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Arihant Capital Algo or Arihant Ari Algo is one of the best algo trading platform available.

Trading is a serious business and not everyone’s cup of tea. The dedication and self discipline required to be a trader is tough to achieve and delicate to handle.

This all is true as every second or even half a second counts when you are a day trader. In case of retail trading the metal is tested every second as the charts speak and turn the mood from moment to moment.

Algorithmic trading helps to investors in such events in the market by using automated algorithms for different scenarios. Every single signal is crucial and hence the platform needs to be well equipped with all the tools and instruments.

Arihant Capital Offers

Arihant Capital Algo Review & Ratings

Arihant Capital Algo Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.5/10
Usability 6.4/10
Features 6.2/10
Speed 6.1/10
Performance 6.3/10
Overall Ratings 6.2/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Arihant Capital Algo

Arihant has been a service provider to the retail investors and traders for the last twenty seven years and counting. Arihant is a certified broker and mutual fund distributor. Moreover they have a reputation being a Category-1 Merchant Banker.

One way or another, Arihant has proved to be quite useful to the traders and the clients who have been a part of the company. The company has a customer base of about two lacs and the management runs smoothly.

In order to provide better services and smooth trades, the company has launched multiple platforms which can be operated on various devices.

When it comes to technical trading, algorithmic trading takes the hat of being the toughest. Toughest to operate on and to handle as the trader needs to build his own formula and trading strategy which needs to be fed to the computer.

Hence, any loophole will result in loss unless one is quite lucky to enter a profitable trade by chance. Technical analysis requires a lot of work on a daily basis and after that any conclusion can be drawn from the intel collected.

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    Arihant Ari Algo – Top Features

    In order to handle algorithmic trading, the platform needs to be robust and heavy tools must be at the disposal of a trader. The management should not be too much complicated as it becomes difficult to handle the trade.

    This platform has been developed to meet the needs of a trader and hence some of the features are as follows:

    • Facility to create highly customisable environment to trade.
    • All the transaction models are present at a single location so it becomes easy to keep track of the investment.
    • There is a high level of encryption in order to prevent any flaw during trading hours and heavy demands.
    • The real time market price updation is carried out smoothly and there is little response time.
    • Online trade confirmation is done in an instant and the order & trade status can be easily tracked.
    • Online alerts for client activity is also provided.
    • Customizable price tickers are present.

    These features are very essential in order to carry out algorithmic trading and the maintenance needs to be continuous.

    How To Set Up Arihant Ari Algo?

    In order to set up Ari Algo, there are few minimum requirements that must be fulfilled by the system to operate the algorithmic trading platform. If these requirements are there then:

    1. Visit the official Arihant Capital website.
    2. Get to platform section and look into the requirements.
    3. Contact your handler at the company and he/she will guide you through the process of the platform.
    4. Once informed, all you need to do is to install the software on your pc.
    5. Login into the platform, it will be linked to the trading account.

    Once the above steps have been carried out, you are good for trading using your own algorithms. All you need to have is a proper understanding of the trade which you will be handling. But if you are new then the next section is for you.

    How To Own Arihant Capital Algo Platform?

    Just like the other platforms, Ari Algo is exclusively for the registered clients of the company, so in order to operate on this platform, you need to follow the following steps:

    1. Visit the official Arihant Capitals website.
    2. Click on “Open an Account”.
    3. Follow the procedure and upload the required documents.
    4. Once verified, you will have an account and a trading platform.

    Once you have the trading platform, then you can access any other platform provided by the company. Then you should follow the procedure mentioned in the previous section.

    Advantages Of Arihant Ari Algo

    The platform can be distinguished with its advancement over others. In this case Ari Algo has done a great job, not only it is a robust platform but also it is a company’s own platform and not in collaboration with other platform developers.

    Here are some of the prominent advantages of this platform:

    Advanced Charts: The database is chart menu is very precise and provides users with various chart intervals. There are various types of chart forms from which the user can choose one at a time like the most prominent, Candlesticks. With the different intervals, a trader can analyse the overall price movement and market mood for the next trading session.

    Multiple Instruments: There are multiple instruments available for a trader to choose from like MA, SMA, RSI, MACD etc which are very helpful in short term trading and aggressive portfolio management.

    Technical Scan: This feature allows a trader to build his own formula to trade. Not only this, trades can test their formula and algorithm in the live market and get the generated report of the performance. Once the results are in favor then the algorithm can go online and it can trade on your behalf.

    These were some of the major advantages of this platform over the others. All such features make it better in order to be used by a pro trader.

    Arihant Capital Algo – Conclusion

    Day trading is a difficult task and only few can take up to it but even then, looking at the screen for seven hours straight on an average can be tiring.

    Even with a lot of practice, if you manage to pull out that, there is no way in which you can ever manage to keep a minute to minute track of 1000 prominent stocks of the day.

    Hence, algorithmic trading helps to manage the trade and diversify the portfolio, so that we can manage our wealth on its own.

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