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Expertise is a result of years of experience, and the HEM securities has mastered it with the 35 years of notable presence it has portrayed. The expertise it holds is featured in the products and services which are offered by the company, including the HEM Securities Demat Account.

We understand the belonging investors, especially the traders, have with a demat and trading account and we are here to provide you with the prospects covered by the company HEM Securities.

HEM Group builds faith and confidence among its clients, carefully uplifting their financial investment needs by creating a holistic business environment, which accommodates it all, a HEM Securities Trading Account being the prime focus.

Hem Securities offers

HEM Securities Demat Account

Let us focus on the benefits which are provided by the HEM Securities Demat Account and how an investor can transform his savings, into some remarkable investments, which yields a significant amount of return.

A demat account gives you all the benefits of investing in with the company, where availing for its online investment options would become just easy and seamless.

  • You can perform a brokerage charge analysis and calculate how beneficial a company’s brokerage charge is, in context with other houses charges. We are sure you will find an alarming difference in the rate of brokerage charge.
  • A demat account is just easy to obtain, given, the least set of rules and regulations the company has in context with opening a demat account.
  • An Aadhaar card would suffice, and would be good enough to get you started with your personal Demat account, which is the stepping stone to your financial decisions and investment plans.
  • As far as the safety measures are of concern, we assure you the company takes ample safety measures, to safeguard its customer’s information shared at its online medium.
  • Also, the ample financial products provided by the company can be availed for at one place, which is the Demat account.
  • You will find numerous listing of products, including Equities, currencies, F&O segment, in one account, all of which require a pretty low price to place an active order, i.e. Rs.10
  • Demat account is the mean to activation of the auto investor tool, wherein you will find the sources to invest in mutual funds as well.

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    How to Open an HEM Securities Demat Account?

    Ensuring the assistance of technology, with its open adaptation to the increasing tech availability, the company has taken the entire process to Open HEM Securities Demat Account online.

    Therefore, no use of paper and pen is to be adopted by the investors, who seek for a demat account.

    1. The first step comprises of clicking on green button which features “Open a Demat Account”.
    2. Then a pop-up form will appear, you need to fill up the form with your name, mobile number & city.
    3. HEM Securities officials, when made aware of your request, will make a call to you or forward a link to you wherein, you will find the document which needs to be filled for the process to be taken further.
    4. For the next process, you will be asked to provide details of PAN card, Aadhaar card and Date of Birth which have to be put in the form provided through the link.
    5. The form will now direct you to fill in the bank details and so, you will have to fetch in the Account number and IFSC code of the bank you wish to use for transactions.
    6. Now starts the verification process, wherein documents shall be uploaded in the page. The requirements are, a scan of PAN card, Aadhaar card and a cancelled cheque.
    7. You now need to digitally sign the form, which can be done through Aadhaar card.
    8. A customer service executive will call you and inform if any further formalities are to be done.
    9. With the approval of documents, your account will be validated.

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    HEM Securities Demat Account Charges

    HEM Securities Demat Charges
    Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening Charges Rs.250
    Demat AMC Free
    Trading AMC Free
    Margin Required Minimum Rs.15,000
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    So, here is the information of expenses you will have to incur in the course of maintain a Demat account.

    For the first thing, you will have to pay a HEM Securities Account Opening Charges which is applicable at the time of filling up the form. Once you have made the payment, the account will be active and ready to operate.

    You are obligated to pay a HEM Securities Demat Account Charges of Rs.250 when you open the account, which is fair enough for the services it provides. CDSL and NSDL being the depository participant of the company, your transactions are taken up to them.

    Minimum balance for trading ought to be Rs.15000 and it might be difficult for the newbie who wish to step into the world of trading. Also, dematerialization of shares is available in the company.

    HEM Securities AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    If you seek for the yearly maintenance charge you need to pay, as all of the other brokerage companies pay, we wish to put you at ease. It is because there is absolutely no HEM Securities AMC to be paid in either of the cases.

    The company decided to hang on to Free of AMC charges for Demat and Trading as of now. This, in no way shall hamper any of the trading account, and will cut on the expenses incurred by you.

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    HEM Securities Trading Account

    Trading account is no doubt the pillar which holds the traders and their requirements. We wish to convey in the benefits associated with the HEM Securities Trading Account if one opts for it.

    • If you have plans of taking the stock market by storm, you need a trading account for the same. It will allow you to place active share orders, which including buying, selling and also cancelling orders.
    • You mutual funds needs will find a seat as well with this trading account, as the company lets you invest in mutual funds through this account.
    • You will never be deprived of information, making it easy to maintain the account. The information includes heads up on holding, margin money balance, and other details.
    • Make the account opening payment, and it will open the doors to all the added benefits.

    HEM Securities Demat Account – Conclusion

    Our prime focus in on the free AMC for the mediums, HEM Securities Demat Account and the trading account. The trader will here, save on quite some money choosing HEM Securities.

    The brokerage rates are as well of economy in nature, and so, bulky transactions can be performed easily and great returns can be earned.

    Through the coampny charges no AMC, yet it has high minimum requirement, and we would let the newbie’s decide if they think it is fair enough for them.

    Open HEM Securities Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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