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Mastertrust Capital is one of the top financial services company in the country. They have been into the business for over two decades now and have been able to successfully manage relationship with over 150,000 clients building their portfolios and shaping their businesses.

In today’s article, we will do a deep dive into this financial conglomerate and try to see whether the various factors of its promise to the customers is really something they offer or is it just a hoax.

We will look into their Brokerage charges, the other transaction or administrative charges that they charge the customers, the various products and services that they boast of and the offers that they lure the customers with.

We would also analyze how effective are their trading portals and what value added services would you get using these portals.

Mastertrust Capital Offers

MasterTrust Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

MasterTrust Customer Ratings & Review

About MasterTrust

Company Type Private
Broker Type Full Service Broker
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra
Founder Harjeet Singh Arora & R.K.Singhania
Established Year 1994

Mastertrust Capital was a conglomerate formed by the merger of two companies Master Capital Services Ltd and Arora Financial Consultants Ltd in the year 1994 in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

It acquired membership of NSE in 1994 and thereafter year on year it got into the membership of various exchanges and Depository service providers like NSDL & CSDL.

The company truly lives its motto “Master Minds Trusted Hands” by virtue of managing customer expectations with utmost sincerity and dedication.

Getting associated with Mastertrust Capital will open avenues for you to trade in both NSE & BSE for Equity trade, NCDEX & MCX for Commodities trading and MCX-SX & NSE for Currency Derivatives as well.

Moreover, Mastertrust Capital also provides services under the Mutual Fund and Insurance domains as well. In a nutshell, this company is a one stop destination for all your financial requirements from Trading to Mutual Funds, from SIP to Insurance.

Apart from this, the company is known for its customer centric approach and its extensive Research team who works round the clock to provide accurate information to traders and investors.

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    MasterTrust Brokerage Charges 

    Brokerage Charge & Fees
    Equity Delivery Rs 0 (Free)
    Equity Intraday Rs 20 per executed order
    Equity Futures Rs 20 per executed order
    Equity Options Rs 20 per executed order
    Currency Futures Rs 20 per executed order
    Currency Options Rs 20 per executed order
    Commodity Rs 20 per executed order
    Minimum Brokerage Rs.20 per executed order
    Demat AMC Charges Rs.300 per Annum
    Trading AMC Charges Free
    Margin Money 75% Margin
    Brokerage Calculator Mastertrust Brokerage Calculator

    As an investor or a trader, you are entitled to know the exact charges and fees you would be charged when you are getting into a trading assignment with any Broking house.

    Hence this table has been positioned herein to give you a clear picture of what you are getting into incase you associate yourself with Mastertrust Capital.

    If you compare the brokerage charges of Mastertrust Capital with other players of the industry, its rates are much better than the other competitors.

    For Equity Delivery Trading, they charge a brokerage of Rs 0 per executed order of the total transaction amount; for Equity Intraday, for Equity Futures and for Currency Futures as well, they have a standard charge of Rs 20 per executed order brokerage.

    Even for their Options trading like Commodity options & Currency Options, they charge only Rs 20 per executed order per lot respectively; moreover this lot could be of any amount and size.

    The company demands a minimum security deposit amount of 75% Margin as a Margin Money.

    Mastertrust Other Brokerage Plans

    Brokerage Charge & Fees 20:20 My Plan
    Equity Delivery Trading Free 25% off
    Equity Intraday Trading Rs 20 per executed order 25% off
    Commodity Options Trading Rs 20 per executed order 25% off
    Equity Futures Trading Rs 20 per executed order 25% off
    Equity Options Trading Rs 20 per executed order 25% off
    Currency Futures Trading Rs 20 per executed order 25% off
    Currency Options Trading Rs 20 per executed order 25% off

    Mastertrust 20:20 Brokerage Plan

    This plan is especially for the online traders, who are in a watch out for discount brokerage services, or anything likewise, a flat rate brokerage for instance.

    This brokerage plan is free for the equity delivery segment, and charges Rs 20 per executed order for any other segment. The stock broker house refers it to a DIY trader, who trades online.

    Here, the greatest advantage provided is of free 5th executed order.

    Mastertrust My Plan

    This plan is exclusive for traders who choose to remain active and trade quite often. This plan deems to provide 25% off on any active plan traders hold with other brokers.

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    MasterTrust Charges

    Other Charges
    SEBI Turnover Charges 0.00005% (Rs.5/Crore)
    STT Equity Delivery: 0.1% on both Buy and Sell
    Equity Intraday: 0.025% on the Sell Side
    Equity Futures: 0.01% on Sell Side
    Equity Options: 0.05% on Sell Side(on Premium)
    Commodity Futures: 0.01% on sell side (Non-Agri)
    Commodity Options: 0.05% on sell side
    Currency F&O: No STT
    On Exercise transaction: 0.125%
    Right to entitlement: 0.05% on sell side
    Stamp Duty (On buy side only) Delivery: 0.015%, Intraday: 0.002%, Equity Futures: 0.002%, Equity Options: 0.002%, and Currency F&O: 0.0001%.Commodity Futures: 0.002%, Commodity Options: 0.002% (MCX)
    GST 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge + SEBI Fee)
    Margin Funding Charges NA
    Reactivation Charges Rs 75 per instruction
    Account Closure Charges NIL
    Dematerialisation Charges Rs 20 per DRF plus Rs 2 per certificate
    Pledge Creation
    0.02% of the value of transaction, subject to a minimum of Rs 50 + Depository charges at actual
    Pledge Invocation
    0.02% of the value of transaction, subject to a minimum of Rs 50 + Depository charges at actual
    Margin Pledge/Unpledge/ Pledge closure
    0.02% of the value of transaction, subject to a minimum of Rs 50 + Depository charges at actual
    Margin Repledge
    0.02% of the value of transaction, subject to a minimum of Rs 50 + Depository charges at actual

    Every Broking house would add some other charges apart from the brokerage amount to every trading transaction as a part of the administrative or legislative charges. Some of these charges are a mandate which are been levied by the central government or the SEBI as well.

    In this case, Mastertrust Capital charges 0.00289% of the value of the Total turnover as Transaction charges. It charges 0.0126% of the value of the total Turnover amount as Securities Transactions Tax and a nominal 0.00005% of the Total Turnover value as the SEBI Turnover charges.

    Apart from these charges, there is the GST (Goods & Sales Tax) which is a standard 18% of the sum of the brokerage amount and the Transaction charge and it also charges a Stamp Duty which is again very nominal amount and depends on state to state.

    While all these charges look like a mammoth addition to your pocket, when you actually calculate all these in your trade cost, they compute a very nominal charge; hence you may be rest assured that this company is not charging anything extra or unnecessary from you as a trader.

    Mastertrust Other Charges

    • Dematerialization – Availing for this service, you will have to pay Rs 20 per DRF plus Rs 3 per certificate.
    • Rematerialization – Remat services charge is also stated by the company and it is Rs 25 per certificate or 0.05% of the value of the transaction whichever is higher + Depository charges at actual.
    • Pledge – The pledge charges are same for all the activities, i.e. creation, invocation and closure. Charges, as fixed by the broker are 0.02% of the value of transaction, subject to a minimum of Rs 50 + Depository charges at actual.
    • Transaction Charges – This charge is for the debit transaction, both within DP and outside DP. They are Rs 15 within DP / Rs 25 Outside DP.

    MasterTrust Demat Account Opening Fees

    Demat Services
    Trading Charges [One Time] Rs 100
    Trading AMC [Yearly] NIL
    Demat Charges [One Time] NIL
    Demat AMC [Yearly] Rs. 300 per annum
    Margin Money 75% Margin
    Offline to Online Yes

    Mastertrust Capital is a trusted Depository partner with both NSDL & CDSL, hence it is authorized to provide trading services as well as share holding services. This company, over the last two decades, has been embracing traders and investors to join them and trade through them.

    One can very easily get enrolled as a trader with them and get their trading career started. They have a one-time Account Opening charge of Rs. 100/- and they also charge an annual maintenance charge for the Demat of Rs. 300/- per year, whereas the Trading Account maintenance is absolutely free.

    The minimum margin money required to get started as a trader with Mastertrust Capital is 75% Margin.

    MasterTrust Offers

    Free Demat Account No
    Free Trading Account Yes
    Discount on Brokerage Yes
    Trading Happy Hours No
    Flexible Brokerage Plans Yes
    1 Month Brokerage Free No
    Holiday Offers Yes
    Referral Offers Yes
    Zero Brokerage for Loss Making Trades No

    The above table illustrates the various offers that Mastertrust Capital launches time and again for its customers. They do come up with periodic offers like Holiday Offers and Referral Bonanza Offers so that the traders can take advantage from that.

    Apart from that the trading account anyways come free of charge for them, they need to bare the AMC charges though. For regular traders and high value traders, they also have customized and flexible Brokerage plans so that they save on their brokerage fees.

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    How to open Demat Account with MasterTrust?

    With Mastertrust Capital you can open up types of account:

    • DP Account (Depository Participant)
    • Trading Cum DP Account.

    This basically means that you can either choose to only open up your Demat Account with them or open up a Trading cum Demat Account wherein you can trade from instantly.

    The Account Opening procedure is very simple and hassle free with Mastertrust Capital:

    1. You can download the account opening form through their official website or visit any of their branches to collect the Trading Account opening form.
    2. Ensure all the fields are filled accurately like Name, contact details, address and mobile number and email id etc.
    3. Ensure the spelling of your name is exactly as mentioned in your bank account as the Trading account will further be linked to your bank account only and if there is a spelling mismatch, then the payments would get stuck
    4. You also need to enter your bank account details very accurately. Details like account number, MICR Code and IFSC code etc needs to be very minutely entered.
    5. You need to then submit this duly filled form along with all your KYC documents at any of our nearby centers and within 48 hours the account will be opened.
    6. Once the account is opened, you will receive an account opening kit which would have all login credentials and details on how to login to the portal and get started.


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      Why Open MasterTrust Trading Account?

      A Trading Account and a Demat Account go hand-in-hand if one has to deal with shares and also wants to trade in them.

      While Demat Account is just a depository tool for your shares, if you ever want to purchase new shares or even sell the existing ones, you will need to have a Trading Account for that.

      However, if we look at in specific to Mastertrust Capital and deep dive as to why one should open up a Trading Account with them, then there are quite few reasons why one would make that choice:

      • You get an array of options for Trade with ranging from NSE, BSE, NCDEX and MCX as well
      • You get a customized brokerage plan, despite the fact that their general brokerage rates are also very competitive.
      • The Trading Account would enable you to trade online from anywhere by the click of a button
      • You would get access to unlimited research and analysis data which will help you build a strong portfolio in stocks

      MasterTrust Products & Services

      List of products & services provided to its clients

      MasterTrust Products:

      Equity Trading Yes
      Commodity Trading Yes
      Currency Trading Yes
      Options Yes
      Futures Yes
      Mutual Funds No
      Forex No
      Banking No
      SIP No
      Insurance No

      Mastertrust Capital offers a plethora of products to its customers who then, get fixated with them for a lifetime without the need for exploring outside.

      The above table illustrates very clearly that they offer Equity trading options, Commodity Trading facility, Currency trading and Options & Futures trading as well.

      They are also a registered member of the AMFI for offering Mutual Fund solutions and they also deal with Insurance policies for investment purposes. With a company offering all these and much more, why would someone feel the need to hunt outside for options?

      MasterTrust Services:

      Demat Services Yes
      Trading Services Yes
      3 in 1 Acount No
      Intraday Services Yes
      IPO Services Yes
      Stock Recommendations Yes
      Robo Advisory No
      PMS No
      Trading Institution No
      Trading Exposure Upto 5x

      Being a Full Service broker, Mastertrust Capital offers services like Trading & Demat Services, Intraday services and IPO services as well. Moreover, the online tool would also provide detailed Stock recommendations and market updates on a real-time basis.

      MasterTrust Research, Advisory & Stock Tips

      Research & Advisory
      Fundamental Reports Yes
      Research Reports Yes
      Company Reports No
      Annual Reports No
      Company Stock Review No
      Free Stock Tips Yes
      IPO Reports Yes
      Top Picks Yes
      Daily Market Review Yes
      Monthly Reports No
      Weekly Reports Yes
      Offline Advisory Yes
      Relationship Manager Yes

      Mastertrust Capital has  deployed robust research and analytics team whose core job is to cull out data of various segments of the industry, study their trends and provide recommendations to invest and when.

      This team sends our regular reports to customers in the form of Weekly, Daily and Monthly reports. These reports are quite exhaustive and give you a complete understanding of the overall behavior of the industry.

      They provide Fundamental report, research reports, IPO reports and various other reports like free stock tips, Top picks etc.

      MasterTrust Exposure or Leverage

      Exposure / Leverage
      Equity Delivery 1x
      Equity Intraday Upto 5x
      Equity Futures 1x
      Equity Options 1x
      Currency Futures 1x
      Currency Options 1x
      Commodities Future 1x
      Commodities Option 1x
      Margin Calculator Mastertrust Margin Calculator

      The above mentioned table indicates that the company wants to promote people to come and join them and hence they offer some lucrative exposures and leverages so that they can operate freely even if they have exhausted their limit.

      For intraday purchases, you can leverage upto 5 times of the average trade amount. For Equity Futures and Options as well the leverage if up to 1 times.

      As for the Delivery segment, the leverage provided is basically 1x. As for the 20:20 plan, there is a slight variation in the delivery segment precisely, where the stock broker provide 1x exposure.

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      MasterTrust Trading Platforms

      Trading Platforms
      Desktop Platform – Windows Yes
      Desktop Platform – Mac Yes
      Desktop Browser Platform Yes
      Mobile Site Platform No
      Android App Platform Yes
      iOS App Platform Yes
      Windows App Platform No
      Other Mobile OS Platform No
      Real time Updates Yes
      Portfolio Details Yes
      Online MF Buy No
      News Flash Yes
      Research Reports No
      Easy Installation Yes
      Global Indices Yes
      Stock Tips Yes
      Personalized Advisory No
      Interactive Charts Yes
      Live Markets Yes
      SMS Alerts Yes
      Email Alerts Yes
      Multi Account Management No

      Mastertrust Capital has launched two Trading Platforms one for Desktop and Laptop users which is a Web based portal and the other is a Mobile App wherein you can access your entire trade cycle on your Mobile itself.

      Let’s look at some of the features of each of the Platforms:

      Web based Desktop Platform – Master Swift

      Master Swift is by complete virtue a Next Generation trading platform which can work wonders for you in the trading field. Below are some of the key features of Master Swift:

      • Live Streaming and a market watch profile across indices and exchanges in India
      • Easy and simple Cash Trading features which can enable smooth transactions and inflow of funds as well.
      • Place Order seamlessly across various exchanges, all at one screen view
      • Interactive and Exhaustive charts on Market trends and recommendations
      • Maintenance of your Order Book without the need to manually maintain any records
      • Live Candlestick charts are published for advanced technical analysis
      • Collateral valuation is also done on a realtime basis and displayed on screen

      Mastertrust Capital Mobile Trading App –

      This Mobile app has further enabled trade and eased out the pressure from traders to have a compulsory work day to be able to carry out trades; now they can trade while traveling as well and on the go. Key Features:

      • Custom made Market Watch list is published at periodic intervals
      • Trade across segments and exchanges all on the go
      • High Speed connectivity even in Low bandwidth internet connection
      • Customized reports – like order book, net position, trade book and funds view etc.
      • Tracks your individual portfolio and sends relevant notifications as well
      • Realtime live streaming of market quotes and easy order placement

      MasterTrust Customer Support

      Customer Support
      Dedicated Dealer Yes
      Offline Trading Yes
      Online Trading Yes
      24*7 Support No
      Email Support Yes
      Chat Support No
      Toll Free Number No
      Branches 35

      Mastertrust Capital has overall 12 branches across the country and provides customer support to their customers through various channels like Online and Offline and email support as well.

      You can also chose to immediately get in touch with any of the Business Associates of Mastertrust Capital and they would assist in case of any queries at any given time.

      MasterTrust Complaints & Feedback

      Complaints (Current Year)
      Lodged in BSE 56
      Resolvd in BSE 53
      Lodged in NSE 112
      Resolved in NSE 105

      Every company, no matter how big they are, would have some percentage of customers complaining about their services and products. Similarly, Mastertrust Capital also had a few complaints in their basket; however they have seemed to resolve most of them.

      MasterTrust Disadvantages

      Although Mastertrust Capital tops the charts in their Brokerage rates, Trading apps and platforms and various other services that they offer, but there are a few elements that they could work upon to enhance their overall performance:

      1. They provide very less Exposure or Leverage to customers; should look at increasing that
      2. The account that they offer is a 2 in 1 account and not a 3-in-1 account like other brokers

      MasterTrust Conclusion

      Mastertrust Capital has been a strong entity in the financial services space and has been able to make a mark in the customers’ lives with its unique approach and technology interventions.

      They just need to look at some minor customer feedbacks and work on those areas to make the company a better one.

      Mastertrust Review – FAQs

      Ques – Is Mastertrust safe for trading?

      Answer – Yes, Mastertrust is safe for trading. It is a top financial services company in the country. Having been in business for over two decades and served more than 150,000 clients, the company lives up to its motto of “Master Minds Trusted Hands”.

      Ques – What is the brokerage of Mastertrust?

      Answer – Matertrust is a full service broker company. Maximum brokerage charges are set at Rs 0 for Equity Delivery Trading and minimum at Rs 20 per executed order for Equity Intraday Trading, Commodity Options Trading, Equity Futures Trading and Currency Futures Trading.

      Ques – How to open Mastertrustdemat online?

      Answer – Customers can open either a Demat Account or a Trading cum Demat Account. They can click on “Open Demat Account” button, fill all the fields, and submit the form along with the KYC documents. Within 48 hours, an account will be formed.

      Ques – Can I invest in IPO via Mastertrust?

      Answer – Mastertrust doesn’t offer IPO application services. However, Mastertrust customers can apply in an IPO using ASBA facility offered by the banks.

      Ques – What Leverage does Mastertrust provide?

      Answer – Even if people have exhausted their limits, Mastertrust offers leverage ranging from as high as 5x in Equity Intraday and as low as 1X in Commodities so that people can operate freely.

      Ques – Does Mastertrust have trading App?

      Answer – Yes, Mastertrust has a Mastertrust Capital mobile trading app for trading on the go. Available for both Android and iOS users, the app offers attractive features like customized reports, tracking of individual portfolios, real time streaming of market quotes etc.

      Ques – How to contact Mastertrust customer care?

      Answer – Mastertrust provides customer care for both offline as well as online trading. In-person support can be received at all 35 of its branches located throughout the nation, whereas online support can be acquired through email. In addition to this, the company also provides a dedicated dealer. Customers can also immediately get in touch with any of the business associates of Mastertrust Capital.

      Ques – Does Mastertrust provide Research?

      Answer – Mastertrust Capital has a hands-on research and analytics team with a ton of expertise, who analyse data of various segments of the industry, study their trends and provide recommendations on investment opportunities. They provide regular research and fundamental reports to the customers.

      Ques – Is Mastertrust good for Beginners?

      Answer – Yes, Mastertrust is good for beginners. Even if you have little to no experience in trading, you will find that the company, armed with its exhaustive daily, weekly and monthly reports help customers get a complete understanding of the overall behavior of the industry. The company also provides top picks, stock and advisory tips etc.

      Ques – Who Founded Mastertrust?

      Answer – Mastertrust Capital was a conglomerate formed by the merger of two companies Master Capital Services Ltd and Arora Financial Consultants Ltd in the year 1994 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, making Mr. Harjeet Singh Arora and Mr. RK Singhania its proud co-founders.

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