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The Shriram Insight Mobile App or Shriram Insight Net Pro App is a popular mobile trading platform that has been exclusively presented by the Shriram Insight company for all its customers to provide flawless trading experience to each and every one of them.

In this modern technical world, it is very difficult for an individual to perform tasks without a software or a mobile Platform as these devices have become a part of our daily lives now.

So here in this piece of writing, we will be discussing about the details of the Shriram Insight App, all its important features, their advantages and most importantly how we can open an account and how we can set up the app for our trading purpose.

In the short review about the Shriram Netpro App we will be helping you understand the application, go through the benefits and how you can put the Shriram Insight Mobile Trading App for your own business profit.

Shriram Insight Offers

Shriram Insight Mobile App Review & Ratings

Shriram Insight Mobile App Ratings
Overall Ratings7.0/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Shriram Insight Mobile App

Using of mobile trading apps is no more a huge deal as it has become a necessity. Whether you are just a beginner level trader or an expert trading person, investing with the help of a mobile trading app is pretty much a daily requirement the investor may have from a stock broker.

Shriram Insight is a popular discount broker in our country and they promise to provide all their customers the best of services.

With this thing in mind, the company decided to create the Shriram netpro app which is one of the simplest mobile trading platforms which you will see in this market.

The company is known to be one of the low priced brokerage services. The company is also known to provide Hi-Tech technologies and softwares for the benefit of all its customers.

The primary job of this type of discount brokers is to provide the best from all the trading platforms that is present and this is what you will get from the Shriram Insight mobile trading app.

The Shriram Insight mobile trading app is very much popular in the market and has been used extensively by many of the customers who have accounts with the company.

Due to some of the special features that the software has it allows the individual to access the software from smartphones only.

You will only need a proper internet connection for the software to work properly and the software will provide all types of trading charts, special features and orders that would be discussed in this whole article.

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    Shriram Insight App – Top Features

    Shriram Insight mobile trading app, the Shriram netpro app has been built keeping in mind about every user and the OS that they use.

    So the Shriram Insight mobile trading app is available both for the iOS or the Apple users and also for the Android based mobile phones.

    The search option

    Whenever you are searching for a company or a share or stock, you do not need to type the full name as once used type the initial few letters of the company or the stock, the list of companies or stock starting with the same will be displayed and you can select the one you are actually searching for.

    Simple and basic dashboard

    The dashboard is the opening page of any application. For this application you would find different lists, the top gainers and losers of the day.

    You will also be provided with the most active stocks and other informations on the application. You can enjoy streaming real-time market feed, the ups and downs and everything with this application.


    All the necessary information required starting from two months prior, the last closing and the recent opening prices of all stocks are displayed whenever an individual accesses this application. All the details about the company as well as any updates and changes on the reports are also shown.

    Mutual funds

    With the help of the Shriram insight mobile trading app you can check all the types of mutual funds that the company offers and you can also invest in SIP investment vehicles with the help of this application.

    My account features

    This feature of the application allows you to create your own contract notes, your demat ledger, fund your ledgers, track your portfolio and calculate the capital gain or loss of your business.

    Monitoring your portfolio

    This feature allows you to track live, tick by tick intraday charts to help you take all the right decisions while on the go.

    Stock price notification

    You will receive email alerts and app notifications whenever a stock that you have put on review crosses the price that you have specified.

    Easy transfer of funds

    The user can easily transfer funds digitally from your bank account to the online trading account or community easily with the help of UPI or NEFT.

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    How to setup the Shriram Insight Mobile App?

    In order to set up the Shriram Insight Mobile App you will have to follow the following steps which has been mentioned below:

    1. The first and foremost thing that the user has to do is open an account with Shriram Insight company from the official website, click the link below and then get your application ready. Once this task is complete you will have your account details in your email ID and the option to download the official app.
    2. After this you will have to download the Shriram Netpro App from the App store for IOS and play store for any Android user. After this you can simply login with the user id and password provided in your email address.
    3. On the app dashboard you will find several options which has been mentioned above in the feature column and this will help you track the market. Then you can add the scripts to that list which will help you track all the details.
    4. You can easily sell or buy the stocks by simply clicking on and off.
    5. in order to get all the technical indicators of all the charts, you will have to go to the segments of the chart where you will get all the information in tabs section.

    How to own Shriram Insight App?

    To open an account with the Shriram Insight mobile trading app we need to have a demat account with Shriram Insight company. Here is the process to open demat account with Shriram Insight:

    1. Click on the button that says “Open Demat Account” below and fill up the pop form that comes up.
    2. You will receive a call from Shriram Insight Executive & he/she will guide you.
    3. Upload all the scanned copy of the documents that have been mentioned.
    4. After successfully completing this step you will receive a call from the executives at Shriram Insight company who will authenticate the details.
    5. Once the application gets approved and the authentication is successful you will receive all the account details in your email address.
    6. Finally you can login into the website with your login id.

    The documents that you will need are:

    • Your bank statement
    • Address proof
    • Voter ID
    • Aadhar card
    • PAN card.

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    Advantages of this Shriram Insight Trading App

    The various advantages of Shriram Insight Trading App are –

    • You can please, cancel or edit any order whenever you want.
    • The essential functioning off the charts and the analysis is available both at technical and fundamental levels
    • The reports and resources available on real time basis.
    • You can also stream market watch across many exchanges on the go.

    Shriram Insight Mobile App – Conclusion

    The Shriram Insight Mobile App or Shriram Netpro App has been downloaded over 2000 time since it’s release. No extra fee is charged for the application or the authentication of the account.

    Get Free Access to Shriram Insight App – Open Demat Account Now!

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