Nirmal Bang Beyond App – Review, Benefits, Top Features, Set-up Process & more

Nirmal Bang Beyond App is a leading trading app, which is first and foremost, a mobile app. The is available in both the Android and iOS platform. So, you can download it from the respective store.

Nirmal Bang Beyond is brought to you by the stock trading giant Nirmal Bang. It is the perfect mix of sophisticated stock trading features along with the latest technological advancement of the IT industry.

It is easy to use the app, and the fact that Nirmal Bang is backing it up makes it more precious for the new traders.

Now, you can access the stock market seamlessly and keep yourself updated to all the whereabouts of the stock trading industry using this incredible trading platform.

Nirmal Bang Securities Offers

Nirmal Bang Beyond App Review & Ratings

Nirmal Bang Beyond App Ratings
Overall Ratings7.2/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Nirmal Bang Beyond App

Nirmal Bang is considered one of the renowned stock trading companies in India that offers an extensive range of stock trading services like equities, derivatives, commodities, currency derivatives, mutual funds, IPOs, insurance, depository services and PMS.

Now, about Nirmal Bang Beyond App; it is a powerful tool for the clients that allow them to stay engaged to the stock market 24×7.

It has some impeccable features and functionalities that not only make your stock trading experience seamless but also let you improve decisions concerning the stock trading industry.

So, in this article, we will first learn about all the significant features that this mobile app is offering. Along with that, we will let you know how to set up this trading platform and how to own the app as well.

Also, we will conclude our final thoughts about Nirmal Bang Mobile App.

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Nirmal Bang Trading App – Top Features

Beyond from Nirmal Bang is an incredible mobile app which is packed with features and functionalities, making it one of its kind. So, here are some notable features that you should be aware of:

  • Nirmal Bang App delivers inherent design for seamless mobility across various stock trading segments.
  • With this trading platform, you can perform Multi Exchange Streaming Market Watch. So, it means you will never miss a critical moment.
  • With Beyond, you can now trade across numerous facilities like NSE, BSE, NSEFO, NSE CDS & MCX. Eventually, you will have a wide variety of options to pick from.
  • There is no doubt that Nirmal Bang Mobile App provides faster access to the stock markets, watchlist, and of course, trading.
  • The app fetches Live Reports all the time.
  • Now you can easily track your investments at the touch of a button.
  • The trading platform prepares frequent Intraday and Historical Charts with critical stock market updates.
  • The app is equipped with Quick and Easy Intraday Trading options.
  • You can do live streaming even in lite mode.
  • This mobile app comes with detailed customization features along with Multiple Market Watch.
  • You will get instant news & research sections at your finger-tips.
  • Now, you can quickly locate branches, and the trading platform comes with in-app calling to dealers’ option.
  • Nirmal Bang Beyond App has secured fund transfer and withdrawal facilities for worry-free stock trading experience.
  • The app has a Watchlist section, which has the flexibility of editing and sorting variable parameters with ease.

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How to Set-up Nirmal Bang Mobile App?

The setup procedure of Nirmal Bang Trading App is pretty straightforward. You just need to follow the steps below:

  1. As this is a mobile app, you need to download it from Google Playstore if you use an Android smartphone. Subsequently, if you use iOS, you can get it on Apply Store.
  2. Since Beyond is a flagship service of Nirmal Bang, you must have an account with them. The good thing is there is no cost involved. We will, however, discuss the steps to open up the account later in this article.
  3. After you download and install the app from the respective app stores, you need to obtain the login credential, which you will get after you finish opening up an account with Nirmal Bang.
  4. After that, you need to generate the 2FA password for the account. We advise you should change the password periodically.
  5. You can use the account and start trading in Nirmal Bang Beyond.

How to Own Nirmal Bang Beyond App?

As mentioned before, Nirmal Bang App is a trading app for the clients who are using the services of Nirmal Bang exclusively. However, if you want to start trading, you will need three accounts – a Demat account, a Trading account, and a Savings account.

Since Nirmal Bang doesn’t offer Banking service, they don’t deal with Savings account. So, we will only discuss the steps to open an account which includes the Demat and Trading accounts.

So, here are the steps to own Nirmal Bang Mobile App:

  1. Click on the button “Open Demat Account” & Fill up the form.
  2. Wait for one of the agents of Nirmal Bang to give you a call. You have to tell them that you want to open a composite account containing a Demat and a Trading account.
  3. There are no fees involve, but they will ask for your documents so that they can complete the KYC verification process.
  4. As soon as you submit all the relevant documents to complete the formality, they will tell you how much time it would take to complete.
  5. After the KYC verification process is done, they will provide you with the login details of your respective Demat and Trading account.
  6. The next step involves the entire setup procedure that we have discussed before.
  7. Then, you can start trading.

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Advantages of Nirmal Bang Mobile Trading App

There are several notable advantages of using Nirmal Bang Beyond trading platform. So, take a look at some of the significant mentions:

  • The trading platform has an in-built Unlimited Watch feature.
  • You will get significant suggestions that are based on the current stock market whereabouts.
  • One of the most compelling features is the User Interface of the app.
  • The app, according to the majority of the clients, is pretty user-friendly.
  • With Beyond, you will get a Real-time market status.
  • You can sync between trading platforms that Nirmal Bang is offering.
  • You will get customized news on a variety of companies.
  • The robust mobile app is ideally suited to new clients who have low or zero stock trading experience.
  • Now, you can do stock trading from any location, anytime.
  • Free Demat and Trading accounts.
  • With the Technical Analysis feature in-built, you will be most likely to improve your stock trading experience rapidly.
  • One of the areas that Nirmal Bang has put a lot of effort into is its Customer Care service. Most clients do appreciate the service.
  • Nirmal Bang NET.NET is a trading platform that guarantees safe and secure stock trading, every time.

Nirmal Bang Beyond App – Conclusion

Nirmal Bang is a very accomplished stock trading company that offers full-service stockbroking services for decades now.

So, it is expected of them to maintain that company stature with an incredible trading platform – Beyond. Prior to their Web Trading Platform, the Trading Terminal, and their Algo Trading Platform, Nirmal Bang App is a mobile app build for the people who believe in technological advancements.

As we discussed multiple times now, the features and functionalities are all set for a compelling stock trading experience. The best part is new features are always in development. Overall, Nirmal Bang Mobile App is a fantastic initiative, and you should get the service now.

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