Swastika App – Review, Benefits, Top Features, Set-up Process & more

Swastika App also known as Swastika Justrade App is a proprietary product for the clients of Swastika Investmart.

It is primarily a mobile app designed to perform stock trading and also to monitor various other aspects of the stock trading industry. The existing users have widely appreciated the app.

Its speed and usability back the overall performance of the app. Of course, the most significant aspect is the features the app is offering.

With Swastika Mobile App, you can take a look at your entire portfolio in one click. That’s not all, you can also check out the current orders and open positions.

We will discuss more features and benefits later in this article. One thing is for sure – the app is one of the best in the market right now; everything that a trader, whether you are new or experienced, craves.

Swastika Investmart Offers

Swastika App Review & Ratings

Swastika Justrade App Ratings
Overall Ratings6.7/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Swastika App

Swastika Investmart is one of the central finance brokerage services that offers investors and traders to invest in all fragments. They deal with Equity, derivatives, commodities, currencies, and many more.

It is one of the few recorded companies in the Indian stock market that provides a problem-free trading background without taking any concealed charges.

This retail finance company consistently dazzles its customers with its propelled services, and the Swastika Mobile Trading App is a perfect case of it.

This app comes with comprehensive features that allow customers to exchange the correct direction without facing any loss.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner trader, middle of the road, or a professional, by utilizing this app, you can always stay in touch with the investment.

In this article, we will elaborate on the most propelling features and benefits that Swastika Justrade App is offering.

Also, we will discuss the steps to configure and own the mobile app and wrap up the conversation with our take of this trading platform.

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    Swastika Mobile App  – Top Features

    Here are the most notable features of the Swastika Justrade App:


    The watchlist feature is one of the most striking features since it allows traders and investors to keep track of stocks that they are watching. There are more than 4,000 stocks refreshed each day.

    So, it is hard to keep track of every stock. That is the reason watch rundown comes in to picture; it can enable you to identify potential stocks that meet your trading patterns.

    Advanced Charting

    Swastika Mobile App comes with the Advanced Charting feature, which allows you to amplify your specialized trading. There are drawing tools, indicators & bar, line, and candlestick charts.

    All these tools speak to the amount change over a specific time frame. Meanwhile, it can be intraday, week by week, monthly, quarterly, and even yearly.

    Order Book

    The Order Book feature of Swastika Trading App enables you to see the rundown of various stocks being bid. This feature encourages traders to settle on a superior trading decision.

    It gives you complete subtleties to purchase or trade your products. At the point when a transaction occurs, it automatically refreshed and fixed the difference.

    Tips & Recommendation

    The Tips and Recommendation feature of the app is one of the reasonable features for all novice traders and investors.

    This application gives you every day updates identified with your portfolio and the most recent updates on the global market. Along with the real-time exchange information, the app can follow your stock portfolio.

    Risk Management

    The Risk Management feature of the Swastika Justrade App causes dynamic traders to expand the odds of profitability without facing a gigantic loss.

    By and large, when people start trading, they have a fear of losing money; however, this tool will caution you throughout the day and point of confinement your losses constantly.

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    How to Set-up Swastika App?

    Swastika Mobile Trading App is the one-stop store for every shrewd investor and traders. To get to this app, first, you need to open a Demat account.

    We will discuss the steps to open a Demat and a Trading account with Swastika Investmart later. Meanwhile, here are the steps to configure this trading platform:

    1. Go to the Google Playstore, search for the “Swastika Mobile app,” and then snap on the install icon once you find that.
    2. Once the installation of the app is finished, and you start the app, it will ask the login credential. Now, when you need to acquire the login ID and its corresponding Password from Swastika Investmart once you open an account with them.
    3. Finally, enter the login ID and Password and start using the Swastika Mobile Trading App.

    How to Own Swastika Mobile App?

    The step by step process of owning the Swastika Justrade Mobile App is quick and straightforward. But before we jump into that, you should know that you need to create an account with Swastika Investmart first.

    The account consists of Demat and Trading accounts. For that, you need to pay a one-time fee, which is a sum of ₹550. So, here are the steps:

    1. To open an account with Swastika Investmart, for that fill-up the form by clicking on the  button “Open Demat Account”.
    2. You will soon receive a call from one of the representatives of Swastika Investmart. Then you need to fix a meeting with one of their executives.
    3. The next step is to handover all required documents to the representative for the completion of your KYC verification.
    4. It is expected that your account will get opened in the upcoming 5 business days.
    5. Once the account is ready, you will get a welcome email from Swastika along with the login credentials of your accounts.
    6. Finally, follow the setup procedure and log in using the ID and Password, which you have got on the welcome email.
    7. You can enjoy the services of Swastika Justrade App then.

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    Advantages of Swastika Justrade App

    Swastika Justrade App is an incredible mobile app with tons of benefits. It is next to impossible to mention all the advantages, but here is a list of most significant ones:

    • Swastika Justrade App lets you get a summary of your personal portfolio.
    • The trading platform allows you to check out open orders as well as open positions.
    • The app permits you to exchange stocks in all segments.
    • Swastika mobile app gives you all the recent updates classified with the stock market.
    • The platform allows you to make numerous watchlists with 50 scrips on each of them. You can exchange through the watchlist after that.
    • By tapping on any scrip, you can see the option, diagram, and spot orders.
    • With the assistance of the intraday outline, you can get profundity detail of any scrip.
    • On one tick, you can view showcase synopsis and other market information.
    • You will get tips & recommendations, which are research-based, exact, and timely.
    • Available in both Android and iOS version.

    Swastika App  – Conclusion

    There are indeed lots of trading apps accessible in the market; however, it is difficult for traders to choose the dependable one. Swastika Investmart App is one of the fast-performing stock marketing apps, which allows users to trade freely.

    You can monitor your investments according to your convenience. The funds can be transferred quickly, and without any third person interference, you can purchase or sell stocks. All things considered, the Swastika Justrade App is a trustworthy app.

    You can even say it is an automated advisor for you, which continues sending real-time stock news. In this way, you will know the present condition of the market and burn through your money carefully. If you are looking for the user-friendly platform, you should get the app without any intuition.

    This app will upgrade your trading knowledge and causes you to settle on a fast decision.

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