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India Infoline has collaborated with smallcase to launch its thematic investment platform called IIFL Small Case. With the help of this platform, users can easily able to invest in stocks and ETFs.

Here in this article, you will get to know about IIFL smallcase and how it will help the users. Along with this, you will get to know about the important features of this trading app. If you are interested to install this app, then you need to know about the process.

Basically here you will get all the important information about Indian Infoline Small Case. So, read this article properly to know more about smallcase.

IIFL or India Infoline Demat Account

About India Infoline Small Case

India infoline is always providing the best service to their clients. They provide research-based advice and trading platforms for a wide range of financial products and services.

In order to provide the best service, the broking house is offering a thematic investment tool which is actually known as IIFL smallcase.

Smallcase is basically a basket of exchange-traded securities in a specified weighting scheme to reflect a certain objective. It can have 2 minimum securities and 50 maximum securities.

With the help of India Infoline Small Case platform, you can able to get information about cost efficiency, transparency and full ownership.

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    Top Features of IIFL Small Case

    Here are the various features of IIFL Small Case Platform –

    Smallcase for everyone

    IIFL broking small case trading app is for everyone. Smallcase are completely well researched by SEBI licensed professionals.

    This is why if you are a new investor, then you don’t need to research for the right stock. If you are a mutual fund investor, then also you can be your own fund manager with smallcase.

    Sometimes it can be difficult and time-consuming to track stocks on spreadsheets. This is why you can create your own smallcase where you can create it with the stocks of your choice and track them under your own smallcase.

    Flexible and transparent

    IIFL broking smallcase app will provide you flexible and transparent portfolio.  If you want to get specific knowledge about a particular stock, then you can easily add it to your portfolio.

    Therefore, it will be easy for you to track your stock quite easily.  The best thing which you can get by smallcase is that the portfolio can be customised by you.

    If you don’t like a stock, then you can remove it and if you like a stock, then you can add it.

    Ownership of shares

    When you invest in a smallcase, then you will get the shares in your Demat account. This is one of the best things about India Infoline smallcase platform because in this case, you can earn dividend income.

    When a broking house declares a dividend, then it comes directly into the shareholder’s bank account and you don’t need to pay tax for it.

    Quicker redemption

    Mostly, the redemption usually takes three working days to get processed but IIFL Smallcase platform can be tracked in real-time during the market hours.

    In a smallcase, you can also pick and choose the shares that you want to sell. This is more flexible to invest partially.

    Low chances of risk

    As you can invest in multiple stocks which can protect you against the volatility in a specific stock and this can help you to decrease the chances of risk in smallcase.

    No management fees

    In small cases, you don’t need to pay anything extra as you are the owner of your own trading. You will only need to pay during the time of transacting.

    If you don’t need to pay anything extra charges and fees, then it means that chances are high to get a good outcome.

    Control your progress

    The broking house is not holding the stocks of yours and you can check the track of your favorite stocks and you can analyse how it is performing and you can take certain decisions based on this.

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    How to set up India Infoline Small Case?

    If you want to set up this thematic investment tool, then you need to submit your details and you need to follow the step by step instructions to open your account.

    Once you will fulfill the required information, then you will get the login ID and password. With the help of login ID and password, you can open your account and you can track your favourite stock.

    How To Own IIFL Small Case?

    If you have the list of the stocks that you like or you have been recommended by some trusted source or someone who is connected with this field, then you can also create your India infoline thematic app.

    With the help of this India infoline smallcase app, you can also track the trading so that it can be helpful for you to take certain decisions about trading.

    To access this, you need to upload some of the important documents of yours such as Pan Card, Aadhar card and so on. These documents will work as an identity proof of yours.

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    Advantages of India Infoline Smallcase

    There are many advantages which you can get by using this India infoline Smallcase. Some of them are mentioned below.

    • If you use this app, then it will give you direct ownership of stocks because stocks are delivered to Demat account.
    • If you can use this India infoline smallcase app, then there will be no chance of fees deduction from your capital.
    • This app will give you the complete control and as a result of this, you can add or remove stocks or create your own smallcase.
    • Since it is transparent, you can able to see about the investment procedure anytime, anywhere.
    • Along with this, with the help of this app, you can set up SIPs to get a good investing approach.

    IIFL Smallcase – Conclusion

    After the discussion, it can be concluded that if you are looking for a quick and hassle-free investing experience, then you need to explore the IIFL Small Case.

    This platform will provide you with transparency so that you can check what is happening inside the portfolio and you can invest to get the best outcome.

    Along with this, you can get full ownership. So, without thinking about it anymore, you can subscribe to this app to experience the wonderful features.

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