tax Levied on Gold Rate in Kolkata?

The last section for this article is related to the Tax on Gold Rate in Kolkata. Levied rate is 5%, which is taken on the making charge only.

The value of gold does not attract tax charge. It is also essential to specify the making charge of a gold product.

Although no specific charge can be generalized, you need to know that, making charge is different coming from different manufacturers.

One may choose to take a specified amount on all products while the other manufacturer can take up a percentage of gold value as making charge.

Gold Rate in Kolkata – Conclusion

On the end note, our intention for the article was to lay every other aspect of Gold Rate in Kolkata, for our esteemed readers.

We have put together every other detail of the gold rates, and price movements from different timelines, including Today Gold Rate in Kolkata.

Construct your idea of investment on account of the gathered information.

Kolkata Gold Rate FAQs

Ques – How to check Today’s Gold Rate in Kolkata?

Answer – There is no process to check the today’s gold rate in Kolkata. It is because we have the rates served to you, right on top of the article. Refer to the following tables, to check the present price of 22 carat and also 24 carat gold, specifically for 1 gram.

Ques – Where to find Gold Rate in Kolkata?

Answer – Determine the rates you are in search of, i.e. the present rates or the past rates, and this article serves you with all the data accordingly. The first few sections cover the recent data, while the next sections take you through different past timelines.

Ques – Is this Live Gold Price in Kolkata?

Answer – Yes, we have incorporated the live rates of the metal along with the past or historical data, to fulfil the need of the masses. The first section is the live rate provided, and the following tables provide the rate precisely of 22 and 24 carat gold.

Ques – Can I find last month’s Gold Price here?

Answer – Yes, you can definitely locate the past month’s data in this section. Not only the rates, but you will find a detailed analysis of the month’s price fluctuation, provided through table and explanation. Refer to the past 6 months section and search for the month you are in a look out for.

Ques – Where to find 22 Ct Gold Rate in Kolkata?

Answer – We give equal importance for both the category gold, i.e. we provide the investors with the 22 carat gold rates along with the pure gold rates. So, for the price discovery of 22 carat gold, you will see different tables at the top. Apart from that, the other tables have specific mention of 22 carat, so you can check the price level easily.

Ques – Is the Gold Rate in Kolkata Update?

Answer – If you wish to check the price levels of the recent days, month or years, we have all the data updated for you. We provide you with the live data on top of the article, while the other sections are much more inclined towards the other timelines.

Ques – Will I find Gold Rate Forecast here?

Answer – The content of this article is more like the raw material which goes into the process of carrying on the technical analysis. So, according to the same you can use all the historical data from this article and put them to use in the process of strategic investment.

Ques – Can I use Gold Investment Calculator?

Answer – Yes, the Gold investment calculator does not have limited use, as it is equally open for use by all the investors out there. You can check the net worth you incorporated or lost via a particular transaction. Provide the city or state, Carat gold, invested amount and time of investment details and you will be able to check the same.

Ques – Can I calculate Kolkata Gold Price in Tola?

Answer – Yes, you can feasibly obtain the gold price in Tola units and every various other units. Scroll through the article, right after the section of 15 days rates, and you will find a link to Gold Rate Calculator. Click on it and use the calculator to obtain the aspired unit price.

Ques – What is 24 Carat Gold in Kolkata?

Answer – 24 carat gold is also referred to as the pure gold, as it does not contain any filler. As a result of this, the metal is at its fragile state and is used only as bars and coins. For the purity it contains, it is generally priced more that the 22 carat gold.

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