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The Shriram Insight Trading Terminal or the Shriram Netpro Terminal is one of the best terminal based trading software that has been developed by Shriram Insight.

The Shriram Insight trading terminal has been widely appreciated and has been accepted by thousands of clients in the nation. This was an expected result as the company has put years of efforts and research into the development.

Established in 1974 the Shriram Insight company has put in years of experience and  effort in building and perfecting the overall platform and here in this article we will be discussing about each and every feature of the Shriram Insight trading platform.

Firstly we will be discussing about the amazing features that the terminal has. Then we would be discussing about how you can configure it and how you can own an account here.

In short this article is a detailed review about the Shriram insight trading terminal also known as the Shriram Netpro trading terminal.

Shriram Insight Offers

Shriram Insight Trading Terminal Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Shriram Insight Trading Terminal Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.1/10
Usability 6.2/10
Features 6.2/10
Speed 6.1/10
Performance 6.1/10
Overall Ratings 6.1/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Shriram Insight Trading Terminal

The Shriram Insight Trading Terminal is a boon for most of the users and traders due to its exclusive features and advanced platform.

The trading terminal allows the user to access all the research that has been carried out by the experts at Shriram Insight.

It also allows the user to customize the software according to their needs and also allows the user to manage his or her risk profile in the portfolio section.

The Shriram Netpro Terminal can be installed in any version of Windows that is Windows XP and above does making tea trading terminal software quite compatible with most of the computers.

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    Shriram Insight Trading Platform – Top Features

    The Shriram Insight trading software has some of the best features and these features provide the users with ample amount of trading options.

    Users can use the software for all types of higher and technical and fundamental analysis. Some of the features that the Shriram Insight trading terminal offers are:

    Multiple asset watchlist creation and customization

    The specific features allows the users to track their preferred stocks down to the lowest market change. It also allows the user create a number of watch lists. Moreover, these watchlists can give real-time quotations on equity, derivatives, currency and commodity.

    Access to the advanced Charting tools

    Like all the other applications of Shriram Insight, the Shriram netpro trading terminal has the best Charting tools in it.

    There are over 40 technical indicators for a single script and with the complete access of the software, you can get use number of tools to work with.

    Access to all research reports

    This trading terminal software comes with a number of research reports on various stocks. The users can access all the reports, recommendations and get advice on more than 250 trusted companies.

    As the company is has branches all over India, you can get access to any company. All the reports are updated and are published on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

    Real time advice from real time experts

    The specific feature enables all the traders to get expert advice at anytime anywhere. These advisors can be used for better investment returns and these can be customized according to the user’s need.

    Trade guide signal

    This hi-tech feature allows the software to generate buying and selling ideas based on a specific predefined technical rule.

    Portfolio health check and review tools

    The portfolio help check feature available in the my accounts option allows the user to restructure their portfolio anywhere at any time.

    A Smart and a compact view of all the user’s property including the equity, commodity, derivatives and the mutual fund is available. This helps the user to understand stocks better and make the right investment.

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    How to set up Shriram Insight Trading Terminal?

    For setting up Shriram Insight trading terminal the user needs to have a computer that is running on Windows XP or above. The rest of the process is a simple one, all you have to do is follow the steps that have been mentioned below.

    1. The first thing that you need to do is get yourself registered with Shriram Insight that is open a trading or a demat account.
    2. The next step is to ask the company for the login details.
    3. After receiving the login credentials, go to the official website.
    4. Download the Shriram Insight trading terminal software with the reference link provided in the website and then run it.
    5. After installing and opening it, a pop up login menu would be available. Fill in with the login credentials provided by the company.
    6. After successful login remember to change the username and password.
    7. Now after you have completed the above mentioned steps you can freely explore the software.
    8. You can create more than one watch lists and customise the interface according to your own wish.

    How to own Shriram Insight Trading Software?

    For getting an ownership you will need to have a demat or a trading account with the Shriram Insight company. The steps that you need to follow have been mentioned below:

    1. Find below “Open Demat Account” option. Click on it & a pop-up form with open-up.
    2. Fill it up with the necessary details and then click on submit.
    3. You will receive a call from Shriram Insight Executive, He/She will guide you regarding account opening.
    4. You will also need to upload scanned copies of some documents.
    5. After successful completion you will receive a call from an executive at Shriram Insight who will then authenticate all the details.
    6. After successful authentication, you will receive your login details in your email address.
    7. Now you have successfully opened a demat account with the company and you can then download the Shriram Insight trading terminal software from the official website.

    The documents required for verification

    • Bank statement or cancelled cheque
    • Voter ID card
    • Aadhar card
    • A recent passport size photograph
    • Pan card.

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    Advantages of Shriram Insight Trading Platform

    • You can easily open an account and it is free of cost.
    • The brokerage charges are quite reasonable.
    • A huge amount of focus and dedication has been provided towards the development of the application.
    • Online fund transfer facility is available at a click.
    • The user can easily get access to over 30,000 research reports which will help him in his business trading.

    Shriram Insight Trading Terminal – Conclusion

    The Shriram Insight trading terminal or the Shriram Netpro trading terminal software is available free of cost thus anyone can easily download it.

    The software does not require a very high speed internet. It has amazing charting facilities and even real time advice and updates that would help you in the long run.

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