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KR Choksey is one of India’s oldest full service brokerage firms, providing KR Choksey Intraday Trading across the country.

The brokerage house was established in the year 1979 under the guidance of Kishanbhai R Choksey. The company was incorporated with the Mumbai MCA. And, it’s always had its headquarters in Mumbai ever since.

Kr Choksey offers

Currently, it has more than 120 branhes around the country. Moreover, it even has membership licenses with major exchanges in India BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX.

It’s provided numerous integrated financial solutions over the years. And, that’s one of the biggest reasons for people to trust it so much. There’s a lot that can be said about the company.

However, we prefer to refrain ourselves from doing so. And, we do in order to protect the real objective of this article. This article is about describing a specific service offered by the company i.e. the KR Choksey Intraday Trading.

We’ll lay down details about the benefits included within this service, the charges involved to commence Intraday Trade with the company and how to initiate KR Choksey Intrady trading.

KR Choksey Intraday Trading & Benefits

Intraday Trading requires extreme agility from the traders. In fact, the pre and post trade analytical processes play a vital role as well. Pertaining to this fact, most traders tend not to get involved in it.

However, this trading technique even grants higher returns than usual. And, the returns can be realized within a rather short span of time. Thus, to raise awareness about it, most brokerage houses grant many perks to the traders.

In fact, the overall trading process even brings a lot of profits to the firms as well. Anyway, for the time being, we’ve enlisted the benefits that can be enjoyed by the traders. And, we’ll refer only in terms of KR Choksey Intraday Trading.

So, go ahead and give it a look:

  • The company has more than 120 branches spread across the nation. This helps to provide offline advisory to the customers with ease.
  • Their customers gain access to a heightened trade margin. In fact, the company grants a trade margin of 6x to all clients. And, it’s granted without any prejudice.
  • KR Chosey offers a plethora of trading platforms. These include a third party trading terminal, a web based platform and a bole app. Moreover, the web based and mobile app based platforms come with extended compatibility. This means that these can be accessed through both Windows and iOS operating systems.
  • Their trading platforms are enforced with fundamental and advanced trading tools. And, to increase the efficiency of the traders, the company even grants multiple analytical reports. These include KR Choksey Intraday Tips, Free Stock Tips, Annual Reports, Daily Market Review and more.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in KR Choksey?

    We’ve already mentioned the perks associated with KR Choksey Intraday Trading. Now, it’s time to introduce you to the process to commence Intrday Trading in KR Choksey.

    So, all we need you to do is follow in the steps as mentioned below:

    1. The very first step in this process is rather simple. However, this one marks the fundamental requirements for the entire process. All you need for this is a Trading Account with KR Choksey. Nonetheless, there’s nothing to worry if you do not have one. All you need is to go through some of our other articles.
    2. In case, you have a trading account, you’re already half way through the process. The next step in that scenario will be to access the account. Use the login credentials specific to the account. However, we’d suggest that you change the company granted password after the first successful login. This ensures that your account stays out of potential threat.
    3. The third step after logging in to the account is to determine the stocks to trade in. You may take help from the company’s list of top picks for this. You may even refer to the live scrip movements across their trading platforms. Once, you have your stocks for the day, create a watchlist. This will help you to segregate the selected stocks. And, it’ll be easier for you to track their performance this way.
    4. The final step in the process is obviously to trade. You must go to the ‘Buy / Sell’ area within the trading profile of your account. And, you must select the ‘Day / Intraday Trading’ option to initiate your trade.

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    KR Choksey Intraday Charges

    KR Choksey Intraday brokerage is charged at a fixed 0.02% rate. It is kept simple and transparent. In fact, KR Choksey Intraday charges are always presented in a broken down format.

    This helps the customers to keep track of the taxes they pay. And, it even helps in generating trust in the clients. Anyway, here’s the list of all the taxes involved in it:

    • Stamp A state dependent tax of minimum concern.
    • GST, incurred according to government policies.
    • SEBI Turnover Charge. This is imposed as per SEBI’s requirements.
    • Transaction charge, as incurred on the total amount of transaction made.
    • Securities Transaction Tax also known as STT. A government regulated tax amount incurred over the transaction value.
    • Brokerage charge. This is basically the commission charged by the brokerage firm itself.
    KR Choksey Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge 0.02%
    Intraday Brokerage Calculator KR Choksey Brokerage Calculator

    In order to simplify things, we can create a hypothesis. Let’s assume that you determine to trade in a company with unit share value worth Rs.1,000. You get yourself a total of 100 shares. And, within sometime, the units share value increases due to a positive surge.

    The upsurge grants the shares a value of Rs.1,050 each. Thus, the holding you bought for Rs.1,00,000 sells at a value of Rs. 1,05,000. Therefore, you might assume your profits to be worth Rs.5,000.

    However, considering that you commence the trade from Delhi, you must payy of Rs.86.582 as the overall brokerage. Thus, your net profit will limit to Rs.4,913.418. KR Choksey Intraday charges, however, are limited to 0.02% of the trade transaction value.

    KR Choksey Intraday Margin

    Considering the complexities involved in Intraday Trading, the brokerage houses grant many benefits. However, none is better than the leverage they grant on trading. The industry average for this service ranges from 5x to 20x.

    KR Choksey Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin Funding Upto 6X
    Intraday Margin Calculator KR Choksey Margin Calculator

    KR choksey Intraday margin, however, is granted at a rate of 6x. The service is dependent on the accout holders’ credit, nonetheless. Anyway, it simply means that the traders may enjoy buying 6 time more share at a time than they can afford.

    However, the additional amount required to buy the shares is to be paid back with prior interest. Having said that, KR Choksey Intraday limits prove to be of great utility.

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    KR Choksey Trading – Types

    KR Choksey Trading grants several trading platforms to the customers. However, they all can be categorized into two major types. KR Choksey Online Trading and Offline Trading facilities.

    The customers can choose to opt any of the two. And, both come free along with the Trading account of the company. In fact, all the online trading platforms of the company are highly praised.

    KR Choksey Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    We believe opting for KR Choksey Intraday Trading is a good move. And, we say so because of all the services they grant. Moreover, they have a hassle free registration process. In short, there is nothing more you can ask for.

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