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Globe Capital Online Trading Platform or Globe Connect PRO, as the name suggested, is one of trading platform that you can access using a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and many more.

The platform is brought to you by Global Capital, which is a pinnacle of a company in the stock trading industry. You can perform numerous stock trading activities like real-time quotes, market watch features, stock charts, dual security levels, notification and alerts, and many more using Globe Connect PRO.

The platform is dedicated to conventional stock traders who love trading stocks in old-school fashion. One of the trading compelling features of this platform is the fact that you can trade stocks in multiple exchanges.

The real-time fund transfer and withdrawal facility is yet another critical feature that most of the traders crave.

Globe Capital Offers

Globe Capital Online Trading Software Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Globe Connect PRO Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.0/10
Usability 7.0/10
Features 7.2/10
Speed 7.1/10
Performance 7.1/10
Overall Ratings 7.0/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Global Capital Online Trading Platform

In this article, we will learn about the various features and benefits that the Globe Capital Web Platform is offering.

Not only that, we will elaborate on the steps to configure and use the trading platform from scratch. Also, we will discuss the significant advantages of the platform, along with our final verdict.

But before all this, it would be best to know more about the company first – Global Capital. The company is a full-service stockbroker that has more than 3000 active branches worldwide. It has a subsidiary in Dubai, and they are operating for more than two decades now.

Globe Capital Online Trading Platform is their web-based application working on any browser. Apart from that, they also offer a mobile app, Globe Connect, and a trading terminal named Globe Trade Smart Terminal.

Now, if we get back to the web trading platform; you can access not only the stocks, but also trade commodities, currencies, mutual funds, and many more products and services.

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    Global Connect Pro – Top Features

    Globe Connect PRO Web Platform works on web browsers, and the platform is packed with tons of features. It is impossible to mention all of them, but here are some of the most notable ones:

    • The traders associated with Global Capital can trade on various trading exchanges. So, you can use Globe Connect PRO Web Platform to trade in NSE and BSE.
    • With Globe Connect PRO Web Platform, you can transfer funds in real-time. All you need is a bank account. At the same time, withdrawal of your funds is easy now with just a mere one click.
    • Charts play a crucial role in understanding the stock market. Globe Connect PRO is equipped with a real-time display of charts. It includes critical intraday and historic charts all in real-time.
    • With Globe Connect PRO Web Platform, you can effortlessly check out your back-office reports without breaking a sweat.
    • In order to be successful in trading stock, it is essential that you gain knowledge. Globe Connect PRO fetches the critical notifications and market status updates which are essential. Thus, it helps the traders to make better decisions.
    • To stay on top of your stock market fortunes, you need to gather reports on time. Globe Connect PRO is designed to acquire reports such as Net Position, Funds View, Trade Book, Order Book, and many more. You just need to click one button to get all these reports instantly. Apparently, it will allow you to be an expert in stock trading.

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    How to Set-up Global Capital Online Trading Software?

    Here are the steps to set up the web trading platform from Global Capital – Globe Connect PRO Web Platform:

    1. Since Globe Connect PRO Web is a web browser-based platform, it doesn’t require any setup installation file. You just need to follow the link, https://www.globecapital.com/TradingTools/GlobeConnectPro first.
    2. Then you have to click on the option “LOGIN NOW.” Click on that.
    3. Then it will route you to a page where you will get three options – Login New Version, Login Old Version, and Try Demo. Since you are registering as a new user, click on “Login New Version.”
    4. Then it will ask you for the login credential. Since Globe Connect PRO is a proprietary service of Global Capital, you need to create an account with them first to use the platform. We will discuss the account opening procedure later.
    5. Once you get the login credential, you can access the platform and start trading.

    How to Own Global Capital Web Trading Platform?

    As mentioned before, you must open an account with Global Capital to use this web-based trading platform. For that, however, they charge ₹450 as the account opening fees.

    With each account, you will get a Demat and a Trading account. Meanwhile, here are the steps to use Globe Connect PRO Web Platform:

    First, you need to visit the official site of Global Capital, https://www.globecapital.com/.

    Then, you will find an option “Log in” which is at the top of the page. Just beside that option, you need to click on an icon that looks like a down arrow.

    You will get a new registration form that will appear as a pop-up. Click on “Sign Up” after you finish filling up the form.

    You will get a call from an agent of Global Capital. You need to upload all the necessary documents to complete the KYC verification.

    The agent will also send you the link where you need to pay ₹450, which is the one-time account opening fee.

    Once the payment is confirmed, and the KYC verification process is done, they will provide you with the login credentials of your accounts.

    You need to use the credentials to log in the trading platform and start trading.

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    Advantages of Global Connect Pro Web

    Now that we know the essential features and the setup process of Globe Connect PRO Web Platform, it would be best to take a look at the significant advantages of using this incredible trading platform:

    1. You can transfer funds from any reputed bank. At the same time, the withdrawal process is robust with just one click.
    2. You can easily trade between multiple stock exchanges.
    3. The User Interface is user-friendly according to most users. Also, the navigation is seamless so that you can take a look at the options quickly.
    4. No setup installation file required. You just need simple login credential to use Globe Connect PRO.
    5. You can monitor numerous indices like Nifty, Sensex, DOW, and many more.
    6. Global Capital is a reputed stock trading organization with tons of experience in this industry. So, if you get involved with the company, you will get 100% assistance from their end. For a new client who has minimum knowledge about the stock trading industry; they can learn a lot. At the same time, an experienced trader will also get the fullest attention while using Globe Capital Online Trading Platform.
    7. You can access the platform using any popular web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and even Apple Safari if you are a Mac user.

    Global Capital Online Trading Platform – Conclusion

    It is safe to say that Global Capital is one of the best stock trading companies not only in India, but they have their existence all around the world. They are in this industry for more than 20 years with 3000+ branches scattered across the globe.

    Now, Globe Connect PRO is one of their elite services. It has been around for quite some time now. That is why they have revamped the platform with a modern look and feel.

    However, if you like the old one, you can use that too as it is still available to use. Overall, our final verdict is Globe Connect PRO Web Platform is a very competent trading platform and the company make sure it can be accessed by almost every client they have.

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