Mastertrust Trading / Online Trading – Review, Process, Benefits, Charges & more

Today clients are cautious, and in order to make investments and perform trading activities they prefer potential trading companies. Mastertrust Trading is one emerging name in the stock broking industry; you would like to know about.

Mastertrust has followed a pragmatic strategy to shape the future of its team by nurturing an integrated culture. The best is that the company always strives to maintain a strong philosophy so that the company reaches its height of success in the field of servicing the clients.

The Mastertrust Online Trading is one of the convenient ways of investing money, in order to make some fruitful returns. This article is your guide, and you shall refer to it if you wish to know all the details about the company, including the charges and the procedure to commence trading.

Mastertrust Trading and Benefits

Mastertrust Online Trading is definitely a reward for any type of traders. Therefore it is awesome to continue trading with them. We have cited some of the reasons why you should invest with them.

  • The smartly devised charts integrated into the platforms, offer a precise sight of both a long time as well as short term views.
  • At the same time, the company allows you to use charting tools like technical indicating devices. It adjusts to let you draw trending lines, or use to draw the candlesticks.
  • The Smart interface saves trading time because it is fast and robust.

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    Mastertrust Trading Charges

    Mastertrust Charges
    Transaction Charges0.00289% of Total Turnover
    STT Charges0.0126% of Total Turnover
    SEBI Turnover Charges0.0002% of Total Turnover
    Stamp Duty ChargesDepends on State (very minimal)
    GST Charges18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)

    A part of owning trading and demat account, and getting actively involved in trading, is paying the brokerage charges. There are some sets of Mastertrust Trading charges you need to pay, in order to smoothly undertake each and every transaction.

    • The company has come up with the trading charge which is actually 00289% of Total Turnover.
    • Besides that, you shall note that the company takes 0126% of Total Turnover as the STT charge.
    • The total turnover SEBI charge levied by the company is 0002%.
    • Then, you need to cater the stamp duty charges but that depends as per states.
    • It demands 18% of the GST that includes the transaction and brokerage.

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    Mastertrust Delivery Trading

    Delivery trading in the context of trading is most congenial because it is one of the trading which can be stretched for a longer duration. Experts and also inexperienced traders try their luck in the Mastertrust delivery trading.

    Mastertrust Delivery Charges
    Equity Delivery0.10%

    If you are into this company, you need to pay the Mastertrust Delivery Trading charge which is set up at 0.10%.

    Mastertrust Intraday Trading

    Intraday trading again is one of the best ways to gain profit as the trades here are made on a per day basis. Thus, you can consider this safe to try on, as the company gives the clients all the guidance to make profits precisely.

    Mastertrust Intraday Charges
    Equity Intraday0.01%

    Just like any other asset class, you will be paying a brokerage charge for the Mastertrust Intraday Trading, and it would amount to 0.01%.

    Mastertrust Option Trading

    Traders who are satiated with the options trading should know that this trading facilitates an increased percentage in return. Thus, if you want to have more information on the options trading charge, look up to the given table.

    Mastertrust Option Charges
    Equity OptionsRs.10 per Lot

    Mastertrust Option Trading charge for Equity Option is fixed at Rs.10 per lot.

    Mastertrust Futures Trading

    Traders who are apt in trading are able to explore both the currency and Equity future trading. The best about futures trading is that you get to deal in fixed prices, safeguarded from the market fluctuations, of which, loss is a part.

    Mastertrust Futures Charges
    Equity Futures0.01%

    If you are interested and wish to pursue future trading, then check out the Mastertrust Futures Trading charge, which is only 0.01%.

    Mastertrust Currency Trading

    Currency trading is the potential sector because it remains live for 24 hours has a high level of liquidity in the market. Also, investing in the Forex is profitable, up to an extent.

    Mastertrust Currency Charges
    Currency OptionRs.5 per Lot
    Currency Futures0.01%

    Therefore if you are fine with that, then just step ahead to find out the Mastertrust Currency Trading charge which is 0.01% for the Currency Futures and Rs.5 per Lot for the Currency Option. And the percentage is really very much less in contrast to other companies.

    Mastertrust Commodity Trading

    As you know about the trading market, it comes with its own set of variations. Investing in profitable commodities like gold, oil, etc is quite rewarding.

    Mastertrust Commodity Charges
    Commodity Trading0.01%

    Hence, starting off the trading journey with this market will be a double privilege for the traders. In means, time you need to pay the Mastertrust Commodity Trading charge which is equivalent to 0.01%.

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    Mastertrust Online Trading Process

    Online trading is the most satisfying one that comes with flexibility and cost is as well less. Therefore, it is important to know about the Mastertrust Online Trading process, so you can start your journey feasibly.

    1. In order to initiate the trading firstly click on the button “Open Demat Account” in this page and fill in the pop up.
    2. The executive will then call you and keep you updated on the account creation process, and ask you to complete the KYC process.
    3. In the meantime, you have to get informed regarding the KYC you want to submit. And in that list, you have to include the proofs like identity as well as the address manifestations. Mostly the companies will ask you to submit all these and the significant among all these is that you need to have the pan card and Voters id, bank account and passport size photographs.
    4. Then you will get a call from the company’s end, which is basically a verification call.
    5. Eventually, you will have the account.

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    Mastertrust Online Trading Platforms

    Mastertrust Online Trading Platforms are smartly programmed to outnumber the other trading platforms in the field. Here are the reasons for addressing this particular one.

    • Desktop-based trading terminal: The desktop is literally superb because the Traders who have an ardent interest in the mutual fund can get to know of it at length via an interactive screen that projects the details of the ranking as well as the performance as per category wise. Apart from that, you can even differentiate between the portfolio and the status.
    • Web-based platform: The web-based platform lets you explore the detail about the status of the stocks on the basis of their present market price and it is done according to exchanges.
    • Mobile app: The Mastertrust App has one of the risk calculating tools and awareness regarding the capacity to resist risk. In addition to that, you should love to know that the app allows conducting automated trading.

    Mastertrust Trading – Conclusion

    Mastertrust Trading is known for its super-active and smartest trading platforms. In fact, Mastertrust Online Trading uses advanced designs to maintain all the details of various clients and exhibit them through a dashboard.

    On top of that, the company has a team that customizes the trading strategies on behalf of you. In addition to that, you will see that it has the app with VFX accessibility which you can operate through any device.

    Mastertrust Trading FAQs

    Ques – Do Mastertrust provide Online Trading?

    Answer – Yes, Mastertrust provides online trading on a variety of online platforms. These platforms include a desktop-based trading terminal that has an interactive screen and category wise details, a web based platform that provides present market status, and a mobile app that lets you trade on the go.

    Ques – What are the Charges in Mastertrust?

    Answer – The company charges a transaction charge of 0.00289% of total turnover, STT charge of 0.0126% of total turnover, SEBI charge of 0.0002% of total turnover, stamp duty charges as per state and 18% of brokerage plus transaction charge as GST.

    Ques – Do Mastertrust provide Delivery Trading?

    Answer – Yes, Mastertrust does provide delivery trading. In delivery trades, the stocks you buy are added to your demat account. Delivery trading in the context of trading is one where pros and amateurs alike can try their hand.

    Ques – Is delivery trading Free at Mastertrust?

    Answer – No, delivery trading at Mastertrust is not free, there is a nominal fee that needs to be paid by traders. If clients choose to opt for delivery trading through Mastertrust, they need to pay the delivery trading charges which are set at 0.10%.

    Ques – Do Mastertrust provide Option Trading?

    Answer – Yes, Mastertrust does provide the service of option trading. Options are contracts that give the bearer the right, but not the obligation, to either buy or sell an amount. This segment of trading is one that allows a better and increased percentage on return.

    Ques – What is Option Trading Charges at Mastertrust?

    Answer – If traders wish to opt for option trading at Mastertrust, they must pay the option trading charges which are set at Rs. 10 per lot. This is a very minimal and manageable fee for traders to pay and is set reasonably.

    Ques – Do Mastertrust provide Futures Trading?

    Answer – Yes, Mastertrust does provide futures trading. Traders who are apt in trading are welcome to explore both the currency and equity future trading as they will be able to cope better with the same. The advantage of futures trading is that clients get to deal in fixed prices, safeguarded from losses due to market fluctuations.

    Ques – What is Futures brokerage at Mastertrust?

    Answer – The brokerage charges for futures trading at Mastertrust is set at only 0.01%. This is a low amount as per market trends and should act as an incentive for traders to opt for Mastertrust brokerage house.

    Ques – Is Mastertrust safe for trading?

    Answer – Yes, Mastertrust is completely safe and reliable for trading. As an emerging name in the stock broking industry, Mastertrust has followed a nurturing culture with its clients. The company always strives to maintain a strong philosophy and aims to reach the heights of success in the field of servicing the clients.

    Ques – Do Mastertrust provide Trading Tips?

    Answer – Yes, Mastertrust has a team of experts who provide the best of trading tips to its clients. Regular analysis of data, study of trends and research recommendations are offered to traders to allow them to make informed decisions while trading.

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