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Axis Direct is generally a subsidiary of Axis Bank Ltd which spread a wide range of financial solutions and services for the retail customer. This article will tell you about the Axis Bank Demat account, Axis Bank Trading Account and their charges and so on.

Moreover, we will talk about the advantages of opening a Demat and trading account. If you are planning to open a Demat or trading account with this broking house, then you must surely go through this article

Axis Direct Offers

Axis Bank Demat Account

Axis Demat account will provide you with many benefits that can help you have a good trading experience. Some advantages are mentioned below

Research and tips

The executive of this broking house will provide you necessary tips regarding trading. If you are a learner or if you are new in the stock market, then having proper tips can help you to get the best deal.

Along with this, the executives of this broking house will do proper research about the market and future possibilities of your desired trade and they will share the information with you. They will guide you and they will recommend the best thing for you.

Trading platforms

Access to numerous trading platforms will be granted via this broking house procuring help from these trading platforms, you can stay updated about the market and you can make certain decisions based on those updates.

Another benefit of using the trading platforms is getting be entitled to the facility of accessing your account from any place on the earth and at any time.


When working on an online platform you need to manage certificates and other physical documents. Along with this, the transaction will be easier and simply online. You don’t need to wait for a long time for the transaction.

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    How to Open an Axis Demat Account?

    In order to open the Axis Bank Demat account, then follow the below-mentioned steps

    1. You need to fill up the Demat account opening form. Click Here
    2. Make sure that you will provide authentic and correct information such as your name, mobile number & city.
    3. Once this will be done, then a member from Axis Direct will call you for an appointment
    4. A representative from the broking house will visit you and will collect the other important documents such as your voter id card, aadhar card, pan card and other cards as needed.
    5. Once this process will be completed, then the broking house will activate your Demat account within a few days
    6. They will provide you with the username and password and you can access your account by using this.

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    Axis Bank Demat Account Charges

    Axis Demat Account Charges
    Trading Charges [One Time] Rs 900
    Trading AMC [Yearly] Rs 0
    Demat Charges [One Time] Rs 0
    Demat AMC [Yearly] Rs 650
    Margin Money Rs.25,000
    Dematerialization Available No

    So, Axis Direct Account Opening Charges are Rs 900. It is on the higher side as compared to the other Broking service providers.

    Moreover, an additional charge of Rs.650 also needs to be paid so as to hold your account However, you don’t need to pay any maintenance charges for the Demat account.

    The source of the reservoir is CDSL and NSDL. They help the lowest cost of the transaction. The broking house will also give you an SMS debit and credit alert facility.

    Apart from this, customers need to maintain the amount of margin money which is Rs.25,000. The margin money can increase your profitability of yours.

    Axis Direct AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    The Axis Direct AMC or annual maintenance charges are Rs 650. The users of this broking house need to do a payment of this same amount every year in order to maintain their Demat account.

    However, the company assures to provide a free maintenance facility for the trading account holders.

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    Axis Bank Trading Account

    The main benefits of opening an Axis Trading Account are given below –

    • This broker offers Unique 3 in 1 online trading accounts including the axis bank saving account, axis bank Demat account and axis bank trading account.
    • The axis direct trading account allows you to perform Demat and bank balances yourself when trading in axis securities. You can only need to pay when you trade.
    • It is possible to perform an E-broking house with less than 11 lac customers.
    • You will get various facilities such as tips and advice, technical analysis, and market information which will certainly come in handy while helping you to make a place for yourself in the stock market
    • Axis Direct will also provide lectures, seminars, and expert articles that will help to increase the knowledge of the learners. If you wish to get success in the stock market, then having a clear idea is very important.
    • One of the major advantages for Axis Direct clients is that the broking house will allow you to trade in a flat brokerage of Rs.20 per trade.

    Axis Demat Account – Conclusion

    Therefore, we have come to the conclusion that Axis Demat account opening charges may be high but the broking house will provide you with unique facilities that can help you to get a better trading experience.

    If you wish to get the best trading opportunity, then you can consider this one.

    Axis Direct Demat Account FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Axis Direct Demat Account:

    How can I open Axis Direct Demat Account?

    We make the process entirely seamless for you, and it starts from this page. Tap on the button – “Open Demat Account” and then fill in the quick pop-up form that you see on the screen. When you fill it out and submit it, you will be redirected to the KYC process. This lets you get your account verified and issued.

    Is Axis Direct Demat Free?

    No, opening a demat account with this stock broker is not free of charge. An account opening charge and an AMC charge are both tagged along with the account. They have to be duly paid as per the instructions of the stock broking house.

    What are Axis Direct Demat Charges?

    We have the same information to provide you with, and according to that, the account opening charges are Rs.900. This is a huge amount as compared to the other stock brokers in the market. As for the account maintenance fee, it is Rs.650 per annum for the demat account.

    Is AMC levied on Axis Direct Demat?

    Yes, AMC is surely levied on the demat account holders and it is fixed by the stockbroker. The account maintenance charge is not a one-time payment as is the account opening charge. Rather, the AMC of Rs.650 must be paid to the stock broker once every year.

    Is Axis Direct’s Demat Account the best?

    Yes, you can count on the service provided by the Axis Direct account and efficiently invest in the segment of your choice. You can refer to the list of perks they offer with the demat account and know how well they serve their client base.

    Does Axis Direct provide Demat a/c?

    Yes, a demat account is provided by Axis Direct so they can provide the service of investment for all their clients. Clients can invest in multiple financial instruments via the demat account and successfully manage them all in one place efficiently.

    What Documents are required for Axis Direct’s Demat?

    A bunch of documents go into the process of opening the demat account and they are as follows Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport-size photograph and cancelled cheque. They all serve as multiple proofs which go hand in hand with the requirements of a demat account.

    Is Aadhaar Compulsory to Open Axis Direct Demat?

    Aadhaar Card is precisely the proof of identity and nationality, which is very essential since you will deal in financial instruments and funds via a demat account. The Aadhaar Card lets you sign the declaration digitally, which is a must for the end process of account opening.

    Is PAN required for Opening Axis Direct Account?

    Yes, PAN is mandatory to open the 3 in 1 account as provided by the Axis Direct stock broking house. Also, if you wish to use another savings bank account, PAN is needed to connect the demat account to that of the bank account and also prove proof of identity.

    Do they Charge a Demat Account opening Fee?

    Yes, Axis Direct has a policy of charging an account opening charge for the demat account. So, in case you wish to opt for their demat account, you need to pay the demat account opening charge of Rs.900 for availing of the service, as per your consideration.

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