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We’ll use this article to elaborate a bit more about Profitmart. In fact, we’ll be very specific about their brokerage charges here. We’ll tell you about all the reasons why you should consider Profitmart Trading services.

Profitmart is one of the leading full service brokers in India. The company was established in 2010. That makes it only a decade old. However, the limited market time did not drag down the company’s performance.

In fact, they’ve been highly motivated all these years. And, they’ve even come up with some of the best services for their clients. They work from their Mumbai based headquarters. And, they’re registered under the top exchanges in India like NSE, BSE and MCX.

In this article, we’ll even educate you on the process to commence Profitmart Online Trading.

Profitmart Securities Offers

Profitmart Trading and Benefits

Profitmart has worked exponentially hard to come to the top positions. That’s why you may consider getting huge benefits while using Profitmart online trading services.

Here is a list of some of the benefits you may expect from Profitmart trading facilities:

  1. The company does not charge even a single penny for providing a Demat Account. They even have a hassle free account opening procedure.This comes in real handy, especially for the new traders.
  2. The free Demat Account even comes with added perks. You get free access throughout all of their trading platforms. This includes their terminal and mobile based trading platforms.
  3. Using any of their trading platforms grants you with complete freedom. We’re referring to the freedom of access to all sorts of trading and advisory services they offer.
  4. They offer open discounts to their customers. This includes a slab of 10% – 20%.

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    Profitmart Trading Charges

    Profitmart Charges
    Transaction Charges0.00325% of Total Turnover
    STT Charges0.0126% of Total Turnover
    SEBI Turnover Charges0.0002% of Total Turnover
    Stamp Duty ChargesDepends on State (very minimal)
    GST Charges18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)

    Profitmart trading charges includes to more than their brokerage. This is inclusive of all the taxes one must pay to the government. In fact, their overall charges differ a lot because of these charges.

    So, here’s what you need to pay in order to waive off these taxes:

    1. The very first tax that must be paid is Transaction Charge. Profitmart levies a charge of 0.0325% over the total turnover in this matter.
    2. The next tax in line is STT charge or Securities Transaction Tax. The traders are subjected to pay 0.0126% worth of their total turnover for this.
    3. The traders must even pay off 0.0002% worth of their total turnover as SEBI Turnover Charges.
    4. The brokerage charges are added with 18% of GST. However. This amount is charged on the sum of brokerage and transaction charge together.
    5. And, at last, the traders are subjected to pay a certain amount for Stamp Duty. This is totally dependent on the state where the trade takes place. Moreover, this is quite negligible as compared to other charges.

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    Profitmart Delivery Trading

    Profitmart Delivery Charges
    Equity Delivery0.30%

    Delivery Trading is a basic form of trading. It includes fetching certain amount of shares of one or more companies. These shares are then deposited within the Demat Account of the trader.

    The trader may later on sell off these shares at will. Profitmart Delivery Trading services are quite popular with their customers. These services help the traders to analyse and determine which stocks to trade in.

    The traders registered with Profitmart can avail these services by paying a negligible amount. They must pay 0.30% of their turnover to the company for this.

    Profitmart Intraday Trading

    Profitmart Intraday Charges
    Equity Intraday0.03%

    Day Trading or Intraday Trading deals in the trade of shares. That pretty much makes this type of trade similar to that of Delivery Trading.

    However, the traders in this type are required to trade off the shares within the same day. In order to gain the facilities regarding Profitmart Intraday Trading, one must pay a certain charge to the company. This includes paying 0.03% of the total turnover to the company.

    Profitmart Option Trading

    Profitmart Option Charges
    Equity OptionsRs.50 per lot

    Options Trading is not that common across the Indian traders. However, this does fetch some really generous profits to the traders. The shares in this type of trading are bought / sold at a predetermined price.

    The price of the shares is decided by analyzing the past performance of the related company. However, the traders are bound to pay the same amount once it gets determined, irrespective of the current market scenario.

    Anyway, the traders can avail all services related to Profitmart Options Trading by simply paying a certain amount. This amount is limited to Rs.50 per lot.

    Profitmart Futures Trading

    Profitmart Futures Charges
    Equity Futures0.03%

    Futures Trading refers to the trade of financial articles at a prefixed date in the future. The concept behind this sort of trading is not much different from that of Options Trading. And, the traders must trade in this trading type using a futuristic analysis of the shares of one particular company.

    The analysis related to the companies across this trade type is commenced rather carefully. The clients of Profitmart may avail all the services related to this with ease. All they need to do is pay 0.03% of the total turnover in terms of Equity Futures Trading.

    However, for Profitmart Futures Trading services related to Currency Futures, one must pay 0.03% of the total profit.

    Profitmart Currency Trading

    Profitmart Currency Charges
    Currency OptionRs.50 per lot
    Currency Futures0.03%

    Currency Trading is taking on the global financial trading community with a boom. With its growing popularity and evolution in exchange rates, this is rather one of the most preferred form of financial trading across the world.

    In order to tap into the services related to Profitmart Currency Trading, one must pay Rs.50 per lot to the company.

    Profitmart Commodity Trading

    Profitmart Commodity Charges
    Commodity Trading0.03%

    Commodity Trading includes trading across certain agricultural products and precious metals. This is considered as one of the safest modes of financial trading.

    Its even considered to be used the most for bulk trading purposes. Anyway, the clients may use all of Profitmart Commodity Trading services by simply paying the brokerage. The charges for this particular domain are limited to 0.03% of the turnover value.

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    Profitmart Online Trading Process

    This is perhaps the most crucial part of this article. And, it’ll guide you throughout the process on how to commence a trade using Profitmart Online Trading. So, here’s what you need to do:

    1. At the very beginning, you must apply for one of their Demat Accounts. This is a lot easier than you can speculate. And, all you need to do is go find a button below and click it. We’re referring to the button with ‘Open Demat Account’ inscription on it.
    2. You’ll even get a login credentials from the company. And, you must use this to log into your Demat Account.
    3. The next step is to create a watchlist of all the favourite shares. This will help you to identify and acknowledge the market fluctuations easily.
    4. The final step is to trade in or out with the selected shares. You must go to the ‘Buy / Sell’ section for this part, and place your order as desirable.

    Profitmart Online Trading Platforms

    Profitmart grants access to 2 specific platforms to their clients. The Profitmart Trading platforms come equipped with high tech tools and embedded software. Here is the list of the two:

    • Profitmart Desktop Based Trading Terminal: This is basically a third party software for trading over desktops. However, this is a rather popular software. Profitmart has adopted this software to provide their clients with the best e-trading experience. The platform is known commonly by the name of NEST. And, it stands for Next Generation Electronic Securities Trading platforms. Anyway, Profitmart has licensed the NEST Trader version 3.16 for their clients. They even have some access to NEST Trader Plus 3.16. The platform is developed on the Dot Net 3.5 sp1 framework.
    • Profitmart Mobile Application: Profitmart App can be found across all Android devices in the Google Play Store. It’s an extended version of the Terminal Software NEST. The users can access this platform to do all sorts of trading and analytical function while on the move.

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    Profitmart Trading – Conclusion

    Profitmart trading services guarantee you the best experience in the industry. Moreover, they do not have fluctuating charges for different clients. This means that they treat all of the customers equally.

    This even means that there is no scope of being discriminated by their experts in terms of service provision. You even get to access all of their trading platforms for free.

    Open Trading Account with Profitmart – Fill up the Form Now!

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