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At times, it happens that you are unsure about the stocks which one to invest. You also get baffled with so many stock ideas as well. In that regard, the Kotak Securities Small Case Thematic Investment Platform comes into the vision.

It is an outstanding concept for traders who want to know about the latest products for investment. The main criteria of the Kotak Securities Small case are to allow the traders to have a cost-effective and diversified portfolio but that for the long term.

Thus, in this article, we will throw light on some of the facts related to the Kotak Small Case Thematic Investment Platform.

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About Kotak Small Case

The smallcase is a revolutionary idea which piles up different types of the stocks and it eases the task choosing the stock from the end of the traders. The smallcase as a concept leverages the traders to invest in the portfolio in the right way.

It does project a precise idea on the stocks. The best thing about the small case is that it makes you diversify the investment, which is why you don’t need to face any potential risk from the investment.

In addition to that, you don’t have to burden your pocket about paying the fees every day which is a must for the mutual funds. Here you need to pay the fees, which is quite less. On the contrary, you can expect a return which is much higher.

In addition to that, you also get to have proper sight of how each of your stocks is performing in reality. Therefore it is worth having the Kotak Small Case.

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    Kotak Securities Small Case – Top Features

    Like all other innovations, the Kotak Small Case has some amazing features as well. Go through them below:

    Fast and simple

    The first noteworthy feature of the Kotak securities Smallcase is that it is fast that means it won’t kill any of your time to get the work done. In addition to that, it is very hassle-free to handle as well which means once you are on the page a single click will let you understand the rest

    A click away from stocks

    It does not have any specific stock limit like ten or twenty that means you can have as many stocks you want to have. Only a single button will let you pile up the multiple numbers of the stocks. On the whole, you can place up to 50 stocks at a time with a single click.

    Portable Small Case

    The small case from Kotak securities is a real handy stock investment tool because you don’t have to wait to sit in front of your computer to accomplish the trading. Instead, you can avail it anywhere at any time.

    To elaborate on that, the tool leverages the traders to track and manage at the same time keeping a pace with the value of the real-time index. Note that it includes dividends and corporate actions.

    Start your SIP

    The best thing about the small case is that you can invest in the SIP that too in a regular manner. Now that is up to you how you want to choose the investment procedure. You have the liberty to invest in a monthly, weekly or the quarterly manner.

    Do it yourself with Kotak Small Case

    You have the ultimate freedom to create your own customized small case list where you can select and pile up to 50 stocks. That means you are the real manager of your funds. In addition to that, get the opportunity to expand your own self- designed ideas

    Thus, these are the features that you should remember.

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    How to Set-up Kotak Securities Thematic Investment Tool?

    Here is the set-up process of Kotak Securities Smallcase:

    1. You have to open a demat account with Kotak Securities
    2. You will get a client id & password
    3. Now, you have to go to small case section in kotak securities website
    4. You can login to kotak small case with the client id & password
    5. You can create a basket for your investment
    6. Select an Idea & then create a basket & then start you investment process

    It is very easy to set-up & use.

    How to Own Kotak Small Case?

    To use the same you need to figure out these steps:

    • You have to be on the site smallcase.kotaksecurities.com
    • Then you have to put the user Id
    • Next input the password
    • You have to generate the access code
    • Then enter the same

    It is easy and it is comprehensible by anyone whether it is a first time user or someone who is a pro in the same.

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    Advantages of Kotak Small Case

    The advantages of the Kotak Smallcase are described below:

    • The first advantage is that it allows investing in equity without any kind of hitch.
    • Next are those traders will feel at ease with its high-end dividend tracker as well.
    • You can start investing in the small case even in the oddest hour.
    • It makes the traders feel delighted in using it because of the certain underlined parameters like innovative, easy, fast, and convenient.
    • It introduces you to cutting -edge ideas that are difficult to find somewhere else.
    • They feature all-weather investment is superb as it makes the traders invest in the equity but have less risk but enjoy an income, which is fixed.
    • The initiative like the Smart Beta strategy steals the eye of the traders as it is designed to challenge the market trend and make the traders stay above the crowd.

    Kotak Securities Small Case – Conclusion

    The Kotak Thematic Investment Tool is outstanding no doubt because it has given ample of privilege to the traders to be a professional trader. In reality, it makes the traders select a congenial investment strategy, which fits their requirements.

    They introduce you to the market themes, which are trending. You can experience an excellent return from the small case but it does not increase the risk of return in any case.

    One unique thing to mention about the Kotak small case is that it was resistant to the recession, which means it offers stable money to the traders in times of odd as well.

    Get Free Access to Kotak Securities Small case – Open Demat Account Now!

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