Shriram Insight Margin Calculator – Calculate Intraday & Delivery Exposure / Leverage

Shriram InsightShriram Insight Margin Calculator is an online tool which will help you calculate Exposure provided by Shriram Insight for different segments like Intraday, Delivery, F&O, Currency & Commodity.

With the help of this online tool, you will be able to calculate Shriram Insight margin funding & also will be able to calculate the total amount of extra shares that can be bought with the extra leverage provided by the stock broker.


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Shriram Insight Exposure Calculator / Shriram Insight Leverage Calculator

Below table provides a very decent indication of Margin or Exposure provided by Shriram Insight for all segments.

Shriram Insight  Leverage
Equity Delivery1x (no margin)
Equity IntradayUpto 14x
Equity Futures6x
Equity Options1x
Currency Futures6x
Currency OptionsUpto 1x
Commodities FutureUpto 1x
Commodities OptionUpto 1x

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    Shriram Insight Intraday & Delivery Margin Calculator

    Intraday Margin Calculator has upto 14x exposure & Delivery Exposure Calculator provides 1x leverage.

    Shriram Insight Commodity & Currency Margin Calculator

    The Commodity Margin Calculator provides 1x margin funding while Currency Leverage Calculator provides 6x exposure for Futures & 1x for Options.

    Shriram Insight SPAN Margin Calculator for Equity Futures & Options Margin Calculator

    Shriram Insight SPAN Margin Calculator has both Futures & Options. The Equity Futures Exposure is 6x & Equity Options exposure is 1x.

    NOTE: For Delivery, there is a cut-off time of T+7 Days & post that Auto Square-off will apply. Interest Charged on Margin Funding is 18% + GST.

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