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Traders who have till, date explored almost all the genre of trading is very much familiar with the term basket trading. Remember that the concept of basket trading is much acceptable among the investment holders who have the desire to hold a good number of the securities in large proportion.

Now investors manage to sell and purchase big baskets of securities as the cash flows in and moves out of the respective funds. Basket trading is more popular with trading commodities and currencies.

It is also significant to say that the minimum amount needed for initiating basket trading is also quite less as well. Therefore, today we will share a few thoughts on the Karvy Thematic Basket related to its advantages and features.

Karvy Offers

Karvy Thematic Basket Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Karvy Thematic Basket Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.1/10
Usability 7.1/10
Features 7.2/10
Speed 7.3/10
Performance 7.1/10
Overall Ratings 7.1/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Karvy Thematic Basket Investment tool

The Karvy Thematic Basket Investment tool is the most sought after portfolio having 20 stocks that exhibit a particular market theme or the trend.

Now in this regard, note that the market trend can be an initiative from the government or might reflect a transformation in the pattern of consuming things.

The trend also considers the other two important parameters like the rise in the demand of the particular service or the product.

The professional stockbroking company like the Karvy has a team who suggests about 20 stocks at a time that too after considering the thematic strategies.

Thus, it makes the trader get easy with the concept of thematic investment by offering them a personalized basket with ready theme funds.

Each basket is capable of having theme stocks varying between 2 to 20 which is flexible enough so that you can keep a balance between the funds. Thus, it is significant to say that thematic investment is not complicated but is a smart concept indeed.

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    Karvy Thematic Basket – Top Features

    The Karvy Thematic Basket Investment tool has few underlined features so let’s read those in low down points.

    Allow diversification

    The first highlighted feature of the Karvy thematic basket is that it leverages the traders with diversification.

    That means the theme funds are stocked from various industries and sectors so as a trader you have the full freedom to invest in any of the stocks in order to get rid of the financial risk. Thus, you are allowed to enjoy the complete advantage of the diversification.

    Track and manage

    Traders can easily view the performance of the basket and comprehend the growth over time as well. Now, this facilitates the trader to get a clear perception of the areas which are more congenial for investment.

    Good to invest in thematic

    Traders have actually benefited a lot from getting thematic. That means as they chose to invest in a typical themed portfolio of any company, they are facilitated to enjoy the best exposure pertaining to the recent themes or trend in the market.

    On the other hand, it also reduces the potential risk which might create a dilemma for the trader as a threat.

    Balanced on time

    It is important to say that each of the baskets is upgraded on a quarterly basis so that it stays in equilibrium. At the same time, it also exhibits a fundamental theme.


    The thematic investment tools are simple so that even a first time trader can also get acquainted with it very easily.

    Steps are easy

    Therefore traders don’t have to read the entire manual in detail to understand its functioning because it is designed in such a way that an even non- the professional trader can use it with confidence.

    Status of the basket

    In addition to that, the trader will come across various types of growth indicators that make you know about the performance of the stocks.

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    How to Set-up Karvy Thematic Basket Investment tool?

    1. In order to set up the Karvy thematic basket investment tool option, you have to land upon the page Karvy Thematic Trading Platforms.
    2. There you will get an option saying investment.
    3. You need to click that investment option.
    4. As you do so you will be directed to the page https://trading.karvyonline.com/.
    5. Then you can input the user ID and password to log in.
    6. If you forget the account, then you can reset the password.
    7. In addition to that, go through the 2 FA authentication process.

    How to own Karvy Thematic Investment Tool?

    In order to know about its usage, the trader will first have to follow the written steps.

    1. First, need to be on the web page Karvy Thematic Trading Platforms.
    2. Then select the basket and then review the portfolio.
    3. Later they can remove or add the shares to get going with the liked stock.
    4. Once done the trader will have to review each of the stocks and determine a weight on that.

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    Advantages of Karvy Thematic Investment Tool

    The Karvy Thematic Investment Tool has some of the advantages, which are penned down below:

    Brief on investment: The Karvy thematic investment makes it clear to the traders that why they should invest in a typical basket and how advantageous it should be. Indeed it is prepared with listed points telling why that particular one is chosen as the best investment option.

    Progress card: The thematic tool investment offers a report chart that projects an informative graph that makes you go through the previous position of the basket in comparison to the NIFTY for a span of 2 years.


    The minimum amount of investment: The traders can start with the basket trading with a minimum investment amount depending on the type and number of stocks present in the basket. Later, it is invested and shared on different theme funds depending on the specific weight.

    Karvy Thematic Basket – Conclusion

    Thus, it is significant to highlight that the Karvy Thematic Basket Investment tool has top-notch growth indicator that keeps the trader updated regarding the development of the basket.

    In addition to that, it aware trader on the summation of the return he can expect to get from the basket.

    On top of that, also make the trader know about the aggregated return obtained from the basket considering the performance of the basket in the previous month and year.

    One important thing about the Karvy thematic basket is that you don’t need to have a huge amount for starting the investment as it requires a minimum amount.

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