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ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web has been praised for its abilities as a trading platform. And, we’ll be dedicating this article to determining the truth behind the praises.

We’ll simply put on all our focus on the trading platform offered by the financial giant. And, we’ll do this by reviewing all the pros and cons of ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web.

We’ll help you configure the software on your computer. And, we’ll even lay down the procedure to own it completely. So, remain focused as we continue to elaborate on the article.

ICICI Direct Review

ICICI Trade Racer Web Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.4/10
Usability 7.3/10
Features 7.2/10
Speed 7.4/10
Performance 7.5/10
Overall Ratings 7.3/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web

ICICI Direct Trade RacerICICI Direct Trade Racer Web is a professionally designed web-based trading platform. The software is currently being offered as a part of ICICI Direct’s Trading Software.

And, its access is limited only to the clients of the broker. The software can be accessed through a web browser. And, the best part is that it has no compatibility limitations.

This means that it can be accessed on the web browser of any device. And, by any, we mean laptops, desktops, smartphones and even tabs.

And, this is only the icing on the cake. It, however, needs some supportive plugin to be installed and functions properly. We’re referring to the Silverlight plugin. Silverlight is third-party software developed by Microsoft.

The software is basically an alternative to Adobe Flash. Nonetheless, this is precisely what’s needed to support ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web.

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    Top features of ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web Platform

    ICICI Direct Web Trading Platform comes loaded with enormous features. And, each feature has been integrated with precision. We’re referring to the needs and convenience of clients. Here’s the entire list of the features it has: –

    Professional Look

    ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web boasts a stunning look. Do understand that the UI looks beautiful without any complexity.

    In fact, the entire look and feel of the software are made to suit even new traders. All the features can be accessed through the tools bar at the top right of the screen.

    Live Streaming Quotes

    ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web App is extremely useful for intraday trading. The software can be used to vividly not the live market quotes. The quotes are constantly streamed across a dedicated section at the top of the screen. The quotes are even highlighted with proper positive or negative gains.

    Custom Watchlists

    This ICICI Direct App allows users to customize watchlists. The users can create upto 5 different watchlists grouping several stocks into one. This feature is highly beneficial in terms of segregated investment techniques.

    Great Efficiency

    Each watchlist can be used to add upto 20 scrips. This helps the users to maintain a regular check on their favourite stocks.

    Customizable Widgets

    This ICICI Direct App enables users to customize widgets at their convenience. This helps in accessing specific tools of liking with rather an ease. Moreover, the users can add widgets to any screen using the drag-and-drop feature.

    Efficient Compound Display System

    The app is built to showcase several useful Data within a confined space. This becomes really useful within the order window.

    The users can see and access different data including ‘get quote’, ‘best 5 bids’, ‘best 5 offers’, ‘modify allocations’ and more within the order window.

    Easy Access to Widgets

    The users are allowed to access upto 9 widgets within a single screen. This helps the users, especially with fundamental and technical research.

    Customizable Theme

    The users are enabled to customize themes as per their liking. Several preset themes are available within the app. Furthermore, the users can even create their own themes to certain limitations. This grants the ICICI Direct Trading App a personalized touch.

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    How to set up ICICI Trade Racer Web?

    If you’re concerned about setting up ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web, then don’t worry. We’ve mentioned the detailed information on getting it done with ease. Therefore, all you need to do is relax and follow the steps mentioned below: –

    1. First of all, you must register yourself with ICICI Direct. This can be done by opening a Demat or a Trading Account.
    2. You’ll be given a set of login credentials after registration. You must use this particular set to log into the software.
    3. Just go to the web browser of your computer, tab or smartphone and search for the ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web Login page.
    4. Clicking on the relevant link will take you to the login dashboard of the software. However, if you do not have Silverlight installed, then you’ll be prompted to install the freeware from Microsoft first.
    5. You’ll be able to access the software by signing into the login dashboard using the credentials given by the company.
    6. We’d suggest that you change the password using the settings later on.
    7. After logging in, you can access the tools through the menu in the top right corner of the screen.
    8. Create watchlists and add scrips to the watchlists.
    9. Able to track all of your investments and make new ones.
    10. Follow the market pattern from the live-moving quotes on the top of the screen.
    11. You can even CMP with the best 5 bids/offers and your current limit in a single window.
    12. You can even choose to modify allocation and place orders for Equity and F&O.

    How to Own ICICI Direct Web Trading Platform?

    We’ve told you about the features of ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web. We’ve told you how to set it up on your computer or smartphone. Now, it’s obvious that you worry about owning it. However, we must tell you there’s nothing to really worry about. In fact, you can easily own the software if you have an ICICI Direct trading or demat account. And, here’s how you can get one: –

    Steps Involved

    1. You’ll find a button within this article with the mark ‘Open Account’.
    2. You must click on the button.
    3. This will take you to a completely new page. The new page that’ll pop up on your screen will include a form.
    4. You must fill up the form with all the blank spaces. And, you must take care to fill up only relevant information within.
    5. You must even submit certain documents for verification purposes. Here’s the set of documents you’ll need: –
      • A copy of your photograph. This requires for the sake of your identity.
      • A copy of your Adhaar Card / Voter’s ID Card. Even this requires identity verification. This will use for verifying your address.
      • A copy of your bank account statement. This requires verifying your financial status.
      • A copy of your PAN Card. Even this will be required to verify your financial status.
    6. Your work will be done when you complete submitting all the documents and the form. Next, you’ll get a call from one of ICICI Direct’s representatives. This will decide whether you get registered with them.

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    Advantages of ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web

    ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web is an extremely beneficial software. Here are some of the most lucrative advantages of using it: –

    • It’s dependable software. It accesses through the web browser of any device. And by any, we mean computer, smartphone or even tab. Furthermore, it has no constraint on the compatibility of a web browser. It accesses Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, UC Web and more.
    • ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web is highly customizable. It allows customization at various levels of the UI. Thus, the users can totally personalize it before using it. Furthermore, even the customization process is simplified. For the gadgets part, it uses simple drag-and-drop.
    • The software is extremely lightweight. In fact, it doe not even use a lot of cache memory to run on the browsers.
    • The software has rather good security measures integrated into it. This enables secure transactions of data and currency.

    Conclusion of ICICI Web Trading Platform

    ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web is your rely-upon software. That’s all we can say. It has great UI. It allows customization.

    ICICI Direct Web Trading Platform uses on the go from any device’s web browser. Moreover, it’s light in configuration. What else can be possibly expected? Our verdict is that it can be completely trusted.

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