Suresh Rathi Mobile App – Review, Benefits, Top Features, Set-up & more

mSauda App or the Suresh Rathi Mobile App is a simple mobile trading platform that has been specially designed for the easy access of all the clients of the company for their trading on the go.

In this technological world, it is quite hard to perform a task such as trading without the help of mobile software or application as the mobile devices have become an essential part of our daily life.

Thus in this article, we will be sharing all the details about the Suresh Rathi Mobile Trading App, the features of the application, advantages and most importantly how a user can set up the app and use it for their own business needs and trading needs.

This piece of writing would be a complete review of the mSauda App, which is the Suresh Rathi Trading App and how you can use it for your benefits.

Suresh Rathi Offers

Suresh Rathi App Review & Ratings

Suresh RathiApp Ratings
Overall Ratings6.2/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Suresh Rathi mobile trading app

Suresh Rathi is known to be one of the best discount brokers in the country, and they promise to provide all the clients with the best of services.

Following this ideal, they have developed the Suresh Rathi mobile trading app, which is a highly advanced mobile trading platform in the stock market.

Suresh Rathi farm provides low-cost brokerage services, but they offer updated technologies. The main job of these discount brokers is to create the best trading platform, and thus Suresh Rathi farm has developed the mSauda application.

The Suresh Rathi mobile trading app has been widely accepted and appraised by most of the customers of the company, and due to its high tech and updated features, it allows the users to trade using the smartphone.

You will only need a proper internet connection to work smoothly, and the app will provide you with all the recent trading charts, orders and other special features that we will review in this article.

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    Suresh Rathi Mobile App – Top Features

    The Suresh  Rathi has developed this software to run on both IOS and Android, thus allowing the users who have registered to trade on the go.

    This application is widely favored by the Apple users as this is one of the only few trading software in a country that allows Apple users to trade on the go.

    Some of the features of the Suresh Rathi mobile trading application are:

    • The software is available for free that is users need not pay any charge after one point of time.
    • The software that allows the users to trade across various options and equity trading fragment quickly without any complicated procedure.
    • With the help of the application, the users can view the livestock price and chart movements across different indices and exchanges.
    • The app allows the user to maintain a running track of their depository participant balance and their holding.
    • The application also allows the users to get the research details from the global markets too.
    • It will enable the user to get the research details and analysis report of any company from any place.

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    How to setup Suresh Rathi App?

    To set up this Suresh Rathi trading App, you will need to follow the following steps:

    1. The first thing that you have to do as open an account with Suresh Rathi. Once the action is done, you will have the login credentials for your account, and then you will have the option to download the app from your app play store.
    2. Now you will need to download the mSauda App or the Suresh Rathi Trading app from your app store for Apple users and Play store for Android users. After downloading, you can log in with the credentials provided in your email.
    3. On the dashboard of the application, you will find various options where you can make your market watchlist. Then you can add the Scrips to the list and keep tracking the stocks.
    4. The entire procedure of adding and removing stocks is quite easy. All you need to do is to type the name of the farm. Once the scrips are visible, you can add or delete them quickly.
    5. The user can buy or sell the stocks by merely clicking on the stocks tab. Then you will receive the options to buy or sell the shares anywhere at any time.
    6. In my account section, there is a portfolio segment where you can keep track of all your holdings.

    How to own Suresh Rathi Trading app?

    If you want to trade with Suresh Rathi App, you will need to open a Demat or trading account with the farm. The steps have been listed below

    1. Click on the green “Open Demat Account” button, Below & Fill up the form.
    2. Upload the scanned documents that have been mentioned.
    3. After successful verification, you will receive a call from an executive from Suresh Rathi who will then authenticate your account.
    4. once your account has been approved, you will get the login ID and password in your email address.
    5. Always remember to change the login credentials.
    6. Finally, you can download the application from your App store Play store, log in with the details and trade on the go.

    The Documents that you need for verification are:

    • Voter ID card
    • PAN card
    • Aadhar card

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    Advantages of the Suresh Rathi Mobile App

    The Suresh Rathi offers a mobile app for all its users who want to keep track of the stock market and trade on the go. The advantages of using the mSauda application are:

    • You can place, edit or cancel orders whenever you want.
    • You can easily view the live market and watch several exchanges.
    • The provision to trade over multiple indices.
    • Real-time report and advice are available.
    • The essential functioning of charting for analysis is possible both at fundamental and technical levels.

    Suresh Rathi Mobile App – Conclusion

    As of now, the app has been downloaded over 1000 times. The app is only 26 MB and is available both for Android and Apple users.

    It is frequently updated, and the stock market details are updated daily. Suresh Rathi does not charge any money for the application or the Demat account.

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