Swastika Justrade Mobile App – Review, Top Features, Set up process and more

Swastika Justrade Mobile App is one of the latest trading platform by Swastika Investmart. In this article, we will discuss in detail about Swastika Trading App, its top features, set-up process, advantages & more.

Lets have a detailed review of Swastika Mobila Trading App below:

Swastika Investmart Offers

Swastika Justrade Mobile App Review & Ratings

Swastika Justrade App Ratings
Overall Ratings6.2/10
Star Ratings★★★


About Swastika Justrade Mobile Trading App

Swastika Investmart is one of the leading finance brokerage services that offers investors and traders to invest in all segments – Equity, derivatives, commodities, currencies, NSE, BSE and F & O.

Swastika Mobile Trading AppIt is one of the few listed companies in the Indian stock marketing that provides a hassle-free trading experience without taking any hidden charges. This retail finance company always impresses their clients with its advanced services, and the Swastika Mobile Trading App is an ideal example of it.

This application comes with comprehensive features that allow clients to trade in the right direction without facing any loss. Whether you are a newbie trader or an intermediate or a professional, by using this app you can remain in touch with the investment all the time.

This app provides you price alert message for your favorite portfolio, you can buy/sell stock through Watchlist, view the historical transaction, analysis companies’ market status, and free guest user access.

So, if you want to step in the trading, and looking for the easy and convenient platform than Swastika Mobile Trading App is only for you. Download the app on your mobile, and experience the freedom to track stock prices with utmost convenience.

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    Top Features of Swastika Justrade Mobile App

    In a nutshell, through standard and comprehensive features, Swastika Mobile Trading App is providing the best value for money. Here we have listed all the top features of this application that surely inspire you to trade through this platform.

    Swastika Justrade Mobile App

    Multiple Watchlists:

    The watchlist feature is one of the most helpful features because it allows traders and investors to keep track stocks that they are following.

    There are more than 4,000 stocks updated every day, so it is impossible to keep monitor every trade, that’s why watch list comes in to picture, it can help you identify potential stocks that meet your trading criteria.

    Advanced Charting:

    This feature allows you to amplify your technical trading. It comes with drawing tools, indicators and bar, line and candlestick graphs that are used to represent the price movement over a specific time frame, it would be intraday, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.

    Order Book:

    This feature allows you to view the list of a number of stocks being bid. The order book helps traders to make a better trading decision. It gives you complete details of your buy/ sell products. When a transaction occurs, it automatically updated and fix the change.

    Swastika Trading App

    Tips and recommendation:

    This is one of the suitable features for all newbie traders and investors. This application gives you daily updates related to your portfolio and latest news of the international market. Along with the real-time trade information, the app can track your stock portfolio.

    Place Trade:

    Once you open a trading account, you can buy/sell equities, commodities, currencies, through this app with the few tabs.

    Risk Management System:

    This feature helps active traders to increase the chances of profitability without facing a huge loss. Generally, when people start trading they have a fear of losing money, but this tool will alert you throughout the day and limit your losses all the time.

    Swastika Justrade App

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    How to set up the Swastika Justrade Mobile App?

    Swastika Mobile Trading App is the one stop shop for all smart investors and traders. Here we have listed all the listed steps that will help you in managing the account.

    • Go to the play store, search Swastika Mobile trade app, and then click on install icon.
    • Once it’s installed, if you are a client user then enter client ID and password, or if you are a guest user then enter your basic details and submit. ( Guest users will receive a password in their registered email ID).
    • Enter your ID and password, and get an overview of this app.
    • Now you all are set to trade.

    Important Note: In order to access this app, first you have to open a DEMAT account. For that, you can click the green open demat account below & fill up the form.

    Here you have to enter your name, mobile number & city. Once you submitted your details, you will get a call which will take you to the further account opening process.

    How to own Swastika Investmart Mobile App?

    Here are the step by step process of owning Swastika Justrade Mobile App:

    1st Step – Open Demat Account with Swastika Invesmart, for that just fill up the form by clicking on green button

    2nd Step – You will get a call from Swastika Investmart & fix up a meeting with executive

    3rd Step – Handover all required documents to the representative

    4th Step – your Demat & Trading account will be opened in next 5 days

    5th Step – You will receive a Welcome email from Swastika along with Login ID & Password

    6th Step – Download the App in your Mobile & login

    7th Step – You can start checking the App & Invest in Stock market

    These are few simple steps of owning a Swastika Mobile App.

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    Advantages of Swastika Justrade Mobile App

    • This app allows you to get an overview of your favorite portfolio.
    • Justrade app allows you to view open orders, and open positions.
    • This app allows you to trade in all segments.
    • Swastika mobile app gives you all top latest updates related to the stock market.
    • This app allows you to create multiple watch lists with 50 scrips in each watch list.
    • You can trade through the watch list.
    • By clicking on any scrip you can view option, chart and place orders.
    • With the help of the intraday chart, you can get depth detail of any scrip.
    • On one click you can view market summary and other market information.
    • The tips and recommendations and research-based, accurate and timely.
    • Completely free even for guest users.

    Disadvantages of Swastika Trading App

    • High internet speed requires.
    • Rs 8 plus taxes per online transaction.
    • Need to more load with new generation features.
    • Hidden charges

    Conclusion of Swastika Justrade Mobile App

    There are lots of trading apps available in the market, but it is very difficult for traders to choose the reliable one. But, as per the research, Swastika mobile trading app is one of the fast performing stock marketing apps, which allows users to trade hassle free.

    When it comes to performance, features, flexibility and user-friendly interface this app is worthwhile. You can monitor your investment according to your convenience, funds can be transferred instantly, and without any third person interference, you can buy/sell stocks.

    All in all, this is the trustworthy app or the automated advisor you keep sending you real-time stock news so that you can know the current condition of the market and spend money wisely.

    We know, still, stock marketing is the mystery topic for some individuals because they haven’t get the reliable source which will guide and alert them about the market status.

    If you are the one, and seeking for the user-friendly platform, without thinking much, approach this app it will definitely enhance your trading experience and helps you to make a quick decision.

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