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Alice Blue Small Case is a Thematic Investment Platform. It is one of the latest offerings of the Alice Blue stock broking house which is well-accepted by the clients.

The article below will discuss all the details of the thematic investment platform offered by the firm and also will read about the features and the benefits of the platform.

Alice Blue is one of the minimum brokerage stockbroker, the services provided by the firm like this thematic investment platform is quite distinguishing and appreciable.

The article below will also discuss the setup process of the Thematic Investment Platform – Alice Blue Smallcases and owning process of the same.Alice Blue Online Offers

Alice Blue Small Case Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Alice Blue Small Case Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.2/10
Usability 7.3/10
Features 7.1/10
Speed 7.1/10
Performance 7.2/10
Overall Ratings 7.2/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Alice Blue Small Case

If you are new to the stock market and do not have much idea about the stock market functioning and how to build a strong portfolio without giving all your money to the fund manager, then a Thematic Investment Platform like Alice Blue Smallcases can be at your rescue.

This platform helps the investors build a long-term portfolio at minimum cost and makes the portfolio well-diversified to minimize the risks associated with the assets in the portfolio.

Smallcase is the Thematic Investment Platform that is being used and offered by Alice Blue to its clients. This platform helps in creating the portfolio based on an investment idea, strategy to achieve an investment goal. The portfolios are built with stocks of different companies and ETFs as well.

The Thematic Investment Platform has become one of the most important weapons in the stock market nowadays as it is pocket friendly way to create portfolios that match the investment agenda of the clients and that too at very low cost. This platform can be used by novice traders as well as the pro traders and anyone can avail the benefits of the platform.

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    Alice Blue Thematic Investment Platform Features

    Alice Blue Smallcase – Thematic Investment Platform has various important features which will discuss now –


    The most crucial feature of this platform is the diversification it provides to your portfolio. There is a saying that all the eggs should not be kept in one basket and this saying goes perfectly with the market.

    So, for better returns and mainly to reduce the risk, diversification is must which is the elementary function of the platform. It creates the portfolio taking different stocks which are having negative or less correlation and thus the risk gets reduced.

    No need to pay hefty management fees

    If you are thinking that building a good portfolio with proper diversification requires a fund manager then you must try Alice Blue Smallcase – Thematic Investment Platform as this platform will help you create the portfolio you want and wouldn’t charge any fee from you like a fund manager would have done.

    So, you are getting the diversified portfolio according to your investment goals but you are not required to pay any fee. The only payment you need to make when you transact and not on a daily basis like in mutual funds.

    Total Control of your portfolio

    Unlike mutual funds, there is no lock-in period when you invest using this platform. The portfolio contents – stocks and ETFs can be traded at any given point in time and thus you can change your portfolio as required and also earn dividends from the stocks directly into your bank account.

    Professional Research

    Smallcase has a huge team of financial professionals who are researching the market day and night and comes up with the best resources for the clients.

    So, all the themes and the portfolios which are made for the clients are completely based on research of the market which reduces the risk to a great extent.

    No Hidden Charges

    There are no hidden charges attached to the portfolio that you create with the Alice Blue Smallcase. There is no expense ratio. The process is completely transparent and the stocks you help in the portfolio are totally liquid.

    SIP investments

    You can also make regular investments into any SIP funds. This helps in building the investment habit and also most importantly you can save a lot because of the cumulative interest you receive on this investment.

    Tracking is easy

    It is really easy to track your portfolio you made with this platform. You can check the value of the portfolio, company updates, dividends information, and other details.

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    How to Set-up Alice Blue Smallcases?

    The first step for setting up and using the Alice Blue Thematic Investment Platform is opening a Demat account with Alice Blue.

    You have to open the Demat and trading account with the firm and then you can get access to this thematic investment platform.

    1. Once you have the login details, you can log in and start using the Smallcase.
    2. Firstly, you have to draft a portfolio and add the same to the watch list to see how it performs. If you see the portfolio performs well, then you can actually invest.
    3. For creating your own portfolio, you have to input your investment idea and goal, the platform will suggest portfolios of stocks that are at par with your investment goals. You have to select the portfolios and invest accordingly.
    4. You can also build your own portfolio, with the help of this platform. Enter the details as mentioned above, then the platform will show you’re the relevant stocks and ETFs as per your requirements. Then you can add up to 50 stocks to your portfolio and create your own portfolio as well on this platform.
    5. Finding the orders is easy and you can find all the individual orders on the order page.
    6. Choosing a Smallcase portfolio is easy and you can choose on the basis of the risk appetite, investment amount and goals, and others.

    How to Own Alice Blue Smallcases?

    For owning Alice Blue Smallcase – Thematic Investment Platform you have to –

    1. Find the button called “Open Demat Account” and then click on the same.
    2. You will see a pop-up form and then you have to click on it and fill it and submit the same
    3. Once you submit the form, another page will open where you have to upload some documents. The documents are like PAN, Voter Id, Bank Statement, AADHAAR card, and others.
    4. The Alice Blue Executives will throw you a call once they receive the documents you upload
    5. Then they will guide you about the rest of the procedure and once you get your login details you can start using the Thematic Investment Platform.

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    Advantages of Alice Blue Smallcase

    • Tracking your portfolio on Smallcase is really simple and easy. You just have to check the index value which will give you the rise in the price of the stock and you can understand how much profit or loss you made on the investment.
    • You can check all your orders at one place and there is a complete history of the orders placed on these platforms.
    • The platform helps to diversify your portfolio by focusing on your investment goals. You can be your own fund manager and create your portfolio and diversify it to reduce the risk and increase the return.
    • There is no fee for portfolio creation. There are no charges you have to pay to any fund manager for using this platform.
    • You can invest in different stocks, ETFs, SIPs, and mutual funds as well using this platform.
    • The platform provides portfolios that match the investment requirements of all kind of investors and for different investment goals and purpose.
    • You can also create a portfolio based on the kind of investment and trading strategies you want to follow.

    Alice Blue Small Case – Conclusion

    The Alice Blue Smallcase – Thematic Investment Platform is a great platform for creating and tracking your investment portfolio. The platform offers a variety of portfolio suiting the need for different investors.

    You can create your portfolio as well and also track them any time. There are no hefty charges that you require to pay anyone and you can use these services for no charges.

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