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Alice Blue Demat Account has become a game-changer recently. It presents some brilliant trading tools and services.

In fact, they take care of service quality including the Alice Blue Online Demat Account, rather seriously. They’re a Bangalore-based full-service financial brokerage house.

They have a plethora of internally developed tools to offer. And, these tools are regularly tested and perfected. At present, they offer 5 different trading platforms. And, these platforms are specific to functional and usage capabilities.

Anyway, our concern within this article will solely be the Demat Account and Alice Blue Trading Account. So, we’ll tell you why you must have these accounts.

We’ll tell you how you may get yourself registered for them. And, we’ll even tell you about the charges incurred by the investor for various services they are provided.

Alice Blue Online Offers


Alice Blue Demat Account

We strongly recommend you to get an Alice Blue Demat Account. And, we do so after commencing a lot of research. In fact, the account is nothing less than a fan favorite.

And, the reasons behind this tremendous feat are:

  • The company is a reputed member of the BSE, MSE and MCX. These exchanges have most of the stocks within the Indian markets registered to them. And, you can trade across all of them, thanks to Alice Blue.
  • Alice Blue offers 2-in-1 accounts to their clients. This means that the customers can have seamless transactions of shares.
  • Alice Blue is a depository participant of CDSL. It allows its customers to easily transact the required funds to the company.
  • Alice Blue Demat Accounts are free to open. The company does not charge a single penny for the registration process.
  • Alice Blue offers lifetime maintenance for the demat accounts. And, they offer this without rendering any additional charge.
  • There is a specific service called the BSDA available for use. This is even known as Basic Service Demat Account. It allows to hold a value of up to 50,000 INR.
  • The account can be used to trade online across Mutual Funds, Equity, Insurances and Corporate FDs.
  • The company grants research-based analysis to all their customers. And, they provide this without any additional cost.
  • The company grants their customers a dedicated relationship manager.
  • The company allows the ability to freeze the Demat Account at their will. This entire procedure is even hassle-free and swift.

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    How to Open an Alice Blue Demat Account?

    There is a very easy process to help you open Alice Blue Demat Account. And, we’ve mentioned all the steps you must take, in order to get yourself registered with ease.

    So, just follow in the process as it’s mentioned:

    1. You’ll be able to locate a button at the bottom. The button will specifically state ‘Open Demat Account’. You must click on that button to initiate the process.
    2. Once you click on that button, a pop-up form will appear. You must fill up this form.
    3. Once you’ve done reading the form, the next step will be to fill in the details. You must fill all the areas with a mandatory star mark on them. And, you must provide only verifiable details within the form, so the executive can call you and share an EKYC link with you.
    4. Once you fill-up the form with the Aadhaar Number, PAN number and date of birth, you must submit it. It can be easily done by clicking on the submit button.
    5. This time you should enter the bank details, i.e. the Account Number and the IFSC code.
    6. You must even submit certain documents for completing the KYC process, in scanned form. Like Aadhaar, PAN & Cancelled cheque.
    7. The next step for you will be to sign it digitally through Aadhaar or in person. You’ll receive a call from one of the representatives of the company. This call will help you through any further formalities. And, it’ll even help you finalize the registration process.
    8. You may expect to gain access to your Demat Account after a few hours of the call.

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    Alice Blue Demat Account Charges

    Alice Blue Demat Charges
    Trading Charges [One Time] Rs 0 (Free)
    Trading AMC [Yearly] Rs 0
    Demat Charges [One Time] Rs 0
    Demat AMC [Yearly] Rs 400
    Margin Required Zero Margin
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    Alice Blue Demat Account charges in terms of AMC is discussed further.

    The company even does not have a specific margin money requirement. This means that the new traders can have a zero balance. And, this is indeed very helpful for the first-timers.

    The customers may even opt out for dematerialization. Alice Blue is a depository participant of CDSL. This allows the customers to avail of hassle-free deposits of all the required amounts.

    Alice Blue AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    The annual maintenance charges or AMC is a recurring process incurred by all Financial Service Providers. And, Alice Blue AMC is no exception.

    It charges a sum of Rs.400 per annum in terms of Demat Account AMC. However, the company has no AMC for a trading account. The Demat Account AMC is incurred irrespective of the number of transactions.

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    Alice Blue Trading Account

    The Alice Blue Trading Account comes integrated with the Demat Account. This is because the company grants a 2-in-1 account. The Trading Account even comes with a lot more benefits.

    And, we’ve enlisted them all underneath:

    • It acts as a depository participant for CDSL. This enables the traders to have ease of transactions. This even helps the traders to deposit all the required funds hassle-free.
    • The Trading Account comes integrated with many versatile tools. These tools enable the traders to easily identify, acquire and trade desired stocks.
    • The Trading Account comes even integrated with several platforms of the company. This allows easy maintenance and monitoring of all the stocks held by the customers.
    • The company incurs zero AMC for Trading Account. This enables the customers to execute unlimited trades without paying even a single penny.
    • Alice Blue has a pan-India presence. In fact, the customers can visit more than 15 branches located across the country for one-on-one assistance.

    Alice Blue Demat Account – Conclusion

    The Alice Blue Demat Account is a beneficial deal overall. The brokerage charges incurred by the company are relatively low. This helps the customers to acquire more profits without sharing much of it.

    Moreover, the overall account opening process is hassle-free. And, the best part of all is that the company grants a 2-in-1 account to the customers.

    This enables the customers to easily transact the stocks to and fro from the Demat and Trading Accounts.

    Alice Blue Demat Account FAQs

    Ques – How can I open Alice Blue Demat Account?

    Answer – For the first step, you have to click on the button of “Open Demat Account” as seen in this article. Click on it and then fill the quick pop-up form you see in the article and then click on submit. You will then be redirected to the KYC process, followed by the verification process.

    Ques – Is Alice Blue Demat Free?

    Answer – No, the demat account is not provided to the investors free of cost, and there are 2 charges related to it. If you wish to opt for the Alice Blue demat account, you have to pay the account opening charge and the account maintenance charge, i.e. AMC.

    Ques – What is Alice Blue Demat Charges?

    Answer – There are reportedly 2 charges taken by the stock broker. The first charge payable is the account opening charge of Equity Rs 310 | MCX Rs 200 | Rs 500 All segments, a tiny amount indeed. For the second charge, we have the account maintenance charge of Rs.400 per annum, yet another petty charge.

    Ques – Is AMC levied on Alice Blue Demat?

    Answer – Yes, AMC is part of all the total charges that Alice Blue takes from its clients. The clients are obligated to pay the AMC of Rs.400 per annum for account maintenance. This charge has to be paid once every year and does not account to a huge amount.

    Ques – Is Alice Blue’s Demat Account best?

    Answer – Yes, this stockbroker provides one of the best Demat account services to its clients. You can expect to invest in a bundle of financial securities through this account and do so in the most cost-effective manner. The charges are not high, which is a perk for the account holder.

    Ques – Does Alice Blue provide Demat a/c?

    Answer – Yes, demat account is one of the prime services that this stock broker provides. This is the major product, which facilitates all the other financial products, as you can only trade in equities, currencies and more via the demat account and a trading account.

    Ques – What Documents required for Alice Blue’s Demat?

    Answer – A set of documents come handy in case you wish to open the demat account with this stock broker. They are the basic documents of identity and financial status, and comprise of Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport size photograph and cancelled cheque.

    Ques – Is Aadhaar Compulsory to Open Alice Blue Demat?

    Answer – Yes, Aadhaar Card is indeed a compulsory requirement. This document is required so you can prove your identity via it and trade in a seamless manner. Also, the KYC process can be validated by digital signature, which can be done through the Aadhaar Card.

    Ques – Is PAN required for Opening Alice Blue Account?

    Answer – Yes, PAN card is must and you must have it handy in case you wish to face no issues. You need to provide a proof of your financial stature and PAN card does the same. On the other hand, it also lets you link your bank account to your demat account.

    Ques – Do they Charge Demat Account opening Fee?

    Answer – Account opening charge of Equity Rs 310 | MCX Rs 200 | Rs 500 All segments must be paid at the time of opening an account. This is a one time payment and does not really take up a major portion of the wealth that traders have in store or have created on account of investments

    Open Alice Blue Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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