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Mastertrust Capital PMS is a portfolio management company of the Mastertrust Capital Group which is one of the topmost financial service providers in the country.

In this article, we will discuss the various aspects of the firm starting from the services it provides to the various commission models it has and also about the various investment plans and charges and about everything that you would like to know about the company as an investor.

Mastertrust Capital Portfolio Management Services has a huge network of clients and employees and it provides all kind of PMS services to facilitate the clients and the investors. Let us see the various aspects of this firm in details.

PMS Offers

Mastertrust Capital PMS – Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Returns Performance3.6 / 5
Services3.7 / 5
Charges3.3 / 5
Experience3.6 / 5
Strategies3.5 / 5
Client Support3.4 / 5
Overall Ratings3.5 / 5
Star Ratings★★★★★

Overview of Mastertrust Capital Portfolio Management Services

Find a detailed overview of the Mastertrust Capital portfolio management service in the table given below-

Company TypePublic
Registered LocationChandigarh, Punjab
LeadershipHarjeet Singh Arora
Yr. of Establishment1994

Mastertrust Capital Portfolio Management Services was established in the year 1994 and that makes it a 25 years old company which has a lot of experience in the field of investment management.

The firm is a public organization whose shares are listed on the stock exchange. The Mastertrust Capital PMS is based out of Chandigarh, Punjab and was created by Harjeet Singh Arora.

The founder member started the firm with some other name in 1985 and then finally in the year 1994, this firm came into existence.

Harjeet Singh Arora is an FCA and FCS with broad knowledge and experience of thirty years in the PMS domain.

The co-promoter of the group is Mr. R.K. Singhania who is also a FCA and served as director of finance in various corporate offices of the country. He also brings to the table wide experience and knowledge.

Now, we will have a discussion about Mastertrust Capital portfolio management service company review, its PMS returns, PMS charges and more.

Types of Mastertrust Capital PMS

Types of PMS

Mastertrust Capital PMS provides both discretionary and non-discretionary services.

While you opt for discretionary services if you have not much knowledge or time to invest in the market, you can choose the other when you can take your own informed decisions about the market and only want consultation from the fund manager.

The discretionary services are inclusive of the fund manager taking care of the fund thoroughly whether it is making a decision about asset allocation or reallocation according to the market ups and downs.

The fund manager takes all the decision about the fund and the investor is only interested in the profit margins.

Whereas when you choose the non-discretionary services then you have to take all the decision about the fund and the portfolio performance is depending on your decision, not on the fund manager.

Mastertrust Capital PMS Fund Managers Details

The table given below is providing the entire details about the fund manager of Mastertrust Capital PMS company.

Fund Manager’s Details
NameMr. G.S.Chawla
Experience20 years
Highest QualificationD.B.F.
AUM (in Cr.)Approx 100 Cr
Number of Clients140+
Investment Tenure3yrs

Mr. G.S. Chawla is the Mastertrust Capital PMS Fund Manager who is having an experience of more than 20 years in the field of investment research and services.

He has persuaded D.B.F which has given him the knowledge of the investment market that he requires apart from the real knowledge from the market which he has acquired in these many years.

The fund manager is having over 140+ clients and managing over 100 crores of an asset with an average investment tenure of 3 years.

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Mastertrust Capital PMS Strategies

The below table is providing details about the Mastertrust Capital portfolio management service strategies-

Large Cap StrategyYes
Diversified StrategyYes
Small – Midcap StrategyYes

The Mastertrust Capital PMS Strategies include MPSL- VID which is to invest by identifying the stocks and bonds of companies which are of high quality and falls under medium scale industries, also in business which has large capitalization and in government securities as well.

The target for the fund manager is to generate a return that beats the benchmark set by them which is the BSE Mid Cap index.

The strategy is formed after considering the following which are –

  • ROCE: The companies must generate ROCE which is over and above the ROCE of the benchmark companies.
  • The business size needs to be increasing with time so to fit into the growing industry perspective.
  • The bandwidth of the company and the management qualities has to be great in order to generate a greater return in the future.

The investment team first check the companies which have good corporate values and management qualities and overall corporate governance standards.

Then the team checks the economic policies and regulatory policies of the country and then check how the companies they have shortlisted can boom in the same economic and regulatory environment.

There is another strategy where the portfolio is more concentrated that is the fund manager invests in companies of a close-knit and do not diversify much rather invest in a few stocks which have the potential of exponential growth.

These stocks are chosen by thorough fundamental research and analysis of the companies.

The approaches are both for short and long term. While in the short term approach, the focus in the short term volatility while for the long-term, the focus remains on the business strategies and future prospects.

Mastertrust Capital PMS Returns / Performance

The below table is giving details about Mastertrust Capital PMS returns and performance-

Returns (CAGR)
3 Year8.5%
5 Year7.4%
7 Year9.3%
10 Year10.2%
11 Year Plus11.1%

The Mastertrust Capital PMS Returns are always crucial for the investors for choosing the firm as their investment partner. This firm has always delivered more than average return to the investors.

The benchmark follows that is BSE Mid Cap has always lagged behind when compared with the returns of this firm. As you can see the returns for all the investment tenure are higher than the market average.

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Mastertrust Capital PMS Investment Plans

Below the given table is providing details about the Mastertrust Capital portfolio management service investment plans.

Investment Plans
Bronze (25L – 50L)Yes
Silver (50L – 1 Cr.)Yes
Gold (1 Cr. – 5 Cr.)Yes
Platinum (5 Cr. Plus)Yes

The investors with a minimum of Rs. 25 lakhs can start investing with Mastertrust Capital PMS Investment Plans.

The investment plans of this firm start from a nominal amount so that every investor can invest and there is no cap on the investments.

You can invest any amount you want. The plans are divided according to the amount of investment as you can see in the table so your investment amount will decide the plan you will fall into.

Mastertrust Capital PMS Fee Structure or Commission Slabs

Find the details about the types of commission models or fees structure offered by Mastertrust Capital PMS house are as follows-

Commission / Fees Structure
Prepaid CommissionYes
Volume% CommissionYes
Profit Sharing% CommissionYes

The Mastertrust Capital Portfolio Management Services Fee Structure includes three different commission which are –

  • The prepaid commission which is deducted as per the amount of investment the investors made in the firm. For example, you made an investment of Rs. 40 lakhs, so there will be a prepaid commission on this amount as per the slabs mentioned in the next section.
  • Volume % commission is the commission charged as per the transaction volume of the investors
  • Finally there is the profit-sharing % commission which is based on the amount of profit generated in your portfolio and accordingly, there will be a commission that you have to pay.

The Mastertrust Capital PMS Commission are discussed below in details

Mastertrust Capital PMS Prepaid Commission

Prepaid Commission (Yearly)
Investment – 25L – 50L1.05% of Investment
Investment  – 50L – 1 Cr.1.00% of Investment
Investment – 1 Cr. – 5 Cr.0.95% of Investment
Investment – 5 Cr. Plus0.90% of Investment

The Mastertrust Capital PMS Prepaid Commission as mentioned in the table above increases as the investment amount goes down.

The commission if compared with other companies in the industry is more or less quite average and mainly on the lower side of the scale.

This means the investors investing with this firm have to bear less of this commission compared to investors of other firms and this is a great benefit for the investors.

Mastertrust Capital PMS Volume% Commission

Volume% Commission (Yearly)
Transaction Volume – 25L – 50L0.123% of Total Transaction Volume
Transaction Volume – 50L – 1 Cr.0.113% of Total Transaction Volume
Transaction Volume – 1 Cr. – 5 Cr.0.103% of Total Transaction Volume
Transaction Volume – 5 Cr. Plus0.093% of Total Transaction Volume

As the transaction volume increases in the investor’s account, the commission under this segment goes down.

If you compare this commission with other firms, you will find that the percentage for each slab is a little higher than other peer companies in the market, especially for the first investment bracket.

Mastertrust Capital PMS Profit Sharing% Commission

The table given below is showing details about profit sharing% commission model-

Profit Sharing% Commission (Yearly)
Profit Amount – 2.5L – 5L22.7% of Profit
Profit Amount – 5L – 10L20.7% of Profit
Profit Amount – 10L – 50L18.7% of Profit
Profit Amount – 50L Plus16.7% of Profit

The more profit one earns the less percentage of commission he or she has to pay and as you can see here is also four different slabs where there are different profit range for which commissions are mentioned.

Now, if you compare these commission percentages, you will find the commission for the higher investment brackets is lower than the peer companies but the commission for the lower investment brackets is higher.

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Mastertrust Capital PMS Charges

The below-given table is giving information about Mastertrust Capital Portfolio Management Service Charges-

Management FeesAs per commission model
Upfront Fees0.61% – 0.81% of Asset Value
Brokerage Charges0.008% – 0.018% of Total Transaction Value
Custodian Charges0.10% – 0.25% of Asset Value
Depository Charges0.15% – 0.21% of Asset Value
Exit Load – within 12 months0.7% – 1.27% of Withdrawal Value
Exit Load – post 12 monthsFree

Apart from the three different commission that we have mentioned above that the firm charges from the customer for rendering their PMS services, there are few other charges as you can see in the above table.

The upfront fees are quite at par with the market average whereas the brokerage is higher than the normal in the market.

Coming to the depository charges and the custodian charges, the charges are at par with the market and the latter is actually on the lower side of the scale.

The charges for withdrawal from the account within the first twelve months are chargeable and the charges are pretty high while when you withdraw after this period of twelve months, there are no such charges.

Mastertrust Capital PMS Benefits

Find the details about Mastertrust Capital PMS advantages in the table given below-

Benefits / Advantages
Top-up FacilityYes
Back office ReportsYes
Email UpdateYes
SMS UpdateYes
Watsapp UpdateNo
Portfolio ViewYes
Detailed ViewYes
Flexible Commission ModelYes
Flexible Investment PlansYes
Massive ExperienceYes
  • The firm is one of the most reputed financial service company in the country
  • There are years of experience that the team of the firm has
  • The commission models are quite flexible and attractive
  • The investment plans are very accommodative
  • The investors get the update facilities via SMA and Email
  • The reports generated about the portfolio in the back office are shared with the investors.
  • Top-up facilities for the investments of the clients.

Mastertrust Capital PMS Customer Care

The table given below is showing a detailed view of Mastertrust Capital PMS Customer Care.

Customer Care
Call SupportYes
Email SupportYes
Chat SupportNo
Watsapp SupportNo
Relationship Manager SupportYes
Call to Fund ManagerYes – 6 to 9 Times a month
Issue Resolving TAT25 working days

You can call or email to get in touch with the Mastertrust Capital PMS Customer Care. They are available via these two mediums. You can also opt for the relationship management services if required.

The maximum number of times that you can call the fund manager is restricted up to 9 times. The resolution time required for issues raised is approximately 25 working days.

Mastertrust Capital PMS Conclusion

To make the Mastertrust Capital PMS Conclusion we have to say that this firm provides great returns and stable returns against the very nominal commission and other charges.

The investment strategy of the firm is rock solid which makes the stable returns possible every year.

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