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Edelweiss Small Case or Edelweiss Thematic Investment Platform is an innovative new approach to the usual financial needs of the clients. It works by grouping upto 20 stocks within a portfolio composed as per a particular theme.

In other words, it’s is a thematic investment tools offered by the global financial giant. The themes can include the new government initiatives like Digital India or even the Sectoral Shifts like Banking Privately.

The overall performance of the portfolio is dependent on the fact how the themes turn out to perform. For today’s article, we’ve chosen to review this articular trading platform offered by Edelweiss. We’ll tell you all about each and every specific feature consisted by the platform.

We’ll tell you about the steps through which it can be configured on your system. And, we’ll even tell you of the ways to get complete access of this particular software. In short, we’ll lay down all the necessary details about it within this article for you to grasp.

Edelweiss Broking Offers

Edelweiss Small case Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Edelweiss Smallcase Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.1/10
Usability 7.2/10
Features 7.2/10
Speed 7.1/10
Performance 7.0/10
Overall Ratings 7.1/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Edelweiss Small Case

Edelweiss Small Case, as mentioned earlier is a unique approach towards investing. This basically combines a group of like featured stocks that can be clubbed together as per a certain theme.

And, the overall performance of the basket is determined by the performance and market shifts around the theme. In short, there can be at most 20 different stocks that can be piled within one particular basket.

And, the basket can be designed and customized as per the specific needs and demands of the clients.

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    Edelweiss Smallcase Features

    Edelweiss Smallcase has been integrated with many features to suit the needs and demands of the clients. However, we’ve addressed to the only features that attract most of the attention. And, here’s how our list goes: –

    Extensive Share Market Information Display

    This is the most basic yet important feature to have been integrated within the Edelweiss Smallcase trading app.

    It basically displays the details of a pre-defined smallcase portfolio within the screen of the Smallcase section. In fact, it displays the details in a compact view which allows it to club the information of all the smallcases together.

    The displayed information includes the name of the particular portfolio, basic description of it in one or two lines, CAGR return%, one month’s expected return and minimum investment required.

    It enables the users willing to invest on preset portfolios defined by the company experts to quickly get a glance at them all.

    Multiple Pre-defined Portfolios to Choose From

    Edelweiss Small Case Trading Platform currently has a total of 31 pre-defined investment portfolios or Smallcases. These portfolios are all created by the company’s expert research analysts. And, these are available to be used for investment to all the clients.

    Moreover, all the details related to all of these smallcases are provided by the company with their trading platform. Thus, it helps the users to make informed and convenient decisions.

    Portfolio Creation and Customization Options

    This feature is helpful to the users who wish to create their own portfolios. It allows the users to customize the portfolio in accordance with their desired themes, stocks, investment weights and more.

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    How to set up Edelweiss Thematic Investment Platform?

    Edelweiss Thematic Investment Platform does not require installation onto any specific device. On the contrary, it can be fully used using the web browser on a computer, smartphone or a tab.

    However, there are some very specific steps involved during the set-up of the trading platform. And, here’s how they must be carried out: –

    1. Edelweiss Small Case is just like any other trading platform offered by the company. It requires the users to have a specific set of login credentials in order to be accessed. And, the login credential can be acquired from the company by merely getting a trading or a demat account with them. This concludes the very first step in the process of setting up the app.
    2. Next, you must look out for the official website of Edelweiss on the internet. In this website, you must look for a section called the ‘Smallcases’ and use it to log into the software for trading purposes. You may even use this link to get to the login page directly https://www.edelweiss.in/vlogin/smallcase?path=%2Fawi&params=.
    3. Once inside the software, do not forget to reset your login password. This is rather crucial for the safety of your account.
    4. Create watchlists to occasionally track the performance of certain Smallcases.
    5. Choose from a list of 31 pre-defined portfolios to trade on. You may even create your own set of portfolios.

    How own Edelweiss Small Case?

    As mentioned earlier, Edelweiss Small Case trading platform is not much different from the rest of the trading platforms offered by the company. This even signifies that the software can be access and owned free of cost.

    However, it’s only available to the clients with trading or demat account with the company. And, here are all the steps you must take to get yourself registered for a demat or trading account with Edelweiss: –

    1. The first step is to click on a specific button with a tag of ‘Open Account’ on it. The button can easily be found at the bottom of this is very page.
    2. You’ll be redirected to a page with a form in it. This will tend to contain a particular form with several blank spaces in it.
    3. You must read through the entire form and fill it up with correct and verifiable information.
    4. You must even submit a few scanned copies for certain documents to support your case. Here are all the documents you’ll need: –
      1. PAN Card.
      2. Updated Bank Account Statement.
      3. Aadhaar Card or Voter’s ID Card.
      4. Recent Passport size image.
    5. Once you upload the form and the documents, there’s only one more thing to do. Just wai for a call from one of the company representatives.
    6. This representative will guide you across any more formalities and give you the access t your new demat or trading account.

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    Advantages of Edelweiss Smallcase

    Edelweiss Smallcase comes around with several advantages. However, we’ve piled up the most beneficial ones: –

    • This trading platform allows to trade in several portfolios without any certain lock-in period.
    • The charges applied for using the services on this platform as incurred as regular brokerage charges.
    • Investing through this platform guarantees diversified investment. This approach has been known to provide greater returns with reduced risks.
    • This platform allows the users to take full control of their portfolios. This even provides updates for every minuscule change occurring to the portfolio. And, this helps the users to stay alert and circulate their investments wisely.

    Edelweiss Small Case – Thematic Investment Platform – Conclusion

    Edelweiss Small Case is very special kind of investment platform. It allows the users to create their own portfolios or invest on the ones made by their expert analysts.

    It even provides guidance on the investment approach. Moreover, the users do not even get any kind of restrictions in the form of minimum investment period. In short, it is a great platform to start with.

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