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Anand Rathi Trade lite is a web-based online trading platform. The Anand Rathi is offering this web trading platform to its customers in order to provide the facility to trade in equity and commodities.

Therefore, in this article, you will get to know about the features of Anand Rathi trade lite and along with this, we will also analysis about the advantages of using this platform.

We will also discuss the process to set up this trading platform and how to own this platform to experience the advanced features of this trading platform.

Anand Rathi Offers

Anand Rathi Trade Lite Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Anand Rathi Trade Lite Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.5/10
Usability 6.4/10
Features 6.2/10
Speed 6.1/10
Performance 6.3/10
Overall Ratings 6.3/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Anand Rathi Trade Lite

Trade lite is basically another web-based trading platform by Anand Rathi which will allow the investors to perform trading even in case of poor bandwidth connectivity.

Through this web trading platform, the broking house is offering the facility to trade in equity and commodities along with currency derivative segments.

Along with this, the Anand Rathi Trade Lite will also provide you with the facility to enjoy different services such as investment options, free research reports, create and maintain the online portfolio and so on.

This trading platform can allow customers to trade with even less internet connectivity. This web trading platform is perfect for small-town customers or low internet bandwidth customers.

Trade lite is a basic version and user-friendly and you can get necessary information through this platform.

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    Anand Rathi Trade Lite – Top Features 

    Anand Rathi Trade Lite is basically a combination of simple and advanced web-based application which will enable you to keep the track of markets.

    With the help of this platform, you can able to trade online in equity, commodity and currency segments and invest in IPO.

    Along with this, this platform will also allow you to access to research, transaction reports and portfolio and many other features.  Many interesting features which you can from this trading platform are mentioned below

    Market watch

    A real-time dashboard will provide a manual refresh of stocks that you set. The dashboard will give you real-time updates like the trading balance, net position and so on.

    In this dashboard, you will get the option to get a better knowledge about trading and market situation.  In this web trading platform, you will get multiple market watch with a maximum of 30 scrips per market watch.

    Place order

    This Anand Rathi Web Trading Platform will give you two different modes from which you can place an order.  You can place your order through quick order entry mode where you can choose exchange and scrip combination to place an order.

    On the other hand, you can also place an order through the market watch. All you need to do is to select scrip from the market watch and place an order.  Along with this, the IPO investment is also available through this trading platform.

    Market statistics

    The web trading platform will provide updated information about the stock market. A trader can use the market data such as top gainers, losers, quotes, intraday charts etc to gain more knowledge about the market.

    With the help of this trading platform, the user can able to track the portfolio, transaction data and so many features.

    Value adds

    The Anand Rathi Web Trading Platform will provide the research reports, complete transaction reports, online portfolio and so on.

    With the help of this, you can get a better understanding of the stock market. Trader can use research report and tips to get better opportunities in the stock market.

    You can also set alerts so that you will get all the information regarding your desired stock.

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    How to Set-up Anand Rathi Trade Lite? 

    If you are willing to access the Anand Rathi Trade Lite, then you need to visit on the particular link and then you have to log in with your Id and Password.

    You can access this platform from your laptop or desktop and you need to have windows or MAC operating system.

    But, if you don’t have an account with this broking house, then you need to open a trading or Demat account. In order to open this, you need to fill up the required details.

    Once you will complete this, then you can enjoy the experience of hassle-free trading through this trading platform.

    How to Own Anand Rathi Trade Lite?

    If you are willing to own this Anand Rathi Web Trading Platform, then you need to have an account with this broking house. Instant account opening enables you to open trading and Demat account in just a few minutes.

    You need to visit their website and click on the insta account link on the top of the menu bar.

    Then you need to provide the required details such as DOB, PAN, Aadhaar number and so on.

    Along with this, you also need to upload the scanned copies of your documents.

    You have to pay the account opening fees.

    You need to authenticate yourself with the Aadhar OTP verification.

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    Advantages of Anand Rathi Trade Lite

    • The Anand Rathi Web Trading Platform is suitable for users who are living in small cities or the ones using lower internet bandwidth.
    • The Anand Rathi Web Trading Platform trade lite will give you the options to place orders through equity order entry or market watch.
    • One of the main benefits of having this platform is that you can able to place orders even the market is closed through after-market order option.
    • With the help of the trade lite trading platform users can also able to invest in an IPO.
    • The web trading platform will give you the stock price alert on your mail id or mobile.
    • The trading platform will also give you the facility to access quotes, gainers/losers and intraday chart easily.
    • You will get the necessary tips in order to get a better opportunity in the stock market.
    • You can see your portfolio details through this web trading platform.

    Anand Rathi Trade Lite – Conclusion

    Hence, after the discussion, it can be concluded that this web trading platform is a combination of simple and constructive features.

    You can get all the necessary information which can help you to get a better opportunity in this field. It will give you the permission to access less internet connectivity.

    Therefore, if you are staying in a small town or in a low bandwidth area, then trade lite can be the ultimate solution for you.

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