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Zerodha Small Case 2.0 is a Thematic Investment Engine which largely helps in portfolio management services of Zerodha.

The Tagline of Small Case 2 is “invest in ideas”, this means it is a mix of Portfolio Management Services along with Thematic investment.


Zerodha Small Case 2.0 Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Zerodha Small Case 2.0 Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.5/10
Usability 7.4/10
Features 7.6/10
Speed 7.4/10
Performance 7.4/10
Overall Ratings 7.5/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About Zerodha Small Case 2.0

Over the past few years the investing and trading structural changes, there are lots of advanced and innovative concepts have been added to the Indian stock market and the Zerodha Small Case 2.0 is one of them.

Zerodha Small Case 2.0It is one of the effective concepts that is made with the combination of “Thematic and Portfolio” approaches. Thematic is the art of changing that you see on the daily basis around you or we can also say that thematic is the thought of three things such as experience, observation and relatable changes around you.

Understand these point in this way, the Union minister is going to announce something that is beneficial for you and then you invest in the company that could benefit from the changes. In short, the beauty of thematic invest is that investing is based on the understanding of the future of the ideas.

Zerodha Small Case 2 is Theme based Portfolio Investment

A portfolio is a unique approach that means, investing in and managing a group of stocks together instead of individual stock.

In this scheme, the investors can create investment goals and constraints, update and monitor their plans, create risk and rewards, effectively improved decisions, and one of the best benefits of portfolio investment is that you can easily clear your queries with the Zerodha portfolio investment management team.

All in all, it gives a systematic approach and everything is well structured and predefined. When we add these two effective approaches and make products that are very cost efficient, forward-looking and relatable is known as a small case.

Zerodha Small Case 2.0 platform creates a theme that is executed in terms of portfolio.

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    Features of Zerodha Small Case 2

    Do you like to spend countless hours searching the right stocks? Or you like to use the Zerodha Small Case 2.0 platform that gives you a bunch of stocks that reflect trading ideas and strategies.

    Here we have listed some recently launched features of Zerodha Small Case 2 that make you simple to run.

    Small Case 2 Advanced Dashboard:

    When you head over to the investment insight section, you find an advanced new dashboard. Which gives you the proper direction what to do next in order to execute small cases. The information is in the form of indicators like Auto tracker, high institutional holding, and small cases news, invest systematically, mental tracker, in the spotlight and bargain buys.

    Showing Risk level on Zerodha Small Case 2.0:

    Small cases are dramatically changing throughout the day, this platform comes with the essential feature that shows you risk level (low, high and moderate) of your stocks so that you can minimize the risk of shares hassle free.

    Historical performance of SIP by Zerodha Small Case 2:

    This platform remain updated about high return generated and show you how small investment made at periodic interval can lead excellent result over a long period of time.

    Greater control and tracking:

    This platform also makes it convenient for you to track your small cases and remained updated event related to your investment with the few clicks.

    Management fees or Zerodha Small Case 2.0 Charges:

    The management fees structure for all small cases is Rs.100 + GST. No charges for using the platform.

    How to set up Zerodha Small Case 2.0?

    In order to take the advantage of new financial instrument small cases, you need to open a DEMAT account in Zeroadha. Just follow the below-mentioned steps and broad into Zerodha small case platform.

    First and foremost, you need to arrange some basic documents like Aadhar card, PAN card, driving license, address proof, and saving bank account number.

    Once you arranged all documents than head over to the Zerodha sign up page. Here you need to enter your name, mobile number, and email address.

    After entering basic details, you are required to set up a password for yourself. Once you created the password, click on “continue” button and move for further step. Keep in mind enter the password easy to remember at the same time strong so that it is not easy for anyone to steal your account.

    Once you log in successfully, then it’s to open a DEMAT account. For that, you need a PAN card. After entering the PAN number, next up you are ready to initiate the payment for equity is rupees 200 and for a commodity is rupees 300.

    Now you are ready to use the small cases services of Zerodha.

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    How to own Zerodha Small Case 2.0?

    Zerodha Small Case 2.0 trading platform is really fast and advanced. Here we have listed the complete information of Zerodha account charges.

    • Trading account opening charges only one time: Rs. 300.
    • Trading account opening charges yearly: Rs. 0.
    • DEMAT account opening charges only one time: Rs. 100.
    • DEMAT account opening AMC charges yearly: Rs. 300.

    Once you set up your DEMAT account, now you are inside of small cases. In order to access small cases, pick the theme you want to buy, click on “Buy small case button” and then confirm the amount you want to invest and place market orders for these stocks. On the other note, you can also create small cases with the same charges Rs 100.

    Why invest via Zerodha Small Case 2.0?

    • Small cases are probably one of the best ways to investing money in the Indian market. With the help of Zerodha Small Case 2.0 platform you can buy readymade small cases or you can create it buy own.
    • You can easily minimize the risk of stocks because this platform gives you every single update regarding stocks how they are performing.
    • Managing small cases are very convenient for the client. With the small cases, you will receive direct ownership of all stocks in the portfolio.
    • Unlike conventional trading, there are no personal third-party charges, all the profit is completely yours.
    • This platform shows your latest update and news regarding your portfolio so that you can add and delete shares or rebalance in a simple click.
    • Well designed, easily accessible and user-friendly platform.
    • Adding and deleting in a few clicks.

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    Disadvantages of Zerodha Small Case 2

    • Some clients have observed login issues.
    • In the mobile app, screeners are not available, but it will look fine in a web version.
    • Sometimes web version takes too much time due to technical glitches.
    • Fund transfer issue.
    • The small cases approach is only available in the equity segment.
    • The small case 2.0 unable to support BSE stocks.
    • You need to savvy at your end because there is no guarantee that this tool gives you regular updates.

    Conclusion of Zerodha Small Case 2.0

    Do you really want to invest in those companies that really goes high in the future, but how can you assure that this particular company and other segments will definitely grow up.

    Let us tell you, the Zeroadha Small Cases 2.0 is the platform which gives you all information in the form of the portfolio and themes that contains company stocks that may high in future. So, you don’t need to spend countless hours finding the right stocks, pick the particular portfolio, buy it and track it daily.

    Moreover, you can design your own portfolio according to your understanding and when you find the risk is emerging then you can easily rebalance it. Zerodha only charges Rs 100 only one time when you buy a small case.

    The company doesn’t charge fees when you exit small case or rebalance it. There is a great news for all existing Zerodha users they have instant access for a small case, and non-existing users can apply for sign up process in order to take advantage of this tool.

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