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The web trading platform is another trading platform launched by Choice Broking also known as Choice Broking Jiffy Web. The choice Broking web trading platform makes the traders trading easy and speedy.

Just by clicking on the browsing link offered by the company and entering their username and password, traders can initiate their trading. It also offers flexibility to traders as they can trade from anywhere and anytime.

This article is written to make understand about Choice Broking Web Trading Platform, its advantages, its set-up process and more.

Choice Equity offers

Choice Broking Jiffy Web Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Choice Broking Jiffy Web Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.0/10
Usability 7.1/10
Features 7.2/10
Speed 7.1/10
Performance 7.0/10
Overall Ratings 7.1/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Choice Broking Online Trading Platform – Jiffy Web

Choice Broking Online Trading Platform is launched by the broking company to make the trader trading experience enjoyable and enable them to trade across Equity, Derivative, Currency and commodity.

The web trading platform launched by the broking company is easy and fast to trade. It is developed to make the traders trading simplified across the capital market.

Choice Broking aims to become an online trading community that looks to drive development relies on the feedbacks of the customer ad alter the procedure of trading.

This application can operated on any of the browser such as Google chrome, Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc. Through this application, traders do comfortably continue their trading from anywhere and anytime.

In order to operate this trading platform, traders are just require to open the link provide by the executives of the broking company. With this, traders can trade across multiple segments and various stock exchanges.

It facilitates real-time market data and offer insightful research reports to the traders. Traders can quickly buy and sell shares with the easy overview of their funds. With just a few mouse clicks, traders can buy and sell any number of shares.

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    Choice Broking Web Trading Platform – Top Features

    Here you can examine some of the common features of Choice Broking web trading platform:-

    • Insightful research report are available to traders on this app which facilitate them to know about the company information and makes their trading easy and reliable
    • It also offers real-time market data to the users.
    • Traders can promptly buy and sells shares with easy funds overview
    • All products offered by the broking company can be traded in one single stock market trading platform
    • Multiple market watch ad Live market depth is been offered to the traders
    • Traders can place multiple numbers of orders and After market order is also permitted and even this order can be placed after market closes for the day.
    • This web trading platform is linked with various renowned stock exchanges of India such as BSE,NSE and MCX
    • It has a feature of clean and simple UI, personalized market watch list and traders can examine consolidated scrip overview.

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    How to Set-up Choice Broking Jiffy Web?

    You can check the process of setting up Choice Broking Web Trading Platform –

    1. Opening demat account with Choice broking is mandatory, if traders are looking to trade through Web trading platform offered by the broking company.
    2. After activating demat account. Enter your login details to operate it.
    3. You will see the Market Watch option as you will mention your login id
    4. You are compelled to select the types of company shares you seek to trade
    5. After selecting the shares of company, mention the number of shares you wish to purchase or sell
    6. Select sell option if want to sell the shares and buy option if you want to buy shares and also confirm the number of sales to be purchased or sell
    7. If you wish to upload photograph in your demat account from, you care free to upload you photograph
    8. Chart option will help you to analyze the charts of the company
    9. If you want to know the holding of your shares, then you cans see this through Portfolio Section option
    10. Under Notification Section, you will receive all the notification regarding your buying and selling of shares

    How to own Choice Broking Web Trading Platform?

    For the sake of owning Choice Broking web trading platform, traders are compelled to open heir demat account from with the broking company.

    Traders can open their demat account with the Choice Broking free of cost. Demat Account & Trading A/C AMC charges are also free. Traders can even open their demit account by not depositing any minimum amount.

    Following documents will be asked by the traders to submit o the broking company.

    • Passport size photograph
    • Age proof
    • Address proof
    • DOB proof
    • Bank Statement

    Procedure to activate Choice Broking Demat account

    1. Click on the link below for opening Demat Account Form
    2. Enter all the required details asked in the from
    3. As you will enter the details, you will get a call to verify your details
    4. If your details are verified , then you will be asked to submit the necessary documents to the broking company
    5. Along with the details, your documents will also be verified.
    6. After the successful verification of your documents, you will be facilitated with the login id
    7. Your demat account will be accessed within few days.
    8. Enter your login id and enjoy your trading with Choice Broking

    Your account will be successfully activated within 2-3 days

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    Advantages of Choice Broking Online Trading Platform

    Here you can examine some of the exemplary advantages delivered by the Choice Broking web trading platform to the traders:-

    • It offers flexibility to the traders as they can trade form anywhere and anytime
    • It makes the users trading easy and speedy
    • Just with a single application, traders can continue their trading across multiple segments
    • It offers real-time data and news to the users which enable them to gain company information and market data.
    • Through this app, traders can even place the order after market closes for the day.
    • It is a highly trusted, secured and protected trading platform
    • It also enable the traders to place their orders quickly
    • Through this app, traders will be notified their target price and also able to knows their holding position.
    • It is al lightweight application and needs normal speed of internet

    Choice Broking Jiffy Web – Conclusion

    Choice Broking Jiffy Web is light in weight, simple to use, and trading can be done speedily. It offers an immediate trading experience to the users across currency, commodity, derivatives and currency and also encourages traders to give their feedback. Traders can trade across multiple segments and stock exchanges with just a single trading platform.

    It facilitates news and real time data to the traders which help them to get company and market information. It has a decent design and considered as a first-rate trading platform offered by the company.

    This application can be easily operated through any browser just with single click on the link available by the company. So to enjoy the hassle-free experience, traders should at least consider Choice Broking Web Trading Platform once.

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