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Anand Rathi is a pioneer in the stock brokerage industry. You will benefit from the Anand Rathi Trading services as it offers multiple investment options. Their trading platforms are really powerful and advanced, with multiple analytical tools and many other facilities.

The firm was established in 1994, making it a 2-decade old organization. It has always been one of the most reputed investment brokerage firms due to its excellent services and product range.

In this article, you will read about the features and benefits of Anand Rathi Online Trading and we will discuss the platforms on which you can do online trading. The article will concentrate on the various brokerage charges that the firm levies on the services it renders.

Anand Rathi Offers

Anand Rathi Trading and Benefits

With the Best Trading Account in India facility, Anand Rathi is an ideal choice to kick off or give a high turn to your trading strides. Anand Rathi is full of helpful features and offers to trade and invest in various types of securities.

The platform allows you to create a watchlist and trade with a choice of order type. Some of the features which make Anand Rathi Online Trading worthwhile are:

  • With Anand Rathi Trading facilities, you can expect decent research advisory support. It renders research and advisory services being a traditional broker, and the service is really good. It provides annual research reports of the companies, stock market reviews, daily and weekly reviews, fundamental research information, and others.
  • There are multiple trading platforms that one can put to use while using Anand Rathi Trading services. They offer high-end trading platforms that have advanced technologies and help in trading. It speeds up the trading process and helps make more profit by capturing the price you want to capture in the market.
  • The firm has a wide presence across the cities in the country and in other countries. It has more than 1500 franchise offices and 350 branches in the country. It also has an office in Dubai that offers investment services internationally.
  • They offer a phone trading option that is helpful when you cannot access any trading platforms or don’t have an internet connection. You just have to call the executives of the firm in the Call & trade division, and they will place your order as per the information and instructions provided by you.
  • They offer to trade across different exchanges and thus, you can trade different investment options as well.
  • Curious to know more about Anand Rathi, we have got every detail in the Anand Rathi Review section.

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    Anand Rathi Trading Charges

    Anand Rathi Charges
    SEBI Turnover Charges 0.00005% (Rs.5/Crore)
    STT Equity Delivery: 0.1% on both Buy and Sell
    Equity Intraday: 0.025% on the Sell Side
    *Equity Futures: 0.01% on Sell Side
    Equity Options: 0.05% on Sell Side(on Premium)
    Commodity Futures: 0.01% on sell-side (Non-Agri)
    Commodity Options: 0.05% on sell-side
    Currency F&O: No STT
    On Exercise transaction: 0.125%
    Right to entitlement: 0.05% on sell-side
    Stamp Duty (On buy side only) Delivery: 0.015%, Intraday: 0.002%, Equity Futures: 0.002%, Equity Options: 0.002%, and Currency F&O: 0.0001%.Commodity Futures: 0.002%, Commodity Options: 0.002% (MCX)
    GST 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge + SEBI Fee)
    Margin Funding Charges NA
    Reactivation Charges Rs 20 per instruction
    Account Closure Charges NIL
    Dematerialisation Charges Rs 2 per certificate + Rs 20 per request In case of bulk, above 100 certificates Rs 5 & Actual Courier Charge
    Pledge Creation Rs 25 per transaction
    Pledge Invocation Rs 60 per Instruction
    Margin Pledge/Unpledge/ Pledge closure Rs 25 per transaction
    Margin Repledge Rs 35 per ISIN

    Other Charges

    The Anand Rathi Trading Charges incurred, during the time you are associated with its trading services, are as follows:

    • Brokerage charges are different for each segment and comparatively cheaper than many brokerage houses.
    • Securities Transaction charges come next, which are charged at 0.0126% of the total turnover.
    • SEBI Charges are also charged on the turnover amount at 0.00005%.
    • Transaction charges are levied at a per cent of 0.00350% on the total turnover.
    • The Stamp Duty is very nominal and depends on the state where you live and trade from
    • The GST is charged on the brokerage and transaction charges of an order at the rate of 18%.

    To know more in detail, also check the Anand Rathi Brokerage Charges.

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    Anand Rathi Delivery Trading

    Anand Rathi Delivery Charges
    Equity Delivery 0.5% – 0.15%

    The charges for Anand Rathi Delivery Trading services are within the range of 0.5% – 0.15%.

    Suppose you compare it with other brokers who charge variable brokerage charges. In that case, this firm charges low brokerage depending on the amount of margin you have in the trading account and also on the plan you choose.

    Anand Rathi Intraday Trading

    Anand Rathi Intraday Charges
    Equity Intraday 0.05% – 0.015%

    You can do Anand Rathi Intraday Trading at 0.05% with the brokerage charges as well, and it can go up to 0.015% which is the average in the market. The range suits every investor’s pockets, and they can choose the brokerage schemes as per their investment budget.

    Anand Rathi Option Trading

    Anand Rathi Option Charges
    Equity Options Rs.20 – Rs.75

    Now, Anand Rathi Option Trading is available at Rs.20 per lot which is unbelievable given it is a traditional full-service brokerage house. The charge can go up to Rs.75, which is also lower than the market average for equity options trading.

    Anand Rathi Futures Trading

    Anand Rathi Futures Charges
    Equity Futures 0.05% – 0.015%

    The Anand Rathi Futures Trading service can be availed at a brokerage charge of 0.05% – 0.015%, completely at par with the market. The lowest brokerage charge can be achieved with a high amount of margin money in the trading account.

    Anand Rathi Currency Trading

    Anand Rathi Currency Charges
    Currency Option Rs.20 – Rs.75 per lot
    Currency Futures 0.05% – 0.015%

    The Anand Rathi Currency Trading charges Rs.20 to Rs.75 for the currency options and 0.05% – 0.015% for the currency futures, and both prices are pretty fair.

    Anand Rathi Commodity Trading

    Anand Rathi Commodity Charges
    Commodity Trading 0.008% – 0.050%

    For the Anand Rathi Commodity Trading service, the brokerage charges start from 0.008% of the transaction amount and can go up to 0.05% of the same. The minimum brokerage for this segment is really low.

    Anand Rathi Online Trading Process

    Here is the process associated with the firm, the detailed Anand Rathi Online Trading Process.

    Account Opening

    1. Click on the “Open Demat Account” button on this page, and an application form will appear on the screen.
    2. Please fill out the form with the correct details and then submit it.
    3. Check twice that all the details are correct before submission.
    4. Upload the documents for verification and KYC purposes. You will find another page that opens up after submission of the form, there, you have to upload the scanned copies of the documents.
    5. You need to submit it mandatorily. The documents you need to submit are PAN, AADHAAR Card, and a cancelled cheque and photograph.
    6. You will receive your account’s login id and password in your given email id once your account and application are approved and the account is created.

    Log in and set up

    1. Using the login id and password received, log on to the website of Anand Rathi.
    2. On the website, you will find all the details of the firm and on a separate page, all the trading platforms. Click on the page and the trading platforms will be available for download.
    3. Download and open the trading terminal or the other application, and then you need to create the market watchlist by adding the stock scrips that you want to trade.

    Online Trading

    1. Study the market, analyze it, and choose the stocks you want to invest in.
    2. For viewing the details, market depth, and others of stock, you need to click on the script of the same.
    3. Mention the price at which you want to sell or buy the stock, mention the unit and other details and place an order.

    Anand Rathi Online Trading Platforms

    So, Anand Rathi Online Trading Platforms available for trading are many, and here are the ones which you need to download:

    • Trade Lite is a browser-based trading platform. It offers basic trading facilities in different investment segments – equities, commodities, derivatives and others. It allows you to deal with IPOs and has a lot of free research resources.
    • Trade X’Press is an investment platform designed for investors who occasionally trade. It is mainly for those who take the delivery of stocks and opt for long-term investment. It has a research call and various other facilities required by long-term traders.
    • Trade X’Pro is for active traders. It is the trading terminal that is mainly used by bulk traders who trade daily and in huge quantities. This platform has some advanced technologies and research tools.
    • Trade X’Pro+ is a package that includes various tools for trading like NEST Premium, NEST Starter Pack, NEST Pulse, and others.
    • The Trade Flexi is the platform for dealing in leveraged trades in the equity segment and the future.
    • Trade Mobi is the Anand Rathi App for mobile. It is used for trading and tracking your portfolio anytime and anywhere. It allows you to trade across different exchanges as well.
    • Trade on the Move is a mobile platform with all the numbers listed. This platform is required for calling and placing an order with Anand Rathi.

    Anand Rathi Trading – Conclusion

    Thus, Anand Rathi Trading facilities are huge and wide. They offer Anand Rathi Online Trading service in the true sense. You will hardly find another brokerage house with so many trading platforms and options at such a reasonable brokerage charge.

    Anand Rathi Trading FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to Anand Rathi Trading:

    Does Anand Rathi provide Online Trading?

    Yes, Anand Rathi is a pioneer in the stock brokerage industry and provides multiple online trading platforms like browser-based trading platforms Trade Lite, Trade Xpress, Trade X’Pro, Trade X’Pro+, Trade Flexi, and mobile platforms Trade Mobi and Trade on the Move.

    What are the Charges in Anand Rathi?

    The charges in Anand Rathi vary for different segments and are comparatively cheaper than many brokerage houses. Transaction charges, STT charges, and SEBI charges are 0.00350%, 0.0126%, and 0.0002% of the total turnover. The Stamp Duty depends on the state where you live and trade from. 18% GST is charged.

    Does Anand Rathi provide Delivery Trading?

    Yes, Anand Rathi does provide Delivery Trading. The company offers high-end trading platforms with advanced technologies that help users trade easily and on the go, combined with reliable advisory services.

    Is delivery trading Free at Anand Rathi?

    No, the charges for Anand Rathi Delivery Trading services are 0.5% – 0.15%. Compared to other brokerage houses, Anand Rathi charges less depending on the amount of margin you have in the trading account and the plan you choose.

    Does Anand Rathi provide Option Trading?

    Yes, Anand Rathi does provide Option Trading service as a full-service brokerage house. Their trading platforms are very powerful and advanced, with multiple analytical tools and commendable facilities.

    What are the Options Trading Charges at Anand Rathi?

    Now, Option Trading charges are available at a reasonable Rs.20 per lot. This is praiseworthy when compared to other brokerage houses. While the charges can go up to Rs.75, this is still lower than the market average for equity options trading.

    Does Anand Rathi provide Futures Trading?

    Yes, Anand Rathi does provide a Futures Trading option in their brokerage house. Each trading option is speeded up by Anand Rathi and helps in making more profit by capturing the price that you want to capture in the market.

    What is Futures brokerage at Anand Rathi?

    The Anand Rathi Futures Trading service can be availed at a brokerage charge of 0.05% – 0.015%, completely at par with the market. The lowest brokerage charge can be achieved with high-margin money in the trading account.

    Is Anand Rathi safe for trading?

    Anand Rathi is a two-decade-old organization that has continued to spearhead the stock brokerage industry. The company has serviced several clients over the years and remains a safe and reliable option for trading.

    Does Anand Rathi provide Trading Tips?

    With Anand Rathi Trading facilities, you can expect consistent advisory support and trading tips. Being a traditional broker, the company provides annual research reports of the companies, stock market reviews, daily and weekly reviews, fundamental research information, and others.

    What does Anand Rathi Wealth do?

    Anand Rathi Wealth proffers wealth management services to high-net-worth individuals (HNIs). It operates through offices in multiple cities, including Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, etc.

    Who is Anand Rathi in the share market?

    Anand Rathi is a full-service solutions provider company that was incorporated in 1994. It undertakes various services, including Investment Banking, Brokerage services for equity, mutual funds, commodities, structured products, etc.

    It has also extended its operations by offering corporate deposits, Insurance, Bonds, and loans to institutions and other activities, making it an entity undertaking all services for investors.

    Is Anand Rathi Broker good?

    Yes, Anand Rathi is an established organization that has been in the game of financial services for over two decades. The entity is listed on a national stock exchange.

    How can I buy shares in Anand Rathi?

    Investors can easily buy shares with Anand Rathi by logging in to your Anand Rathi Account. You can buy shares, mutual funds, etc., trade-in intraday, commodities, etc.

    Who is the owner of Anand Rathi?

    Mr Pradeep Gupta is the Vice Chairman and co-founder of Anand Rathi.

    How activate the Anand Rathi Demat account?

    If your Demat account or Trading has turned Dormant for some reason, you can activate it again by submitting the Dormant Activation form, which is available at Quick Links Downloads. Fill out the form in paper format and submit it at any local branch of Anand Rathi.

    How can I change my bank account in Anand Rathi online?

    Account Modification Form is available at Quick Links Downloads.

    Fill in the form with the existing and new details to be modified. Provide and fill in other details.

    Attest the required documents.

    Submit it at the nearest Anand Rathi Branch.

    How can I close my Anand Rathi account?

    The request for closing the Anand Rathi account must be intimated in paper format. Download the Account Closure Form. Fill in all the details and state the reason for closing the account. Sign in and submit it to the representative. The account closure will start.

    Is Anand Rathi a listed company?

    Yes, Anand Rathi is listed on both the main board exchanges, i.e., NSE and BSE. Anand Rathi made its debut on the exchanges in December 2021.

    Is Anand Rathi listed in stocks?

    Yes, the shares of Anand Rathi are listed.

    How does Anand Rathi make money?

    Anand Rathi is indulged in various financial and advisory services. It offers services from wealth management to Insurance services to brokerage and distribution of various securities.

    What are Anand Rathi’s charges?

    Charges of Anand Rathi vary for types of trade. This full-service broker charges Rs. 450 in the form of an Annual Maintenance Charge for the Demat Account from the second year. Anand Rathi charges in between 0.5% – 0.15% for equity delivery and 0.05% -0.015% for equity intraday, equity futures and currency futures.

    Is Anand Rathi NSDL or CDSL?

    Anand Rathi is a Depository Participant of NSDL and CDSL. So, customers can open a Demat Account with CDSL or NSDL. CDSL and NSDL are the two central Depositories operating in India.

    Is Anand Rathi an asset management company?

    Anand Rathi offers asset management and wealth management services to High Net Worth Individuals (HNI) and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNI).

    What does Anand Rathi company do?

    Anand Rathi is an Indian company engaged in the business of offering financial services. It is one of the oldest and most trusted entities offering wealth management, investment banking, Insurance services, Brokerage, and Distribution services.

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