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Fyers One is the trading terminal software for the clients of Fyers. It allows the clients to trade in stocks using their computer. The Fyers One Software has a whole slew of features that can be utilized by both beginners as well as professionals.

In this article, we are going to discuss the different features, advantages, and the procedure for installing and setting up the Fyers Trading Platform on your computer.

Fyers offers

Fyers One Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Fyers One Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.6/10
Usability 6.3/10
Features 6.8/10
Speed 6.6/10
Performance 6.5/10
Overall Ratings 6.5/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Fyers One

One of the best trading platforms “Fyers One” brings you a few steps closer to the professionals. This platform provides a better look at the market and a suitable environment for technical traders as well as fundamental investors.

It is a feature that brings all the necessities of the consumer under a singlehood. This platform is available in online, mobile application and pc software versions.

This platform is created by the Fyers to provide accuracy and speed to trading.

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    Fyers One – Top Features

    Here are some of the top rated features of Fyers One Software –

    Charting Tools

    The charting method on this platform provides the EOD data of about the last 10+years and the data of variations in the market of about 30 days.

    We can use about 60 technical indicators along with some other cool features to add a third-dimension perspective to our analysis and decision making. This platform also provides the intraday charts for the indices.

    Inbuilt Stock Screener

    Users can implement the inbuilt stock screener for gauging the trends, support, circuit breakers, movements, etc. This platform provides a lot of good profitable opportunities.

    F&O Analysis

    It is important as an investor to make quick decisions with minimum casualties. Fyers One Platform has “FnO Analysis” tools the help boost the informed trader.

    Analysis of Market

    In the urge of making money, wasting time is not acceptable. The heat map, market dynamics and index meter of the Fyers platform helps to analyze the pulse of the market.

    This can be the savior of both time and money. It helps the trader to gain some extra knowledge of trading.

    Opportunity Finder

    Every investor has a different taste. Everybody wants to invest in their preferred sector which sometimes becomes difficult while selecting from the vast options of the trading sites.

    The broking house has tried to solve this small but important issue through its “Opportunity Finder”. It helps you to research and filter the stocks according to your preferences.

    Fyers One Trading Terminal software has different types of orders using which users can buy and sell stocks. The different types of orders are as follows: –

    • Limit Order: It is used for buying and selling at your preferred price.
    • Stop loss Order: It is used for selling a stock when it reaches a set price.
    • Market Order: It helps for buying and selling at the best possible price.
    • Cover Order: This is used in the intraday trading. It has two parts. The first part is the normal order, which is about buying and selling scrip and the second part is that if you start making losses, the scrip will be squared off.

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    How to Set Up Fyers Trading Platform?

    Since Fyers One is an online trading terminal, you need to have a good internet connection to trade using the Fyers Trading Platform. To use the trading terminal, you have to first download the executable file and install it on your Windows PC.

    To install the Fyers trading terminal on your Windows PC, follow these steps: –

    1. Visit the site https://fyers.in/
    2. Click on “Support” tab
    3. Click on Downloads
    4. Then click the “Trading Platforms” option
    5. Click on the “Fyers One” option. A new window will appear with instructions and download link
    6. Click on the “Download Link”. A new window will appear
    7. Then Click on ” Fyers One Download” and the download will start
    8. After downloading complete the setup and launch the software
    9. Enter the credentials of your account and login

    To use the Fyers Trading Software, you are required to have a trading & demat account with Fyers. If you don’t have a trading account, you can get one by following the steps in the next section.

    How to Own Fyers One?

    To set up a Fyers Account, you have 1st Open Fyers Demat Account, The account opening process is provided below –

    1. Click on the green “Open Demat Account” button available below.
    2. Fill up the pop-up form with your name, mobile no. & city.
    3. You will receive a call from Fyers KYC Team & they will share an EKYC link.
    4. Complete the KYC process & upload all the documents.
    5. The esign the form & the documents with Aadhaar OTP.
    6. After this, you EKYC form will go for verification.
    7. After verification your account will be open within 1 working day.

    This is how you can create an account so that you can trade using the Fyers One Platform.

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    Advantages of Fyers Trading Platform

    Fyers One is one of the top trading terminal software in the market right now. This is because they have a lot of advantages when compared to other trading terminal software available on the internet.

    Some of the advantages of Fyers Trading Platform are as follows: –

    • Users can get the whole data of the world market with a single click of the mouse. Users will also get the data like indices, currencies, commodities, and ADRs. It helps the user to spend time analyzing data instead of searching for the data.
    • Users can access the recent trends, track the newest deals and can keep a track on IPO stock performances and the latest key RBI rates.
    • It has the feature to track portfolio. It helps the trader to track all the investments at a single place and also helps to learn new strategies of investing.

    Fyers One – Conclusion

    There are many trading and market analyzing platforms but Fyers One is unique in its way of working. It provides a total user-friendly and simple controls for the trader.

    Fyers is a multipurpose platform which reduces the stress of searching multiple places and comparing everything. This platform is a perfect solution for people who don’t know the working of the market and are worried about scams.

    It also gives the user to search and filter according to his interest which is a very impressive feature in today’s world. In the end, this platform is the ultimate destination for every kind of trader.

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