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Narnolia offers various trading platform to the traders. Some of the trading platforms offered by Narnolia are Narnolia Tejas I Web, Narnolia Mobile App, Narnolia Tejas EXE.

Among them, Narnolia Web Trading Platform is renowned as Narnolia Tejas-I for web. It is a simple and smart online trading platform developed by Narnolia financial advisors Ltd.

This article will discuss about Narnolia Tejas I web, its advantages, its set-up process and & ho you can own this platfom.

Narnolia offers

Narnolia Tejas I Web Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Narnolia Tejas I Web Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.2/10
Usability 6.4/10
Features 6.6/10
Speed 6.1/10
Performance 6.5/10
Overall Ratings 6.3/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Narnolia Tejas I Web

Trading is not as easy or not difficulty. But the Narnolia Online Trading Platform makes the trading easy and hassle-free. It just requires unique skills of the traders and Narnolia helps the traders to develop these unique skills by offering them excellent experience of their trading platform.

Traders are not compelled to download any software in case of  Narnolia web trading platform as it can be simply operated by the link given on website

It is a smart and simple online trading platform developed by Narnolia Financial Advisors Ltd.It enables the users to trade online on our trading website with hassle-free trading experience.

Narnolia web trading platform is comprehensively secured with 256 bit encryption. Traders can examine the market overview through Heatmap. Traders can analyze through FNO strategy and market scanners.

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    Narnolia Online Trading Platform – Top Features

    Here you can see the detail of the features of Narnolia web trading platform delivered to investors the traders.

    • A high end platform that enables you to analyze and execute simple and complicated transaction across various products such as equity, futures, options commodities and currency
    • Easy and user-friendly online trading platform
    • The trading platform is highly secured with 256 bit encryption
    • Market overview is given with heatmap
    • Analytics with FNO strategy and Market scanners
    • It enables the users to trade online through their trading website with hassle-free trading experience
    • Traders can execute their trade without installing the software

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    How to Set-up Narnolia Tejas I Platform?

    1. You are requested to open your demat account form by clicking on this link
    2. Your login id will be facilitated to you, once you will open your demat account form
    3. Market Watch option will be displayed on the screens, as you will login your details
    4. Among various option, choose the name of the company shares you want your trading to be done
    5. After selecting the type of shares, you will get the option to add the shares selected earlier. Click on add the shares option share add your shares.
    6. As you will add the shares, you will get an option like buy share , sale share and charts of shares
    7. If you wish to purchase the shares, then click on buy shares and add the quantity of shares you wants to purchase and after mentioning the quantity click on submit button
    8. Your profile picture can also be added in your demat account form
    9. Your holdings cans be examined under the Portfolio Section
    10. In order to examine all the charts available for analysis, choose the chart option
    11. You will be able to view present notifications in the notification window

    How to own Narnolia Tejas I Web Trading Platform?

    The Narnolia web trading platform can be owned by opening demat account with Narnlolia. So for openings demat account with Narnolia, few documents will be needed to the investors to submit the Narnolia.

    Following few documents will be needed:-

    • Passport size photograph
    • Age proof
    • Address proof
    • DOB proof

    Here is the procedure to open demat account with Narnolia

    1. Click on the lead form given below
    2. As you will click on the lead form, demat account form will be opened. Mention the details asked in the form
    3. The details mentioned in the demat account opening form will be verified by company executive
    4. After verifying the details, you will be asked to submit the documents mentioned above
    5. Now again your documents will be verified by the company sales representative
    6. After verification of documents., you will be given login id
    7. Enter the login id and activate your account.

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    Advantages of Narnolia Tejas I Web

    Here are the details of the advantages of the Narnolia web trading platform:-

    • It is smooth and user-friendly to operate. So the users can operate comfortably
    • It is highly secured with 256 bit encryption
    • can be operated even without installing any software, It is a time consuming as not software has to be downloaded.
    • It is robust functionally trading platform
    • offers hassle-free trading experience to the customers
    • It can be operated easily.
    • Each and every products offered by the company can be traded through the web trading platform offered by the company.
    • Traders can effortlessly book their profit with this trading platform

    Narnolia Web Trading Platform – Conclusion

    Narnolia Tejas-I for web is hassle-free and easy to operate. It retains all the features which are available in other trading platforms. It is quite simple and can operate effortlessly.

    Traders can analyze their stock through FNO strategy and market scanners. It is fully secured with 256 bit encryption.

    So the traders looking for the trading platform which is robust functionally and fully secured with 256 bit encryption can chose to operate Narnolia Tejas-I for web.

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