Integrated Enterprises Review, Brokerage Charges, Demat A/C & more

Integrated Enterprises (India) Private Limited or simply Integrated Securities, is amongst one of the most reputed full service brokerage houses in India that serves across a plethora of financial services.

This particular article, is meant to review the firm on the basis of the products and services it offers, brokerage and other relevant charges it imposes up on its registered traders, permanent or occasional offers it comes up with, and, of course, the efficiency of all their trading platforms both, physical (offline) and remote (online).

Integrated Enterprises OffersIntegrated Enterprises Offers

Integrated Enterprises Customer Ratings

Customer Ratings
Experience 5.8/10
Products & Services 6.1/10
Brokerage Charges & Fees 5.9/10
Stock Research & Advisory 6.3/10
Trading Platforms 5.9/10
Overall Ratings 6.0/10
Star Ratings ★★★☆☆
Total Client Reviews 232

About Integrated Enterprises

Company Type Private
Broker Type Full Service Broker
Headquarters Chennai, Tamilnadu
Founder N. Gopalaswamy B.E
Established Year 1974

The company was founded in the year 1974 by its founder Mr. N. Gopalaswamy B.E. and has evolved ever since to become the nationwide reputed firm that we know about today.

With over four decades of experience, the firm sets out to deliver to all kinds of diverse as well as unique investment needs of the retail customers across the nation.

As a matter of fact, Integrated Enterprises quite literally boasts about having helped it’s retail customers achieve remarkable profits and returns on their respective investments.

And, this can be well established by the fact that the firm has catered to more than one million clients across the nation with the help of near about fifteen hundred employees, which is a commendable achievement, all in itself.

The company currently has only fifty branches across the nation, with its headquarters located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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Integrated Enterprises Brokerage Charges & Fees

Brokerage Charge & Fees
Equity Delivery Trading 0.10%
Equity Intraday Trading 0.01%
Commodity Options Trading NA
Equity Futures Trading 0.01%
Equity Options Trading Rs.20 per Lot
Currency Futures Trading 0.01%
Currency Options Trading Rs.10 per Lot
Minimum Brokerage Percentage of Transacton
Demat AMC Charges Rs.250
Trading AMC Charges Free
Margin Money Rs.15,000 Minimum
Brokerage Calculator Integrated Enterprises Brokerage Calculator

The above mentioned chart is meant to give you a clear picture of all the charges laid up on the registered traders of Integrated Enterprises in terms of brokerage.

Now, if you consider looking into it, you will clearly notice that Integrated Enterprises charge 0.10% on the overall value of Equity Delivery Trading, 0.01% on the overall value of Equity Intraday Trading, Equity Futures Trading and Currency Futures Trading respectively.

Along with this, they charge Rs. 10 per lot on the overall value of Currency Options Trading and Rs. 20 per lot on the overall value of Equity Options Trading.

The stock broker also charge a sum of Rs. 250 per annum for the sake of maintaining Demat Accounts and require their respective traders to maintain a minimum of Rs. 15,000 in regards to Margin Money.

The chart above is quite self-explanatory in itself, nevertheless, in order to get the exact brokerage charge for an investment of a certain amount, you can still refer to their dedicated brokerage calculator.

It can easily help you calculate the applicable brokerage for all asset classes including Equity Intraday, Equity Delivery, Equity Futures, Equity Options, Currency Futures, Currency Options and Commodity.

Furthermore, it is also capable of providing you with a detailed description of all other relevant charges that may be applicable on transaction, STT, Stamp Duty, SEBI turnover charges and GST.

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Integrated Enterprises Other Charges

Other Charges
Transaction Charges 0.00325% of Total Turnover
STT 0.0126% of Total Turnover
SEBI Turnover Charges 0.0002% of Total Turnover
Stamp Duty Depends on State (very minimal)
GST 18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)

As you can speculate after observing the above mentioned table, Integrated Enterprises also charges 0.0325% of the total turnover as transaction charge, 0.0126% of the total turnover as Securities Transaction Tax.

Along with this they charges 0.0002% of the total turnover as SEBI Turnover Charges and 18 % GST on the overall sum of the brokerage as well as transaction charges.

Apart from a certain amount in terms of Stamp Duty that varies in accordance to the state boundaries. The Stamp Duty, is minimal nonetheless.


Integrated Enterprises Demat Account Opening Fees

Demat Services
Depository Source CDSL
Account Opening Charges Zero
Demat AMC Charges Rs.250
Trading AMC Charges Free
Margin Money Rs.15,000 Minimum
Offline to Online Yes

Being an extensive conciliator and reputed for their services throughout the nation, Integrated Enterprises have always welcomed traders across the nation to register themselves with the firm in order to trade across various equity and derivative trading ventures.

As a matter of fact, anyone from within India can become a registered trader with them without paying even a single penny. Furthermore, they also do not seek any charges for maintaining Trading Accounts.

Nonetheless, they do require their respective traders to pay a sum of Rs. 250 per annum in terms of maintaining the Demat Account and have a minimum of Rs. 15,000 as balance in regards to Margin money.

All the required payments can be transferred to the firm through NSDL and CDSL.

Integrated Enterprises Offers

Free Demat Account Yes
Free Trading Account Yes
Discount on Brokerage Yes
Trading Happy Hours No
Flexible Brokerage Plans Yes
1 Month Brokerage Free No
Holiday Offers No
Referral Offers No
Zero Brokerage for Loss Making Trades No

The above mentioned table had been presented to enlist all the offers as laid out by Integrated Enterprises for its registered traders.

As you can clearly see, Integrated Enterprises offers Free Demat Account, Free Trading Account, Discount on Overall Brokerage Charges and Flexible Brokerage Charges.

Nevertheless, they do not have any offers related to Trading Happy Hours, One Month Worth of Brokerage Free Trading, Holiday Offers, Referral Offers or even Zero Brokerage Charges for the Loss Making Trades.

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How to open demat account with Integrated Enterprises?

If you are already interested in the products, services and offers being provided by Integrated Enterprises and want to register yourself as a trader along with them, then just follow the underneath mentioned steps and you will become their registered trader in no time at all.

So, here is what you need to do:-

  1. Click on the green button below that states ‘Open Demat Account’.
  2. Go through the entire form that pops up next with utmost care and focus.
  3. Fill up the form and mention all the required details.
  4. Upload the relevant documents in order to complete the KYC procedure.
  5. In order to complete this step, you will require Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Age Proof, Identity Proof, Address Proof and one photograph.
  6. You will be contacted by one of the authorized person on behalf of Integrated Enterprises in order for the final set of verifications.
  7. As soon as the final verification is complete, you will be given complete access to your Demat or Trading Account, all within a matter of a few hours.

Why open Integrated Enterprises Trading Account?

If you are from India and are looking forward to engage yourself, either partially or completely in various equity and derivative related trading, then having a Demat or a Trading Account becomes must for you.

However, this is not the sole reason that you need to consider in order to register yourself as a trader with Integrated Enterprises.

There are in fact, a few others to look out for, such as:-

  • They are one of the oldest and definitely amongst the most reputed firms in India dealing with financial trading services.
  • Their decades of experience will come in handy for you if you are looking forward to build a career out of the whole trading business.
  • They are a one stop solution to almost all forms of equity and derivative trading you can think of within the Indian market.

Integrated Enterprises Products & Services

Find below various products & services provided by the broking house –

Integrated Enterprises Products

Equity Trading Yes
Commodity Trading Yes
Currency Trading Yes
Options Yes
Futures Yes
Mutual Funds Yes
Forex No
Banking No
Insurance No

As you can see in the aforementioned table, Integrated Enterprises deals in a plethora of products including Equity Trading, Commodity Trading, Options Trading, Futures Trading, Currency Trading as well as Systematic Investment Plans.

Nonetheless, they do not deal in or help their registered traders in regards with Forex related trading, banking or insurances.

Services offered by Integrated Enterprises

Demat Services Yes
Trading Services Yes
3 in 1 Acount No
Intraday Services Yes
IPO Services Yes
Stock Recommendations No
Robo Advisory No
Trading Institution No
Trading Exposure Upto 10x

The chart as mentioned above is meant to give a clear description about all the services being provided by Integrated Enterprises.

As you can see, they provide proactive services in term of Demat Services, Trading Services, Intraday Services and Initial Public Offering Services, all with up to ten times of the trading exposure.

However, they do not seem at all interested in providing any sort of services related to 3 in 1 Accounts, Stock Recommendations, Robo Advisory, Portfolio Management Services or Trading Institution.


Integrated Enterprises Research & Advisory

Research & Advisory
Fundamental Reports Yes
Research Reports Yes
Company Reports No
Annual Reports No
Company Stock Review Yes
Free Stock Tips Yes
IPO Reports No
Top Picks Yes
Daily Market Review No
Monthly Reports Yes
Weekly Reports Yes
Offline Advisory No
Relationship Manager Yes

The above mentioned chart has been presented so as to give you a clear picture of the kind of research and advisory that can be expected from Integrated Enterprises.

It clearly state that the company provides active support in regards to Fundamental Reports, Research Reports, Company Stock Overviews, Free Stock Tips, Top Picks, Monthly Reports, Weekly Reports as well as a dedicated Relationship Manager.

However, they are least interested in providing any kind of support in regards to Company Reports, Annual Reports, Initial Public Offering Reports, Daily Market Reviews or even Offline Advisory of any sort.

Integrated Enterprises Exposure/ Leverage

Exposure / Leverage
Equity Delivery Upto 3x
Equity Intraday Upto 10x
Equity Futures Upto 4x
Equity Options Upto 5x
Currency Futures Upto 2x
Currency Options Upto 3x
Commodities Upto 3x
Margin Calculator Integrated Enterprises Margin Calculator

As you can easily speculate after looking at the table presented above (that is meant to give a description of the kind of exposure you get up on registering yourself as a trader with the company) that Integrated Enterprises offer up to three times the trading exposure on Equity Deliver Trading.

And same for Currency Options Trading and Commodities Trading, up to ten times the trading exposure on Equity Intraday Trading.

They provide upto four times the trading exposure on Equity Futures Trading, up to five times the trading exposure on Equity Options Trading and up to two times the trading exposure on Currency Futures Trading.

Nevertheless, if you still find yourself getting any kinds of confusion about the sort of trading exposure and leverage you are going to get while trading as a registered trader with Integrated Enterprises, then you can also check out their dedicated Margin calculator that goes by the name ‘Integrated Enterprises Margin Calculator’.

It is an online tool that more than capable of proving you with the exactly calculated exposure for trading as provided by Integrated Enterprises along different segments such as Intraday, F & O, Commodities, Currency and Delivery.

This tool can also help you to calculate the margin funding as well as the total number of extra share that can be bought with the help of the additional leverage provided by the company.

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Integrated Enterprises Trading Platforms

Actively serving the equity and derivative trading community within the nation for well over forty years in a row has definitely given Integrated Enterprises some edge over its competitors.

Nevertheless, that has not kept the company from actively entering into the dimension of remote trading platforms.

Trading Platforms
Desktop Platform – Windows Yes
Desktop Platform – Mac Yes
Desktop Browser Platform No
Mobile Site Platform Yes
Android App Platform Yes
iOS App Platform Yes
Windows App Platform No
Other Mobile OS Platform No
Real time Updates Yes
Portfolio Details Yes
Online MF Buy No
News Flash Yes
Research Reports No
Easy Installation Yes
Global Indices Yes
Stock Tips No
Personalized Advisory No
Interactive Charts Yes
Live Markets Yes
SMS Alerts No
Email Alerts Yes
Multi Account Management No

As a matter of fact, Integrated Enterprises has brought its decades of knowledge into good use by offering its registered traders with the following remote trading platforms to trade from:-

Integrated Enterprises Trading Terminal

Integrated Enterprises have not developed their own dedicated desktop based trading platform. As a matter of fact, they typically rely on the NSE based terminal trading software that goes by the name NEST.

NEST is a Dot Net Framework based software that has been made compatible for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 respectively.

The software is exclusively known as one of the most stable trading platforms in the entire Indian stock broking industry, given that the users should install in on a computer with at least 4 GBs of RAM.

Integrated Enterprises Desktop Platform Usage

  • Run and execute complicated real time data.
  • Export all the relevant data to Excel for further and better analysis.
  • Add any number of watch lists.
  • Multiple trading items to the same watch list can be added.
  • Add varying market watch lists to different groups so as to segregate and simplify the overall monitoring procedure.
  • Add scrips of their choice in order to actively keep a track of a variety of metrics, data points as well as the overall motion of the stocks across the watch lists.
  • Specific columns as per their respective preferences from the default layout can be added.
  • Easily execute a variety of technical and fundamental analyses by bringing into use the integrated charting functionality of the software.
  • Bring into use the ‘Orderbook’ functionality of the software so as to get an instant glimpse on the details of all the placed orders for both, buying as well as selling.
  • Summon the ‘Net Positions’ window in order to take a complete snapshot of any particular user’s market positions across a number of indices and exchanges.
  • Bring into use the ‘Combined Market Feature’ functionality to immediately get a view of the top ten bids with the details of the quantity as well as the price of the stocks at the time of bidding.
  • Bring into use the ‘Snap Quote’ feature so as to check out the current situation of any particular scrip by simply pressing the F5 button on the computer’s keyboard.
  • Use the ‘Ticker’ feature so as to add specific scrip so as to monitor the trade details in terms of price and quantity, whenever a trade takes place within the added scrips.

Integrated Enterprises Mobile Trading App

Integrated Enterprises has developed a dedicated Android based mobile app for its registered traders that comes equipped with the following features:-

  • The ability to view real time market data with uber speed.
  • The ability to create a number of personalized market watch lists.
  • Ability to use a variety of analytical tools to analyze instruments with market depths and current news.
  • The ability to show search suggestions while the name of an instrument is being typed.
  • Ability to display ‘hot stocks’ with the help of the integrated ‘market screener’ feature.
  • The ability to display real time charts consisting of various drawing tools, multiple time frame conversations and technical indicators.
  • Ability to place orders with NSE FO, NSE CDS, BSE Cash, NSE Cash and MCX.
  • Ability to pop up notifications for order executions and price alerts.
  • The ability to convert and square off positions.
  • The ability to exist positions at the right time with price alerts.
  • Ability to place a variety of market, limit, stop loss, cover and after-market, day and IOC orders
  • The ability to transfer funds to the user’s account.

The app seems very promising as per the features that have been described on the Google Play Store, however this should also be considered that the app has almost 100+ downloads with only eight reviews and an overall of two stars.

Integrated Enterprises Customer Support

Customer Support
Dedicated Dealer Yes
Offline Trading Yes
Online Trading Yes
24*7 Support No
Support Number 022 – 40661800
Email Support Yes
Chat Support No
Toll Free Number No
Branches 50

Integrated Enterprises has only fifty different branches located throughout the nation that provide support related to Dedicated Dealer, Offline Trading, Online Trading and Email Support.

Nonetheless, they do not provide any support in terms of 24 * 7 support, Chat Support or a Toll Free Number.

Integrated Enterprises Complaints (Current Year)

Complaints (Current Year)
Lodged in BSE 10
Resolved in BSE 10
Lodged in NSE 14
Resolved in NSE 14

As can be easily concluded from the chart above, Integrated Enterprises received a total number of ten complaints last year in BSE and fourteen complaints in NSE, all of which were resolved with immediacy, thus making the overall percentage of the number of complaints received against the number of their active clients to 0.08 %.

Integrated Enterprises Disadvantages

Although a hugely reputed firm throughout the nation, registering with Integrated Enterprises does come with a few disadvantages such as:-

  • Their Android based app is almost obsolete and can definitely be made better with several upgrades.
  • They do not provide any sort of offline advisory whatsoever, which could, in fact, turn out to be a major disadvantage for a lot of traders who still prefer trading offline.

Integrated Enterprises Conclusion

Integrated Enterprises has been actively providing services related to Demat and Trading for the past eighteen years and have been well acclaimed by the traders throughout the nation.

So, if you belong to a comparatively smaller town or city of India and still want to try out your hand in Trading, ISE can be a good and a cost effective choice for you.

Nonetheless, do not expect to receive any personalized advantages or tips.

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