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This article will throw light on Sushil Finance Oidn which is a trading terminal provided by the broking company.

While ODIN stands for Open Dealer Integrated Network, a leading online trading platform in India, Sushil Finance illuminates the nation’s financial and investment market for a generation.

Among the oldest broking houses in the country dealing in the BSE and the NSE, Sushil Finance came into existence in Mumbai in 1982.

Member of MCX and NCDEX, SF provides services in equity, currency, and DP. Along with associated companies, SF also distributes IPOs and Mutual Funds, financial and investment planning, wealth management, and research services, among others.

Sushil Finance Offers

Sushil Finance Odin Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Sushil Finance Odin  Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.5/10
Usability 6.4/10
Features 6.2/10
Speed 6.1/10
Performance 6.3/10
Overall Ratings 6.2/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Sushil Finance Odin Terminal

While ODIN has a massive response and the largest share among trading platforms in India, the market share diminished after fraud at NSEL in 2013. Considering the statistics in Dec 2017, 800 ODIN clients used about 25 lakh ODIN licenses across 5 lakh terminals.

ODIN being a superior technology-based platform, facilitates Multi-Exchange, Multi-Currency Dealing Desk, and Risk Management System.

Online trading is possible in multiple segments across multiple exchanges. Traditional stockbrokers in India love the platform, which works very well in the sub-broker / franchise system.

Trading from a single screen, ODIN enables trading in various segments like cash and derivatives, mutual funds and IPOs, currencies, and commodities.

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    Sushil Finance Odin – Top Features

    The absolutely comprehensive trading tool, ODIN Diet, allows you to trade with equity, currency, and commodity with a single login from a single screen. BSE and NSE, MCX, and NCDEX are all possible.

    Along with traders who use the platform, dealers place orders for their customers. Thus, the platform serves two kinds of users.

    You may opt for online trading through ODIN in one of three ways: desktop, web, or mobile trading apps. In the Indian broking industry, the ODIN Trading Terminal known as ODIN Diet is extremely powerful and the most trendy trading terminal for the desktop.

    As a result of smart technology, the trading platform is fast and stable, along with great reliability because of the integrated OMS and RMS. The platform also has an integrated DP and back office.

    Through ODIN, traders of every asset class can access multiple exchanges.

    If you opt for ODIN as a managed service, the broker does not have to maintain the platform. As a result, there will be less downtime.

    While other trading platforms do not support third-party plugins, ODIN can install them. Advanced users benefit from plugins.

    ODIN supports multiple market depth windows. Users create custom indicators in NSE NOW and Omnesys NEST.

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    How to set up Sushil Finance Trading Software?

    The steps to set up a Sushil Finance Trading Terminal are not complicated, but you need an appropriately powerful computer operating system like WINDOWS XP or higher.

    1. The first step will require the obtaining of registration with Sushil Finance. Registration signifies getting a trading or Demat account.
    2. Further, you need the login credentials from the company.
    3. After obtaining the login credentials, go and search for Sushil Finance Odin Terminal online. That is easy to find with the link.
    4. Now download and install the trading software. When you open the software, you will reach the login page. You must now use the login credentials given by the company to enter.
    5. Don’t forget to change the login password after entering.
    6. Start exploring the rest of the software. Click on the icons present in the menu within the home screen.
    7. As you begin trading activities, don’t forget to create one or more watchlists with multiple scrips according to your preferences.
    8. Create and customize your personal profile and research ways to launch and improve your trading practices.

    How to own Sushil Finance Odin?

    Getting a demat or trading account from Sushil Finance will be compulsory in order to own Sushil Finance Trading Platform.What are the specific steps involved in getting a trading account?

    1. Find the specific button having the tag ‘Open Demat Account.’
    2. When you click on the button, you will be taken to a new page having a form with multiple blank spaces.
    3. First, study the form thoroughly, including the suggestions mentioned.
    4. Fill up the form with accurate and verifiable information.
    5. Make sure that you provide only verifiable information based on documents, especially within the spaces with the ‘Mandatory’ mark.
    6. Once you complete filling up the form, submit it along with some scanned document copies.
    7. Now the form filling and document submission steps are complete. In the next step, you will receive a call from the company officials.
    8. After receiving the call for verification, you will gain access to the new demat or trading account within a few hours.

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    Advantages of Sushil Finance Trading Terminal

    • With market share in excess of 75% in 2015, ODIN is not only the oldest but the most used trading platform in India.
    • ODIN includes Front Office, Middle Office, Back Office Clearing, Settlement, Accounting, and Messaging Solutions.
    • Managed Service for ODIN is offered, which means that they take care of hardware and software. On behalf of the broker, they manage exchange connectivity and client connectivity, backups, and disaster recovery.
    • ODIN has integrated OMS and RMS and offers APIs to brokers.
    • The ODIN Diet trading terminal is the most powerful with dominance in trading for frequent traders and dealer desks for over two decades.

    Sushil Finance Odin – Conclusion

    Sushil Finance is one of the Early Adopters of Odin.

    Among the brokers who use ODIN are LKP Securities, Religare, Karvy Commodities, and Kotak Commodities. Order Book and Trade Book, Stock Watch, and Back Office Reports are all possible.

    Customization options are numerous, and some of them are Custom Indicators, Scrip Alerts, and Options Alerts. Personalized experiences through hundreds of settings make trading with ODIN a rewarding adventure.

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