Axis Direct is a subsidiary of Axis Bank Ltd., which distributes to retail customers a wide array of financial solutions and services. A broad spectrum of lending strategies can be used for customers. It is a participant of BSE and NSE.

This article will help you determine out Axis Direct’s actual brokerage fees, trading platform, offers, etc.

Axis Direct Offers

Axis Direct Customer Ratings & Review

Axis Direct Customer Ratings & Review

About Axis Direct

Company TypePrivate
Broker TypeFull Service Broker
HeadquartersMumbai, India
FounderArun Thukral
Established Year2011

Axis Direct is the stockbroking arm of Axis Bank and was established in the year 2011 as a full-service stockbroker, by Arun Thukral. With around 75 branches across India, Axis Direct is one of the evolving stockbrokers in the offline space.

Furthermore, Axis Direct also enjoys one of the highest active clients in the stockbroking space in India.

This provider broker has NSE, BSE, MSEI, and MCX – SX subscriptions and enables its customers to trade over multiple financial segments, such as Equity, Derivative Trading, Currency Trading, IPO, NCDs, Mutual Funds, Bonds, ETFs

Axis Direct has a working client base of more than 300,000. As an Axis Bank affiliate, Axis Direct allows customers to set up a Demat 3-in-1 account that removes all the difficulties with fund transfers.

Your bank account is directly integrated into your business account with this provision, and you do not have to handle funds transfers manually as an initiator.

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    Axis Direct Brokerage Charges 

    Brokerage Charge & FeesFixed Brokerage Plan
    Equity Delivery0.50%
    Equity Intraday0.05%
    Equity Futures0.05%
    Equity OptionsIntraday: Rs 0.01 per lot | Carry Forward: Rs 10 per lot
    Currency Futures0.05%
    Currency OptionsIntraday: Rs 0.01 per lot | Carry Forward: Rs 10 per lot
    Commodity0.03% / Rs 50 per lot
    Minimum BrokeragePercentage of Transaction
    Demat AMC ChargesRs.650 per Annum
    Trading AMC ChargesFree
    Margin MoneyRs.25,000
    Brokerage CalculatorAxis Direct Brokerage Calculator

    Here are Axis Direct’s Fixed brokerage plan charges:

    • Opening and maintaining account costs, brokerage costs are relatively very high. They have recently launched Flat Brokerage Charges.
    • Brokerage for trading in Equity Delivery Segment is 0.50%.
    • Trading equity stock on Intraday is charged 0.05%.
    • Axis Direct does not provide platform to trade in the commodity.
    • Trading cash derivative in future charged 0.05% as brokerage.
    • Flat Rs.20 per trade is charged for trading in option.
    • Trading in currency brokerage as low as 0.05%.
    • Maintenance charge of demat account is Rs.650, require to pay every year, which is free for first year.
    • Maintenance charge of trading is free of cost.
    • Margin money for trading is Rs.25,000 needs to maintain.

    Axis Direct Value Added Subscription Plans

    Brokerage Charge & FeesInvestment Plus PlanNow or Never Plan
    Equity Delivery Trading0.50%0.25%
    Equity Intraday Trading0.05%0.03%
    Commodity Options TradingNANA
    Equity Futures Trading0.05%0.03%
    Equity Options TradingRs.20/ lotRs.20/ lot
    Currency Futures Trading0.05%0.03%
    Currency Options TradingRs.20/ lotRs.20/ lot
    Minimum BrokeragePercentage of TransactionPercentage of Transaction
    Demat AMC ChargesLevied as per Holding ValueLevied as per Holding Value
    Trading AMC ChargesNANA
    Complimentary Delivery Turnover (CDT)Rs.3,00,000Rs.12,00,000*
    Brokerage CalculatorAxis Direct Brokerage Calculator

    Axis Direct Investment Plus Plan

    This plan is referred to the code AP1500, and is valid for 6 months. There are certain perks you will get with this plan, which include complimentary Delivery Turnover (CDT) of Rs.3,00,000.

    The subscription fee for this plan is Rs.1500 and has a value added service of Free 1 month trade on phone service for 20 calls. 21st cal and thereafter will be charged at Rs.20 per call.

    Axis Direct Now or Never Plan

    Code reference to this plan is NN5555 which is valid for 10 years. Herein, you will have to pay Rs.5555 to avail for this value added plan. The perks are complimentary Delivery Turnover (CDT) of Rs.12,00,000*.

    As for the value added services for this plan, it is Direct trade terminal free for 6 months. You can check the table for the brokerage plans post utilization of CDT.

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    Axis Direct Charges

    Other Charges
    SEBI Turnover Charges0.00005% (₹5/Crore)
    STTEquity Delivery: 0.1% on both Buy and Sell
    Equity Intraday: 0.025% on the Sell Side
    Equity Futures: 0.01% on Sell Side
    Equity Options: 0.05% on Sell Side(on Premium)
    Commodity Futures: 0.01% on sell side (Non-Agri)
    Commodity Options: 0.05% on sell side
    Currency F&O: No STT
    On Exercise transaction: 0.125%
    Right to entitlement: 0.05% on sell side
    Stamp Duty(On buy side only) Delivery: 0.015%, Intraday: 0.003%, Equity Futures: 0.002%, Equity Options: 0.003%, and Currency F&O: 0.0001%.Commodity Futures: 0.002%, Commodity Options: 0.003% (MCX)
    GST18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge + SEBI Fee)
    Margin Funding Charges
    Reactivation ChargesRs 20 per instruction
    Account Closure ChargesNIL
    Dematerialisation ChargesRs 5/- per certificate or Rs 50/- per request, whichever is higher.
    Pledge Creation0.04% of the value of the transaction or Rs 50/- (per Instruction) whichever is higher.
    Pledge InvocationRs. 12.5 per scrip
    Margin Pledge/Unpledge/ Pledge closureRs. 15.5 per scrip
    Margin RepledgeRs. 13.5 + Rs. 13.5 (Rs. 27 per scrip)

    Axis Direct has a minimum brokerage of 0.00325% of the brokerage value of total turnover, per trade executed.

    In addition to AMC and brokerage account opening fees, axis direct customers must also pay a number of stamp duty are impose on every trade. The value depends on the state of trade, basically, it is state tax.

    • In accordance with government proposals, taxes must be paid.
    • The slabs STT and Turnover are small.
    • Monetary trading against INR in India is only allowed. It is not allowed to use cross – currency like USD — GBP. There is no Safety Transaction Taxes (STT) in the currency segment.
    • The taxing amount for STT is established by the government and is determined by the type of stock and by the selling or acquisition of the transaction. In addition to all the benefits of STT in terms of timely and transparent payment of trade instruments tax. These charges are extremely low so that no profit or loss of trade is adversely affected by them.
    • The taxation by share market trading on money is largely dependent on the purpose of equity transactions. A person may trade shares for business or investment uses. The STT imposed by the government is variable in both cases.
    • Stamp duties are charged on a single transaction method and only obtained at one location, through the stock exchange. The stamp duty so collected are contributed to all the state

    Axis Direct Other Charges

    • Pledge Services – The charge for Regular account is 0.04%/0.06% of the value of the transaction or Rs. 50/- (per instruction) whichever is higher.
    • Dematerialization Charges – Rs. 5/- per certificate or Rs.50/- per request, whichever is higher.
    • Rematerialization Charges – Rs.20/- for every 100 securities or part thereof or Rs.50/- per request, whichever is higher.
    • Credit Transactions – There are no charges levied on credit transactions whatsoever.
    • Debit Transactions – The charge here varies in the percentage of 0.04% or 0.06% of the value of the transaction or Rs.50/- (per Instruction) whichever is higher.

    Axis Direct Demat Account Opening Fees

    Demat Services
    Trading Charges [One Time]Rs 900
    Trading AMC [Yearly]Rs 0
    Demat Charges [One Time]Rs 0
    Demat AMC [Yearly]Rs 650
    Margin MoneyRs.25,000
    • Their source of the reservoir is CDSL and NSDL. They help the lowest cost of transaction. Various options for tariffs according to your preference. Monthly statement of hold and transaction. Rapid capital markets transfer lead to higher liquidity. SMS debit and credit alert facility on your demat account.
    • Account opening charges are high as Rs 900 compared to others.
    • Annual maintenance charges of demat account are Rs 650 need to may every year.
    • Maintenance of trading account is free.
    • Customers need to maintain a marginal amount. It is the amount allows traders to secure a position with only a portion of the required capital. While this can increase your profitability, it can increase your losses as well.

    Axis Direct Offers

    Free Demat AccountNo
    Free Trading AccountNo
    Discount on BrokerageNo
    Trading Happy HoursNo
    Flexible Brokerage PlansYes
    1 Month Brokerage FreeNo
    Holiday OffersNo
    Referral OffersNo
    Zero Brokerage for Loss Making TradesNo

    Axis Direct does not offer many customers attracting service as other brokers in India.

    • They do not need to offer additional service to draw customers, as they are one of the best brokers in India for their services and product for trading.
    • They offer flat brokerage plans to trade for customers. Customer gets benefit of extremely low brokerage.

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    How to open Demat Account with Axis Direct?

    There are very simple ways to open the Axis Direct account:

    1. Fill up the form by clicking on Open Demat Account button below.
    2. Enter the form by entering your name, mobile no & city.
    3. One of Axis Direct’s members will contact you for an appointment.
    4. A representative will visit you to finish other opening formalities by collecting require document.
    5. Once all process is completed your Demat account will be open in few days.

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      Why Open Axis Direct Trading Account?

      The various benefits of Opening Axis Direct Trading Account are –

      • The key offerings for Axis broker in stock market shareholders include a Unique 3-in-1 Online Trading Account including Axis Banks Saving Account, Axis Direct Trading Account and Axis Direct Demat Account.
      • Security: You can perform demat and bank balances yourself when trading in Axis Securities rather than transferring money into a broker pool or deposits. You can only afford to pay when you trade.
      • Possible to perform E-Broking House with less than 11 Lac customers.
      • Cash, IPO, bond, FD, ETF, Mutual Fund, F&O, Currency derivatives, etc. ability for trade in equities.
      • Add facilities such as relationship managers, tips and advice, technical analysis, market information, periodic reporting, training, and education.
      • Axis Direct delivers lectures, seminars, on – line workshops and expert articles that help learners to understand the basics.
      • Major benefit for Axis Direct Clients is they can now trade in Flat Brokerage of Rs.20 per Trade.

      Axis Direct Products & Services

      List of products & services provided to its clients

      Axis Direct Products:

      Equity TradingYes
      Commodity TradingNo
      Currency TradingYes
      Mutual FundsYes

      Axis Direct financial product to customers for trading.

      • Axis Direct offers a variety of financial product for their clientele.
      • Take decisions with AxisDirect faster, way smarter. Using their qualitative research, advanced tools and powerful platforms, you will able to use the strength of the stock markets.
      • They make the available product for trading in cash, derivative and MCX.
      • Currency trading is possible.
      • They provide customers with a banking option.
      • Investments in mutual funds and SIP can be made by customers.
      • Provide banking facility to the trader on one place. You can buying and selling securities via NSE Exchange in the future. In lots in Index Futures such as BANK NIFTY and Stock Futures you can purchase and sell a contract for a particular stock.
      • Take decisions with AxisDirect faster, way smarter. Using our qualitative research, advanced tools, and powerful platforms, you can able to use the strength of the stock markets.

      Axis Direct Services:

      Demat ServicesYes
      Trading ServicesYes
      3 in 1 AccountYes
      Intraday ServicesYes
      IPO ServicesYes
      Stock RecommendationsYes
      Robo AdvisoryNo
      Trading InstitutionNo
      Trading ExposureUpto 5x
      • Axis Direct offers a large range of services to the customer.
      • All Demat and trading accounts are provided to you.
      • 3 in 1 account service are offered.
      • All intraday services for trading are offered.
      • They help you to undertake trading strategies with powerful trading platforms, strong research, and the educational support you need, be it a new investment trader to trading derivatives or an experienced veteran.
      • IPO service to customers is offered.
      • They provide one of the highest marginal amounts of 5 times for trading.

      Axis Direct Research, Advisory & Stock Tips

      Research & Advisory
      Fundamental ReportsYes
      Research ReportsYes
      Company ReportsYes
      Annual ReportsYes
      Company Stock ReviewYes
      Free Stock TipsNo
      IPO ReportsYes
      Top PicksYes
      Daily Market ReviewNo
      Monthly ReportsYes
      Weekly ReportsYes
      Offline AdvisoryYes
      Relationship ManagerYes

      The Axis Direct inventory broker provides multilevel research and advice

      • So if you are seeking about long – term investments or short – term, the broker ensures that you get different tips and searches across various channels.
      • They provide reports on daily, weekly and monthly.
      • It provides customers relation manager details to every customer, so if any complexity occurs can be solved by them. They provide offline advisory.
      • Research Reports: Users do receive suggestions from equity market trading to long – term investment, based on technical analysis, recommendation, and tips to buy, sell or hold the position. They provide ideas of investment, trading, mutual fund, and SIP.
      • Fundamental Reports: In this section, users have access to comprehensive research reports covering various areas, including, allocate efficiency news, equity picks, segment – wide technical information, disclosures, derivatives, etc. This includes reports like asset reports, trading, mutual fund, segment & market reports
      • Daily Market Review: Provide market preview and financial analysis on a daily basis. Help to define market outlook and important disclosure for the market.
      • Market analysts: The broker gives customers tools to conduct own technical or basic analysis as screeners, alert engines and technical charting.
      • Top Picks: Axis Direct offers its customers more than the average accuracy in terms of research and analysis. Users are advised to analyze the suggestion of Axis Direct at the same level, but the general quality of the research is good.
      • IPO report: They provide detailed information about every stock are initial are offered publicly.
      • They provide smart, decisive scanners to help you to select stocks on parameters which are based on the thumb rules of investors, such as top winners, technical indicators, and others.
      • Their intelligent decision-making screens filter tons of scripts based on predefined, key factors on which many investors and investment professionals rely. Our techniques help you identify market opportunities based on numerous data items from our state-of – the -art database using personalized selection criteria.

      Axis Direct Exposure or Leverage

      Exposure / Leverage
      Equity Delivery1x
      Equity Intraday5x
      Equity Futures1x
      Equity Options1x
      Currency Futures1x
      Currency Options1x
      Margin CalculatorAxis Direct Margin Calculator

      With Axis Direct, customer benefits the exposure across various segments is as follows:

      Well, you will be satisfied if you are trying to get high leverage or exposure from Axis. That said, exposure is a risky notion and cannot be used unless you understand the effects and risks of exposure. Exposure for trading depends on customer reliability and investment to broker.

      • They offer 1.3x times of exposure for trading stock on holding basis.
      • Maximum exposure of 5x is provided to trade in intraday in any segment.
      • To trade in equity derivative both in future and option maximum exposure of 1 times are provided.
      • They do not provide much leverage for trading in currency as well, as it is same 1x for both future and options.
      • As for the commodity segment, it is 1x for Commodity Future but is 1x for commodity option.

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      Axis Direct Trading Platforms

      Trading Platforms
      Desktop Platform – WindowsYes
      Desktop Platform – MacYes
      Desktop Browser PlatformYes
      Mobile Site PlatformYes
      Android App PlatformYes
      iOS App PlatformYes
      Windows App PlatformNo
      Other Mobile OS PlatformNo
      Real time UpdatesYes
      Portfolio DetailsYes
      Online MF BuyYes
      News FlashYes
      Research ReportsYes
      Easy InstallationYes
      Global IndicesYes
      Stock TipsYes
      Personalized AdvisoryYes
      Interactive ChartsYes
      Live MarketsYes
      SMS AlertsYes
      Email AlertsYes
      Multi-Account ManagementYes

      The stockbroker provides its customers with multiple options for trading platforms and software. The respective platform can be selected based on the user’s preferences and trading styles.

      Lightweight application, there are no installations or uploads required for the number of features. The trading experience suits all kinds of traders be it beginners, intermediate level traders or stock market experts.

      In several segments, such as equity, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, IPOs, and so on, you can trade and invest.

      Unlimited research is offered in the app, which simplifies and accelerates the trading process, especially if you are someone who works yourself. Your extensive technical analysis can be carried out with a wide range of technical indicators and types of charts.

      In this review we will base ourselves on several fundamental aspects, as illustrated below, of these trading platforms:

      • Web trading
      • Desktop trading
      • Mobile application

      Axis Direct Swift Trade – Axis Direct Web Trading Platform

      Swift Trade is Axis Direct’s web-based trading platform, which requires no download or installation. You only have to obtain and begin trading on a specific link. They provide automatically refreshed live streaming quotes. The platform includes some features:

      • Multiple watch market alongside customized filter, build across portals to quickly locate your needs.
      • Research ideas and tips available.
      • Screen and dashboard personalization possible using cards.
      • Keyboard shortcuts for quick order placements and other features.
      • Funtastic Learning provided by means of quizzes, webinars, videos and more.
      • As far as the number of characteristics discussed earlier is concerned, It is a pretty exhaustive application. In recent times, stock dealers focused heavily on their terminal software.

      Axis Direct Trade – Axis Direct Trading Terminal

      Axis Direct is a trading platform terminal portal that needs downloading and installation on your computer or laptop. That allows the customer to trade from anywhere for full flexibility and portability. The following features are loaded:

      • Search bar to quickly find the specifics the customer is looking for the live streaming market rates, latest news, market reports, indices information, currency rates, etc.
      • Easier navigation and operation uncluttered user interface
      • Trading tutorials and videos are available to guide beginners.
      • User preferences alerts and instant updates on trade confirmations, order status, open positions, MTM or more.
      • Chart with the highly developed analytical tool available alongside shortcut quick access keys.
      • Easy to use navigation, heat map, technical screener, web charting, multiple market watch, MF order placement, quick order placement.
      • Stock investors are also able to make quick decisions on their trade, respectively, through technical and basic research. It’s a trading website that gives full investment control.

      Axis Direct Mobile Trading App

      One of the leading mobile trade applications in India, Axis Direct Mobile App. The following features are provided:

      • One-time registration process with 2 easy steps.
      • Portfolio tracking online anytime from anywhere.
      • Real-time viewing of stock update and quote.
      • Customers can make multiple streaming personalization watchlists
      • Minute by minute, intraday charts
      • Stock trade can be performed off during non-trading hours
      • Strategy option available to establish yourself.
      • The application display can be customized by users, alongside an option of adding favourites.
      • With terminal locking feature highly secure.

      Axis Direct Customer Support

      Customer Support
      Dedicated DealerYes
      Offline TradingYes
      Online TradingYes
      24*7 SupportYes
      Email SupportYes
      Chat SupportNo
      Toll-Free Number1800 210 0808
      • As a full-service provider based on a bank, Axis Direct offers its customers the following methods of support:
      • Furthermore, customers expect quite high turnaround times, reaction & refresh rate reliability, support managers ‘ skills, etc. On the other hand, Axis Direct also offers decent service. You can trust customer service.
      • Whether it’s offline support via telephone, subsidiaries or online aid through a web form, social networking or email, the delivery time is quick.
      • Trading support is provided for online and offline trading.
      • Customers can contact the toll-free number at any time of any solution.
      • There are all over 186 branches, customer can visit any time directly.

      Axis Direct Complaints & Feedback

      Find the list of total complaints lodged & resolved at both the exchanges.

      Complaints (Current Year)
      Lodged in BSE129
      Resolved in BSE115
      Lodged in NSE189
      Resolved in NSE165

      Customers should always be aware of the number of complaint lodged against a broker and how many are resolved.

      • Last year total 129 numbers of complaints were lodge in BSE and among them, 115 cases were resolved.
      • In NSE board total 189 numbers of complaints were lodged and among them, 165 cases were resolved.

      Axis Direct Disadvantages

      • High costs for brokerage, open accounts and even yearly maintenance fees
      • Very low exposure margin are offered.
      • Customers need to pay fees monthly for trading platform but web and cellular apps are free.
      • No trade provision for the product segment.

      Axis Direct Conclusion

      Axis Direct is a full-service broker with heavy charges, whether it is an account or brokerage, so depth pocket users are definitely able to consider using their services.

      It also offers rational user service and good research. Because it is supported by a stockbroker depending on a bank, there is a certain component of respect that organically increases its reputation.

      Therefore, in a way, the broker is ideal for customers who pay high fees and seek decent research. This can be also be provided by a discount stockbroker and a consulting service that can do a lot more exact research than a broker.

      This is an economy and can lead to higher returns on your investment. The rest is at the user’s request.

      Axis Direct Review FAQs

      Ques – Is Axis Direct safe for trading?

      Answer – Yes, this brand has a high customer base, and has been a potential market player since a long time and hence, you can indeed trust this brand. They have a reach in the banking industry as well, and are known to provide quality services and products.

      Ques – What is the brokerage of Axis Direct?

      Answer – The brokerage rate provided to you by this stock broker ranges. The final rate will be agreed upon opening the demat account. You can choose from the three plans this stock broker provides and brokerage charges will therefore be levied as per the specified plan.

      Ques – How to open Axis Direct demat online?

      Answer – The process is actually pretty seamless and we let you begin from this page. Click on “Open Demat Account” button, and when you see the form, enter in the details as asked. Next process is the KYC process for verification, a representative will guide you accordingly.

      Ques – Can I invest in IPO via Axis Direct?

      Answer – Yes, you can definitely invest in IPO via this stock broker. They provide the IPO forms in their official website and you can also do so physically from the company’s branches. But you need to understand the terms and conditions precisely if you wish to go through the process.

      Ques – What Leverage does Axis Direct provide?

      Answer – Highest of leverage is extended to the Intraday segment, which allows as much as 6x exposure. Other stats are 1.3x leverage for delivery trading, futures and option. The rate for the commodity segment is 1x for Commodity Future and 1x for Commodity Options.

      Ques – Does Axis Direct have trading App?

      Answer – Yes, this stock broker allows for trading via mobile application, which is the most demanded medium in the smartphone era that we live. They have taken good care of the present technology needs of the investors and provide the mobile app for trading on the go.

      Ques – How to contact Axis Direct customer care?

      Answer – Excluding the chat support, you can opt for any other ways of contacting the customer care. So, the options you can choose from are the offline and online medium. For the online mediums you have the email support and all an assistance of helpline numbers.

      Ques – Does Axis Direct provide Research?

      Answer – Yes, research and advisory services are included in the list of benefits the clients of Axis Direct will enjoy. You can rely on them for your investment needs, and choose to take assistance from their stock market tips and research data.

      Ques – Is Axis Direct good for Beginners?

      Answer – Yes, this app can result into a good start for the investors who wish to get started with investing in stock market. it is because they provide the assistance of recommendation and tips, which helps a beginner make fruitful investment decisions.

      Ques – Who Founded Axis Direct?

      Answer – This is a flagship brand under Axis Securities Limited, and this is a subsidiary of Axis bank. This firm is headed by a group of professionals and the present CEO of this stock broking house is Anand Shaha.

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