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Alice Blue Trading Terminal is known as Alice Blue ANT Meta and it is one of the most technologically advanced trading platforms in the form of trading terminal that you will see in the market.

The stock brokerage firm Alice Blue is renowned for its investment in technology and the offerings to the customers in the form of various advanced technology-based trading products to facilitate the clients in their trading.

In this article, you will find the different features of the Alice Blue Trading Terminal – ANT Meta and the way you can own and set it up. There are many advantages of using this platform as your desktop trading terminal which will be discussed below in this article as well.

Alice Blue Online Offers

Alice Blue Trading Terminal Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Alice Blue Trading Terminal Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.8/10
Usability 6.7/10
Features 6.6/10
Speed 6.7/10
Performance 6.6/10
Overall Ratings 6.6/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Alice Blue ANT Meta

Alice Blue is quite popular among the traders and its clients because of its variety of trading platforms and other technology-based services it offers.

The Alice Blue Trading Terminal – ANT Meta is one of the most responsive and intuitive trading platforms that you will see in the market at present.

The firm has incorporated various features like charts, alerts, historical data, variety of orders and many other important and crucial features in this terminal software to make it appropriate for any day-trader as well as other traders.

ANT is a particular segment by Alice Blue that takes cares of the trading technologies and the platforms the users get to use. Under this, there are various platform and ANT Meta is the most powerful of all.

The platform offers trading strategies, customer support directly from the platform and many such options are there which we will discuss in the later segment of this article.

If you are looking for a powerful and efficient trading terminal software then Alice Blue’s trading terminal – ANT Meta must come with the top three terminal software on your list.

It needs to be downloaded and installed on your desktop and the process is quite easy and then you have to set it up which will also be discussed in the article below. Let us first see the various features of the Alice Blue Trading Terminal – ANT Meta.

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    Alice Blue Trading Terminal – Top Features

    Here are the Top Features of Alice Blue Terminal –

    Responsive Interface

    The ANT Meta being a trading terminal software needs to be superfast for executing the trades at the real-time so that the trades can trade at the desired price, and this platform is exactly that fast to capture the market price when the order is placed.

    The responsive interface and the exceptional technology behind the terminal software makes it this fast and this helps the traders to a great extent.

    In this market, it is very crucial to execute the trades at the right price and a difference of a few seconds can lead to losses. So, with this platform you can avoid those losses and trade at your desired prices.

    Technical analysis tools

    You get all kinds of charts whether line, bars, candlesticks or others on this platform. The charts are well integrated with the market and thus you can track the price of the stocks on the chart at real-time basis.

    You can place your order directly from there when you are tracking and analyzing those charts. This helps you not to lose any time and thus makes your trading smoother and more profitable.

    Fundamental analysis tools

    The fundamental research resources are not always available on all the trading terminals but Alice Blue Trading Terminal has it all.

    If you want to analyze the stock’s historical performance and the fundamentals, then you have all the historical data and information and the reports available on this platform.

    Trading Strategies

    Options trading strategies and other strategies are inbuilt in this platform and you can customize them as per your trading requirements.

    This helps you to understand the strategies better and use it as per your need. You can execute those strategies really fast and this helps in securing your trading price.

    Tracking is smooth with ANT Meta

    On this trading terminal, you can easily track various indices, create a market watch for different segments and monitor them simultaneously.

    There are various options which help you in tracking the stocks on a single screen and there are even charts on this screen that you need for the analysis.

    Watch List

    There is multiple watch list feature and you can create them within few minutes. There are many stocks that you can add to one market watch list and thus you can add and remove and again add different scrips as your trading views changes with the market.

    Customer Care support

    If you need any kind of assistance from the customer support team, you can directly get in touch with them via the ANT Meta platform. They are there to help you 24/7 which is an added advantage.

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    How to Set-up Alice Blue ANT Meta?

    Setting up Alice Blue Trading Terminal is pretty simple and you have to start with –

    1. Opening the Alice Blue Demat account. For opening Demat account you have to refer to the next section in this article where you will get the detail process of the same.
    2. Once you have your Account login details, login to the Alice Blue site and go to https://www.aliceblueonline.com/ant/#antMeta. Here you will get the download link for the ANT Meta platform. Click on the download option and once the file gets downloaded on your desktop, you have to install the same on it.
    3. After installing, open the terminal software, you will see the dashboard, here you have to create the market watch lists.
    4. For creating the watch list, you have to add scrips and for that, you have to search the scrips you want to add. It is simple to find the scrips, you have to type the name of the company or the stock market name of the share and then search. You will get the scrip and then there will be option to add the same.
    5. Similarly, you can place buy and sell orders by clicking on the scrips you want to trade.

    How to Own Alice Blue ANT Meta?

    For owning the Alice Blue ANT Meta you have to create Alice Blue Demat and trading account –

    1. For opening account with Alice Blue, you do not need go anywhere else as you can just click on this “open Demat account” button and then a form will pop up.
    2. Fill the pop-up form and submit with the necessary details.
    3. Then you have to upload certain documents which are required for the verification purpose.
    4. Once the uploading of documents gets over, the executives from Alice Blue will call to verify your details.
    5. If all your details and documents are correct and verified, then your application will be accepted and your login details will be mailed to your email id registered with them.
    6. Once you have your login details, you can follow the steps mentioned in the above section of this article to download the Alice Blue Trading Terminal and set it up and start using it.

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    Advantages of Alice Blue Trading Terminal

    The advantages of using the Alice Blue Trading Terminal – ANT Meta are –

    • There is hardly any time lag between placing the order and the execution of the same. The smooth and the responsive terminal software helps in faster execution of the orders and this helps in securing better price at the market.
    • There are various trading strategies which are on the platform and you can personalize them as per your choice. All you have to do is to input your own prices and values and use those strategies for your trading purpose.
    • The terminal software is full of technical charts, indicators and other tools for analysis. There are advanced charts which are not always found on the terminal software of others and this helps in your analysis.
    • You get historical data and information of the companies and the stocks which helps in fundamental analysis of the stocks as well.
    • There are alerts and notification options for keeping you updated about the market movements and price changes always.

    Alice Blue ANT Meta – Conclusion

    The Alice Blue Trading Terminal – ANT Meta is undoubtedly one of the best trading terminal software that is present in the market right now.

    It has all the features that you need and maybe a little more than what you need. So, it is wise to open account with Alice Blue via this article and use their advanced trading platform to make your trading experience smoother.

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