Sushil Savashare App – Review, Benefits, Top Features, Set-up Process & more

Among the most respected and successful broking houses in India, Sushil Finance was established in 1982. Sushil Savashare App is the mobile trading app that adds another feather to the company that has been active for 37 years.

A boon and a blessing to investors juvenile or experienced, Sushil Savashare App brings together a long list of notable features that ensure a pleasant and successful investor experience.

All the Sushi Finance experience and expertise went into the superb designing of this app that performs exceptionally well under every condition.

What are the reasons for opting for this particular app? Along with the description of the salient features, the setting up of the trading account is discussed. How to own this app?

Sushil Finance Offers

Sushil Savashare App Review & Ratings

Sushil Savashare App Ratings
Overall Ratings6.2/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Sushil Savashare App

Configured on mobile phones that have conquered the market due to sheer portability, Sushil Savashare App is meant for serious investors.

User-friendly and easily accessed, compatible with both Android and iOS-based smartphones, there is every good reason to adopt it.

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    Sushil Savashare App – Top Features

    Ever since the launch in 2006, Sushil Savashare App assumed the status as a leading mobile trading platform. The internet, along with the mobile phone, brings the power to invest in stocks anywhere and anytime.

    The highly advanced tools offer simple pricing and quality order execution, along with unique research reports.

    Would you appreciate a single-screen interface for equities and commodities? Keep tracking your portfolio in real-time. Scrip alerts, real-time charts, and a personalized market watch come your way when you sign up with Sushil Savashare App.

    • Get quotes under a Single Market Watch for multiple market segments.
    • Market watch display the real-time market depth of securities and contracts.
    • Order Book facilitates default display of Orders ‘only in pending status’ or ‘all orders.’ Details of each order during the day can be individually viewed under the details screen. Modify or cancel pending orders using the Order Book
    • Trade Book shows details of the orders executed at the exchange along with the details like the traded quantity and traded price.
    • Net Position indicates position details of the user across the various market segments. Product type and validity (daily/expiry) may be filtered.
    • The direct online helpdesk provides exceptional support
    • Link accounts with over 40 leading banks for online fund transfers just before you make the purchases
    • User-friendly App
    • Immediate confirmation without delay
    • Conveniently trade from anywhere around the globe
    • Enjoy fair pricing and a high level of online security
    • Research reports generated
    • A single-screen serves for buying and selling BSE/NSE / MCX cash, derivatives and NSE currency, MCX/ NCDX, and MCX currency.
    • Cost-effective brokerage terms

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    How to set up Sushil Savashare App?

    It is an easy and convenient procedure to set up Sushil Savashare App. You need to follow a few steps, and even beginners will find no difficulty, though it may require a few digital procedures.

    1. Start the process by getting access to Sushil Finance, the parent company. As a result, the login ID and password will be generated.
    2. Find the company official website which has the link for downloading the mobile app. Android or iOS device, the link is given on the website will facilitate the download. Alternatively, you could visit the Google Play or Apple app store for the app download.
    3. After the download and installation, you must run the app on your smartphone.
    4. Initially, you directly reach the login page.
    5. Now you need to enter the login ID and password given by the company to log into the app.
    6. After successfully getting into the app, it is advised to change the username and password for security reasons.
    7. Now create the preferred watchlists of your choice across several indices and asset classes.
    8. Create a user profile with a few simple steps.
    9. Start exploring the app features. Check out all the features of the app with the icons taking you to the respective sections.

    How to own Sushil Savashare App?

    Similar to other trading accounts, Sushil Savashare App is free of any charges with a subscription plan of demat or trading account. The process of getting the subscription to the demat or trading account is as follows:

    1. Begin by searching for the button with the words ‘Open Demat Account.’ Click on the button.
    2. After you click, a new page containing a particular form will open up. This form, with multiple blank spaces, has to be filled.
    3. Make sure that all the information you provide can be verified. It means that official documents should contain the report, which is proof of validity.
    4. In fact, you must submit certain documents to prove the authenticity of the information you provide on the form. The list of the required documents:
    5. A copy of your bank account statement. It will be used to justify your financial status.
    6. A copy of your PAN Card will be used to verify your financial status.
    7. A copy of your Voter’s ID or Aadhaar Card. This will be used to verify your identity and address.
    8. A copy of your photograph. This will be used to establish your identity.
    9. The process of form filling and document copy submission is now complete. You must now wait to receive a call from the company.
    10. The company representative will call you and take you through some further formalities. Guidance will be given regarding the account opening.

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    Advantages of Sushil Savashare App

    Multiple AI features combine to create a stunning investor app on the most available smartphones that travel the world with you.

    Connecting with markets at any point in time from any geographic location puts you in sync with the latest financial market situation that is continuously changing. According to specific user requirements, the app settings may be configured.

    Sushil Savashare App –Conclusion

    Among the leading mobile trading apps that have carved a reputed name in a complex market, Sushil Savashare App is robust enough to perform optimally under all conditions.

    Get familiar with the features and watch the demo to get the most out of the mobile trading experience.

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