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Fyers Web is a next generation web trading platform which can be used by clients of Fyers. The web application is ideal for those traders who want to access multiple markets from multiple kinds of devices like PCs, Smartphones, Tablets and more.

In this article, we are going to discuss the different features of the Fyers Online Trading Platform and look into the advantages of Fyers Web over other web trading platforms in the market.

Finally, we are going to tell you how to access the next generation web trading platform by Fyers and will also explain the procedure to get associated with them as a trader.

Fyers offers

Fyers Web Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Fyers Web Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.8/10
Usability 6.7/10
Features 6.6/10
Speed 6.7/10
Performance 6.6/10
Overall Ratings 6.6/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Fyers Web

Fyers is a relatively new broker as they were incorporated in the year 2015. They provide discount broking services and despite being new to the market, they have shown rapid growth in the Indian market.

One of the main reason behind their rapid growth is the use of next generation technology in their web, mobile, as well as PC trading platforms. The name of the company is an acronym for the core values of the company that is “Focus Your Energy & Reform the Self”.

Their web trading platform is called Fyers Web and has been updated recently to use the latest web technologies to facilitate the users in transacting effortlessly in a clutter free UI.

The web trading platform was developed with latest design principles in mind this is why it looks and feels like a modern web application.

The web platform can be used to perform all the required trading tasks along with innovative features like Price Ladder Trading as well as placing trades right from the chart.

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    Fyers Web Trading Platform – Top Features

    As mentioned before, Fyers Online Trading Platform is innovative with many new features that cannot be seen in other web trading applications. Some of these features are as follows: –

    Advanced Charting Features

    Every trading platform needs to have a good analysis section through which clients can analyze the market and plan their trades. Charts are an essential part of market analysis.

    Fyers Web provides the clients with advanced charting features that can be used to analyze the market with the help of an upwards of 70 indicators, more than 300 interactive icons as well as a plethora of drawing tools to professionally analyze the charts using industry standard methods as well as offbeat ones.

    Price Ladder Trading

    A Price ladder is a tool which can be used to see the order book which contains bids as well as asking prices of stocks in addition to the last traded prices arranged vertically with the actual price of the financial instrument.

    The advantage of a price ladder is that one can see the changes in asking prices and bids in real time. This helps the traders to get a deep insight into what’s going on with the stock and they can place orders from the ladder itself.

    This feature makes trading more efficient and profitable as the clients can make more informed trading decisions.

    Trade Right from the Charts

    As in the price ladder feature, the users can make trades right from the price ladder, users of Fyers Web can also place buy / sell orders right from the charts.

    This makes the redundant process of checking order books irrelevant. Users can now place orders, modify orders, as well as cancel the orders along with monitoring them right from the charts itself. This results in quick decisions that aren’t delayed due to unnecessary roadblocks.

    All in One Dashboard

    The dashboard is the first page that a trader sees when they log into a trading platform.

    The dashboard in the Fyers Web application is equipped with features that help the users to track any open positions as well as their orders so that the users can make quick decisions as soon as they log into the platform.

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    How to use Fyers Trader?

    Fyers Web is an easy to use web application that does not require any additional manual to operate. You just need a modern web browser that is updated to view and operate the Fyers Web Trader.

    However, if you are new to the platform and are wondering how to get started, you can follow these steps to proceed:

    1. Go to the official website of Fyers (fyers.in).
    2. On the header of the website, hover your mouse over products.
    3. In the dropdown menu which opens, select Fyers Web.
    4. Now the landing page for Fyers Web will open up, you can read more details about the platform here. To continue, click on the button labelled “Sign In”.
    5. In the next page, you are required to enter your account login details for Fyers. If you don’t have a Fyers account, you can follow the steps in the next section to get one.
    6. Enter your Client ID and password for Fyers Web and then enter either your PAN number or Date of Birth to authenticate.
    7. Now click on the button labeled ‘Submit’.

    You will now be logged into the Fyers Online Trading Platform. You can now make trades and analyze the market from its intuitive dashboard and other pages.

    How to Own Fyers Web?

    In order to use the next generation Fyers Web, you are required to be a registered member of Fyers brokers. The process of registering with Fyers is quite streamlined and automated so it takes less than 10 minutes to open an account.

    In order to open a trading account with Fyers, follow these steps: –

    1. At the bottom of the page, you will find a button labeled “Open Demat Account”.
    2. Click on the button, a pop-up form will appear, Fill up the form with your details.
    3. You will get a call from Fyers KYC Team, they will share an EKYC link with you.
    4. You have to upload all the documents & e-sign them with aadhaar otp.
    5. The the documents will be verified & send to SEBI for approval.
    6. Within 1 day, your account will be activated.

    This is the procedure of opening an account with Fyers, you can now register for their trading application to get your client ID and password & then start Fyers Web Login.

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    Advantages of Fyers Web Trading Platform

    There are a lot of advantages of using the Fyers Web trading platform when compared to other outdated web trading platforms in the market.

    Some of these advantages of Fyers Web are listed below: –

    Multi Chart Setup: Using the Fyers Web trading platform, the traders can set up to eight charts simultaneously on a single screen and monitor them for changes at the same time.

    Each of the eight charts can be loaded with a different symbol. One can also load each of them with the same one but in different time frames and indicators to analyze different aspects of the stock.

    This feature is not available in other web trading platforms in the market due to server restrictions. However, Fyers Web provides simultaneous charting features for its clients.

    Sleek User Interface: The Fyers Web trading platform was recently remodeled and was rebuilt using the latest technologies and designs.

    The entire web application looks elegant and provides a clutter free user interface without compromising with functionality. The web trading platform is easy to use and understand and doesn’t require a manual to operate.

    Fyers Web – Conclusion

    Fyers is a new discount broker in the market offering trades at less brokerage. However, it is growing rapidly in the Indian market due to its use of modern technologies to adapt and evolve its platforms.

    Their Fyers Online Trading Platform is a well-designed trading platform with a clutter-free UI and innovative features. You should go for Fyers if you want a modern trading experience with less brokerage fees.

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