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Alice Blue Sensibull is the trading platform specially designed for the options trading purpose. Trading options is little different from regular equity trading and thus a specialized option trading platform can benefit the clients and the traders a lot.

With this thought process Sensibull was founded by Abid Hassan and Abhimanyu. In this article we will discuss in detail about the platform, its features and the various benefit it offers to the clients.

You will also understand the process of setting up the platform for the options trading and how you can own the platform by opening Demat account Alice Blue. So, let us start the Alice Blue Option Trading Platform review with a brief idea about the platform.

Alice Blue Online Offers

Alice Blue Sensibull Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Alice Blue Sensibull Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.4/10
Usability 7.4/10
Features 7.5/10
Speed 7.5/10
Performance 7.3/10
Overall Ratings 7.4/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Alice Blue Sensibull

Sensibull is a platform designed only for trading options and there are various resources, features which are there on this platform which is made for options trading such as option trading strategies and others.

The platform has made tricky option trading easier for many investors and it has also given them a platform where options trading can be done faster than on any other general trading platforms.

It has mainly designed for making options trading easy for the small and retail traders. There are strategies which are suggested by the platform according to the market view of the trader and then the trader can use those strategies and apply for trading options in the market.

The platform has all the information related to the options market and the options you want to trade right in front of your eyes. You can check the strike price, risk associated, potential of profit and losses on the trade and other details of the options.

One of the most attractive features of the platform is that you can compare the strategies and choose the best one for your options trading as per your requirements.

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    Alice Blue Option Trading Platform – Top Features

    Let us talk about the various features that are offered by Alice Blue Sensibull –

    Built-in Toggle Button

    There is this feature which helps you save time and you do not need to calculate the total cost of the contract you want to buy. So, each of the contract’s price is displayed along with it as per the price of each unit in the lot.

    Earlier, the traders were required to multiply the lot size with the LTP and now the total cost is already there on the platform.

    Built-in Calendar

    While trading options, the dates matter the most as there are expiries of the options and so you need to keep in mind a lot of dates.

    However, with Sensibull platform offered by Alice Blue you can just not required to remember all these important dates as you can see all of them on this built-in calendar on the platform.

    It has all the options related dates, dates of RBI policy announcements and other important announcements and also quarterly and annual reports announcement dates of the companies which affect the price of the options and the market as a whole.

    Options Chain Table along with Heat Maps

    It is very important to understand the resistance building up and the support on the underlying asset price and that affects the call and put prices and thus for trading options, you need to identify this points.

    With the Option Chain feature along with the Heat maps it is really easy to understand these points.

    Strategy Creation and customization

    The platform has inbuilt strategies but you can create and customize various strategies according to your requirement for your trading purpose. With the use of the macros, you can build the strategies automatically.

    You have to just input your market view in broader sense and then the platform Alice Blue Sensibull will tell you about the various strategies which suit the view of the market and also about the instruments that you need to invest into and the combination of the same.

    Option Analyser

    The option analyzer is really beneficial for the traders as it analyses the options you want to trade using the options chain, option Greek and also checks the trading and P&L account of the company and also does scenario analysis.

    Option Central

    It is another great feature which this platform offers to the trades. It helps in identifying the opportunities in the options market by checking the IV percentiles, PCR, Volume Breakouts, OI Buildups, and the events.

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    How to Set-up Alice Blue Sensibull?

    To set up the Alice Blue Sensibull you have to –

    1st Step – Logon to Alice Blue Sensibull

    • You have to use your user ID and password of Alice Blue Demat and trading account to login and then you can start using this Sensibull Platform offered by Alice Blue.
    • Once you are on the Sensibull dashboard, you have to select the index you want to trade. At present, it suggests strategies for options trading on Nifty and Bank Nifty. You have to choose between these two indices.
    • Then you have to select your market view – it can be Not Above, Not Below, Above, Below or Between.
    • You have to then input your anticipated price range that the index you have chosen can touch at expiry.
    • You have to now select the date of expiry or you have to choose a date when you think your index will touch the price you have mentioned.
    • Then press the ‘GO’ button.

    2nd Step – Strategy Selection

    • Once you hit the ‘GO’ button, you will see a lot of information related to the details you have provided above, there will be details regarding the events in the market that are coming in and then other RBI and SEBI policies if any and other market details.
    • Then you will get a list of strategies which are suggested for your market view.
    • You have to choose amongst all the ones that are there one the list as per your suitability of trading.
    • You can use the filters to cut out the type of strategies you do not want to check.
    • Once you decide the strategy select it.

    3rd Step – Placing an order

    • Now you have the strategy selected and then you have to hit the trade button but before that, you have to input the lot size you want to buy or sell and the order type.
    • Once you hit the trade button, your order is placed and you can then modify the order and track it.

    How to Own Alice Blue Sensibull?

    For owning the Alice Blue Option Trading Platform –

    1. Open Demat account with Alice Blue and to do so you have to click on this “open Demat account’ button here on this page.
    2. You will see a pop-up form, fill and submit it.
    3. Then you will have to upload documents for KYC purpose – upload scan documents of voter id, PAN, AADHAAR card and other required documents.
    4. You will then receive a call from the executives of Alice Blue.
    5. Then you have to verify all your details and they will verify your documents and once your application is approved after proper verification, then you will receive your login details in your mail.
    6. You can then login and start using the Alice Blue Sensibull

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    Advantages of Alice Blue Sensibull

    The advantages which an Alice Blue Sensibull user get are –

    • This is an advanced tool for the options traders. It has various powerful features like option chain, option analyzer and others which help the traders a lot in their options trading.
    • The risk associated with options trading is minimized using this platform as it makes the options trading easier and limits your risks by providing you the best strategies.
    • You can test your strategies with paper trading and virtual money. This will help you understand if your new strategy which you have created will be actually beneficial and profitable or not.
    • In a single click, you can use the multi-leg strategies for your options trading.
    • There is a lot of resources on options trading on this platform which you can avail to gain and enhance your knowledge related to options. The resources are both available in Hindi and English.

    Alice Blue Sensibull Conclusion

    The Alice Blue Option Trading Platform is truly a gem and boon for the options traders in the market. it not only eases the options trading process and creation and selection of the strategies but also helps in reducing the risks associated with the options trading.

    The Alice Blue Sensibull helps in making options trading more fruitful and safe.

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