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Trade Smart Online App is one of the greatly advanced trading platforms provided by Trade Smart Online. The trading app is designed and customized with very exciting features that make the entire trading process easy and simple.

The below write-up will give you an exact insight about Trade Smart Online Sine so you can easily understand everything related to this trading platform and get to know how to download the same in your device.

You will also get proper guidance on the setup process you need to perform in a way to fix the terminal for trading purpose.

This write-up will surely acknowledge you about the perks of the Sine trading app as well as how you can operate it fro have seamless trading experience.

Trade Smart Online

Trade Smart Online App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Trade Smart Online App Ratings
Overall Ratings6.2/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Trade Smart Online App

Trade Smart Online Mobile App is a smart trading app assist investors with online trading. The mobile app is basically designed to provide from basic to advanced users the potential to keep track of the entire stock market industry and execute actions without any effort.

Sine mobile trading application is just like a toy to play with it for trading purpose. This is what you actually need when it comes to access the entire market data for trading purpose.

The application comes with a very user-friendly interface and many other exciting features as well. It enables users to manage the trading and demat account.

The market scanners, as well as trading tools, are available in the application for performing the online trading without making any strong efforts.

Moreover, the sine trading application can be accessible by NEST users for Bombay Stock Exchange (Cash), National Stock Exchange (F&O, currency and cash) and MCX.

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    Trade Smart Online Mobile App – Top Features

    As it is clear from the above writeup, the Sine mobile application is designed specially to cater to the requirements of traders and investors.

    However, the trading app has various features that assist traders with investment related activities like investment planning etc. Following are the features of the trading application

    Scanners & Strategies

    Sine app offers scanners like volume shocker, rise and fall, spread scanner that actually assists to scan the entire share market in order to identify better trading opportunities and trends.

    Strategies offered by the application like bearish covered put and bullish covered call assist in choosing the right strategy that enables users to focus on a limited number of shares or stocks

    Advanced Trading Tools

    Sine Mobile App by Trade Smart Online is good at providing with technical indicators such as Bollinger Bands, MACD, Moving Avg, Parabolic SAR, RSI etc.

    It also offers leading-edge snap quote feature that actually shows Option Chain, Future Quote, High & Low for diverse time intervals, Put & Call ratio, Resistance and support levels at just swiping. Trading with charting analytics is just like a cherry on the cake.

    Bracket Order and Cover Order

    Bracket order and cover order feature is very much attractive. As cover order enables users to place an order for the stocks with stop loss while bracket order is useful when share market moves up it enables users to place an order simultaneously in profit and also allows to place an order with stop loss.

    Other Attractive Features of Sine App

    There are some other exciting and attractive features available in the Sine Mobile trading application.

    • The app has a very informative and detailed dashboard panel with responsive links.
    • Details of Corporate action
    • Availability of options calculator.
    • The fund can be transferred easily through 28 such banks.

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    How to set up Trade Smart Online Trading App?

    To setup sine, mobile trading app, follow the below given instructions –

    1. If you are using an Android device then you can get the app from play store and if you are using iOS, the same can be availed from the App store.
    2. To install the applications, you just need to search for the same on google play store or app store and click on the install button to install on your device.
    3. Once you are done with the app installation, you are all set to login your trading account through the Sine app.
    4. After that you can see multiple tabs including dashboard, market watch list, usability, dashboard, reports, portfolio tracker, realtime quotes, charting analysis, scanner and options strategies. You can use all these features as per your trading needs and requirements.

    How to own Trade Smart Online App?

    If you are going, to begin with, trading and want to start trading with the Sine App then you may need to open up trading and demat account with the Trade Smart Online Company.

    Below are the instructions for opening up an account with a brokerage house

    1. All you need is to tap on the open demat account button and you will be redirected to the demat form.
    2. Fill up the demat form carefully with verifiable details
    3. After that, you will get a call from the Trade Smart Online executive for the verification of details you submitted for opening up a demat account.
    4. Once your demat account opening application gets approved by the company then you will get your account login details.
    5. And with account login credentials you can access the application with ease.

    The documents required to open up an account are listed below

    • Aadhaar card
    • PAN card
    • Bank statement

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    Advantages of Trade Smart Online Sine App

    Trade Smart Online is the most popular stock broking house available in the industry. It offers very exclusive trading application termed as Sine App to ease the entire trading process.

    The advantages of the Sine mobile trading application are listed below –

    • The Sine mobile app offers very seamless and effective trading experience to all the users.
    • It is enriched with multiple exciting features that guide users as per their specific trading requirements.

    Trade Smart Online App – Conclusion

    Trade Smart Online App is one of the finest and versatile mobile trading apps. It is designed with very amazing and attractive builtin features that enable users to trade smartly in the stock market.

    This trading platform is very user friendly and designed especially for intermediate investors. Also, the reviews and ratings of this mobile application are also very good based on the user’s experience.

    If you are searching for any flexible mobile trading application, sine app is all that can assist you throughout the trading process.

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