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Axis Direct Trade is the trading terminal software that the brokerage firm provides to its clients for trading purposes. The Axis Direct Trading Terminal is one of the most sought after trading terminal software in the market at present.

Axis Direct is one of the most reputed stock brokerage houses in the industry, it comes up with different trading technologies and one of the best product, it has at present is this TRADE software. The software required to be downloaded on the computer of yours and then you can run it easily to use for trading.

In this article below, that you are going to read, we have covered the various features of the Axis Direct trading Software.

Apart from the features, we have also covered the detail process and requirements for using this software. Then, for your help, we have also given an insight into the process of owning the Trade software.

So, this article is an all in one article, where you can get a clear idea of how to own, set up and use the trading terminal offered by Axis Direct.

Axis Direct Offers

Axis Direct Trade Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Axis Direct Trade Ratings
Overall Ratings7.2/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Axis Direct Trade

Axis Direct Trading Software is regarded as one of the most powerful trading terminals in the market because it has proved with its array of features, how to make trading easy for the investors.

This is a software that you need to download like any other trading terminal software. Then install it onto your computer or laptop and then you can use the software easily.

The Axis Direct Trading Terminal easing the traders’ life by providing live market updates all the time which every traders and investor need to make their stock market game strong and profiting.

It gives instant access to the order book, it has mutual funds trading options as well apart from multiple market watch feature and many more.

The software is known for its speed and the speed makes trading beneficial most of the time as you can capture the best prices for your trades.

The terminal software comes with different short-cut keys that will discuss in the next section of the article that makes the life of the traders easy.

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    Axis Direct Trading Terminal – Top Features

    There are ample of features of the Axis Direct Trading Platform and let us now see how you can use them for your trading needs.


    The speed of this trading terminal is one of the most important features where you can trade using few single keys only. It has a lightning-fast interface in terms of its response.

    There are short-cut keys which you can use for buy, sell and other activities as well. For example, just by clicking F1 you can place BUY orders and F2 for SELL orders. You can check the market depth with F8 and similarly there are other keys.

    Market Watch

    There are different market watch and you can create quite a few of them with a different asset in them. You can add the stocks you want to trade and track and alter the list anytime.

    There is customization available for making the list as per your requirement. There are indexes as well that you can even put as the market-watch like NIFTY or SENSEX.

    Live Market Updates with Auto-Refresh

    In Axis Direct Trading Software, you do not need to click the Refresh button anytime to get the fresh live market data as the market data is getting refreshed by its own all the time.

    So, the prices you see in the market-watch of yours are the current market prices and that helps you trade and make the most out of the market.

    All the stock-quotes are refreshed on its own automatically which not only saves your time and effort but also saves your money as you can put the best bid for the trades.

    Information is right in front of the eyes

    The trading terminal helps you to check the information like trading limits, leverage and exposure you have, margin balance and other details with few clicks.

    Mutual Fund Trading Orders

    With the Axis Direct trading terminal, you can trade mutual funds directly. The trading terminal of Axis Direct offers this feature where you can place buy and sell orders of mutual funds.

    Not all trading terminal software has this feature even if the broker sells mutual funds.

    Safe Fund Transfer

    Transfer of funds is one of the most important requirements in trading and with Axis Direct Trade, it is not only done within seconds but you get the utmost safety of your funds and transactions.

    The process is also quite simple and requires just a few clicks to get through it.

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    How to Set-up Axis Direct Trade?

    Before discussing the setup process of the Axis Direct Trade let us see the requirements of the system to have this software working on it.

    1. Your computer or the laptop must be having an operating system over and above Windows 7 with 32/64 Bit and the processor needs to be at least Dual-core.
    2. The RAM requirement for running the trading terminal is 4 GB at its minimum.
    3. The internet bandwidth that you are using for trading must be 60 KBPS and above.
    4. For running this software you need to have Microsoft ® .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 application installed on your computer and laptop.

    Now you have to open an account with Axis Direct and then download the Axis Direct trading terminal  from their online site.

    Once you download –

    1. You have to create the watch-list. For creating the watch-list you have to search for the stocks that you want to track with the stock name, company name or code and then add them to the market-watch.
    2. Once you have added all the stocks, you can now start trading using the buy and sell options that are right there on the market-watch itself. You can click on the stock and the buy and sell options will be displayed. You can also use the short-cut keys that we have discussed in the above paragraph.
    3. For modifying the market-watch you can click on the stocks you want to remove, and there will be an option. You can add another stock that you want to track now.

    How to Own Axis Direct Trading Software?

    To own Axis Direct Trading Terminal –

    1. Click on the button here on the page which says open Demat account with Axis Direct
    2. Then fill the pop-up form that appears on the screen
    3. Once you fill and submit the form, you will be redirected to a webpage where you have to upload all the documents for verification
    4. Once the verification process gets over, your account will be opened and then you can log in and download the the platform.

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    Advantages of Axis Direct Trading Platform

    • The first and most important benefit of trading using the Axis Direct Trade, is its speed. It has various short-cuts and one of the fastest interfaces to help you with your trades.
    • Then there are various segments and asset classes and even mutual funds that you can trade using this one platform
    • The requirements for using this software is not that broad
    • There is various information apart from the live stock prices which you can check on this platform. The stock-quotes get automatically refreshed.
    • There is multiple market-watch features.
    • Fund transfer is simple and safe

    Axis Direct Trade – Conclusion

    The Axis Direct Trade is one of its kind platforms for trading which gives you ample features to make your trading easy and fast and most importantly profiting.

    There are various short-cut keys and lightning-fast interface to make you all the orders implemented within seconds. So, if you need a fast and effective software for active trading, then Axis Direct trading terminal is the one for you.

    Get Free Access to Axis Direct Trade – Open Demat Account Now!

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