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Alice Blue ANT Web or Alice Blue Web Trading Platform is one of the revolutionary online trading platforms that you will find in recent times.

It has an abundance of trading and analytical features which helps in the process of trading and especially helps you trade without any barrier.

In the article below that you are going to read will detail about all those features and the various advantages of using his platform from Alice Blue Online for making your trading experience fruitful.

The Alice Blue Online Trading Platform review will help you understand the platform better and will also assist and guide you about setting up and using the platform.

Alice Blue Online Offers

Alice Blue ANT Web Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Alice Blue ANT Web Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.1/10
Usability 6.7/10
Features 6.9/10
Speed 6.8/10
Performance 6.9/10
Overall Ratings 6.8/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Alice Blue Online ANT Web

ANT Web which is the Alice Blue browser-based Trading Platform offers share trading, commodities and all other assets that you can trade. It is accessible on Linux, Windows, and Mac as well.

For using this platform you are not required to download anything, you just have to use a good compatible browser like Chrome or IE, Firefox and others and the platform will run smoothly.

With a stable internet connection, this platform works very fast and it quite responsive because of its advanced interface.

It is a fully customizable trading platform offered by Alice Blue with various features which will be discussed below. It is an intuitive platform which helps the traders to secure the best opportunities at the market and making their trades profitable.

You get advanced analytical tools and other charting options to make your trade full-proof. They are integrated with the real time market and thus provides you the latest update which you can track anytime and trade accordingly.

Alice Blue is a brokerage house that is famous for its various trading platforms and the kind of features they offer in them and ANT WEB is one of the most important platforms they have.

The broker not only charges very nominal brokerage charges but offers various latest advanced technology for the benefit of the clients in their trading via this trading platform.

Now let us dig little deeper in the Alice Blue Web Trading Platform and find out its various features and advantages.

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    Alice Blue Web Trading Platform Features

    Top features of Alice Blue Online Trading Platform are provided below

    One of the fastest browser-based trading platform

    It is one of the most responsive online trading platforms that you will find in the market at present. There are no interruptions which block your way for the profitable trades.

    The platform is ultralight which makes it much faster but it doesn’t compromise on the quality of the trades and have ample of features as well. The superfast platform allows you to trade easily and smoothly.

    Personalized Strategies

    If you are looking for a platform where there are strategies in-built but you can customize them and use them on your trades easily then Alice Blue Web Trading Platform – ANT WEB is the platform for your need.

    It has customized trading strategies which you can alter as per your need and then apply them on your trades. It helps you save your time and at the same time offers personalized trading experience.

    Analytical Tools

    The chartings and the other technical indicators are in abundance on this platform and there are different types of charts that are available with real-time data integration.

    This helps you to do your analysis using the real-time data and you can also use the indicators for predicting the price movements. The platform not only offers tools for technical analysis but also for fundamental analysis as well.

    There are historical data of market available on this platform of many years which are required for the fundamental analysis.

    Monitoring with ANT WEB is quite easy

    If you are thinking that how you can monitor your trades and the market if you are not at the front of the terminal then you need not worry. You can use this platform on any device, be it laptop or mobile and also on the desktop.

    The online trading platform offers multiple market watch feature with abundance of charts and you can check the order book anytime to see your holdings and the positions you have taken.

    Customer Care

    The customer care service of the Alice Blue brokerage house is readily available via this web platform. While trading, if you face any issue, you can directly contact the customer care executives. They have one of the best customer services in the market and they are available for your assistance round the clock.

    Market Watch

    It is obviously there but there is not a single market watch that you can create, rather you can create different market watch for different asset classes and track them simultaneously.

    It helps you track all the segments at one time and also gives you a wider horizon for trading. These are integrated with the live market as well.

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    How to Set-up Alice Blue ANT Web?

    For setting up the Alice Blue Web Trading Platform

    • Open Demat account with Alice Blue and that you can do from this article only (discussed below).
    • Once you have your login ID and password, you can log on to the Alice Blue website, and you can log on to the trading platform as well.
    • Once you log in, the first thing you will have to do is to customize the market watch which is already present and create the new ones as you want.
    • For selecting the scrips, you just have to type the name of the company or the company code and the drop-down menu will appear, choose the company scrip which you want to track and that will be added to the market watch. Similarly, if you want to remove any scrip, then you have to select it and remove it using the relevant options.
    • Now, placing an order with the ANT WEB is really easy as you can just click on the scrip you want to trade, there will be buying and selling options. Click on the options that you want to select and you can place your orders easily.
    • You can set the charts that you want to use for the analysis purpose and there are other analytical tools that also you can use for the same.

    How to Own Alice Blue Web Trading Platform?

    It is very simple to own Alice Blue Online Trading Platform – ANT WEB and the process starts with –

    • Opening Demat and trading account with Alice Blue. For the same, you have to click on the button here on the article which says ‘open Demat account’. You will see a pop-up form on the screen. Fill the form and submit.
    • Once you submit, you will be redirected to a webpage where you have to submit the documents that you are required to upload for the verification purpose. The firm generally asks for PAN, AADHAAR, Address proof, Bank statement, and some other documents.
    • Once you submit the documents, you will receive a call from the Alice Blue executives and they will help you complete the process of application.
    • Once your application and documents are verified, then you will be able to login to the website and use the platform and this is how you own the Alice Blue Web Trading Platform – ANT WEB.

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    Advantages of Alice Blue Online Trading Platform

    • Superfast and responsive trading platform
    • The abundance of charts, technical indicators, and other technical analysis tools helps you take your trading decision wisely
    • There are companies’ historical data of years which helps the traders do their own fundamental analysis
    • The firm charges no money on the ANT WEB and it is completely free to use
    • There are no time lags
    • You can customize the market watch list, charts and other features of the platform as per your need
    • You can get in touch with the customer care executives for any problems you face on the platform
    • Tracking your trades and the stocks you want to trade is super easy on ANT WEB

    Alice Blue ANT Web – Conclusion

    Alice Blue ANT Web or Alice Blue Web Trading Platform is an excellent online trading platform. It provides all kind of trading and charting and analysis features. The platform has a responsive interface which helps the traders’ trade smoothly without any time lags.

    The advanced trading strategies helps the clients to trade profitably. There are multiple market watch list features for tracking the market continuously.

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