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Here, in this article, You will go through all the Religare Demat Account details.

Religare Securities is a subsidiary company of the legendary Religare Enterprises Limited and has been in the Stock Broking and Securities business for over two decades.

The company proudly tags itself as a “One Stop destination for all your investment needs” as they are the market leader in providing customer-friendly investment solutions in all spheres of financial services.

Religare Online has a flagship customer base of over 10 lakh clients trading with them both online and offline. The company has a widespread network of over 500+ cities and services customers all over the country.

Read through this article to know in-depth about the Religare Trading Account & their Demat Account and the benefits they offer to make a thoughtful decision.

Religare Securities Offers

Religare Demat Account

Religare is an entity which always stays one step ahead.

Whether it is about offering the Best Demat Account in India or offering trading services in the investment, trading or another financial segment, Religare is a recommended choice. It offers many benefits as a trader or investor.

If you are planning to open up an online Demat account with them, you could get the following benefits:

Zero Opening Account charges: Although there is an opening account charge of Rs. 500 for the Demat Account as well as the Trading account, you can surely get that waived off if you are a prospective trader or a high-end trader with the company.

Margin Funding: Enjoy a Margin facility while trading with them. Their exposure or leverage on their margin money goes up to 10 times as well for certain segments.

Easy tracking & monitoring: The Religare Securities Demat Account helps you track your holdings and spendings regularly, thus managing your entire portfolio.

Avail Free AMC for a lifetime: They have a Bandhan Green plan under which you can pay Rs. 2500 and avail lifetime free AMC for your Demat Account.

Want to learn more about Religare, visit our Religare Review page.

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    How to Open Religare Demat Account?

    It is a very simple and easy process to Open a Religare Securities Demat Account if you are going online.

    The company claims that it is just a 5 step process, and a 5 minutes time frame is required for filling up the online form.

    1. First, you need to click on the “Open Demat Account” button below.
    2. The Pop-up form will ask you to punch in your Name, Mobile Number and City.
    3. Once you do that, you will get a call from a Religare executive & they will share the Online KYC link.
    4. You need to fill up your basic details there like your full name, address, email id, Mobile number, Office name and address, Annual Income, Bank Details etc.
    5. Please ensure to fill in all details accurately and cross-check once again before you hit the “Submit” button.
    6. The screen will prompt you to upload your KYC documents like PAN Card, Adhaar Card, and photographs on filling up all details.
    7. Once your KYC and form filling are done, you will soon receive a call from the Religare Sales team to verify your credentials and check any missing documents.
    8. Post verification, your Demat account is activated, and the account id login details are provided to you via mail. You can access it and start trading instantly.

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    Religare Demat Account Charges

    Religare Securities Demat Charges
    Trading Charges [One Time] Rs 500
    Trading AMC [Yearly] NIL
    Demat Charges [One Time] NIL
    Demat AMC [Yearly] Rs 400 from the second year onward
    Margin Money Not Needed
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    Thus, Religare Securities is partnered with two Depository participants, namely CDSL & NSDL, so you can easily open up any Demat Account.

    The Religare Securities Account Opening charges are also on the much lower side than other competitors. You can get that for free if you have a certain trading trend and can assure a minimum trade per month with the company.

    Religare Securities demands no Margin money and on the plus side, they also provide larger leverage to their customers.

    The Religare Demat Account Charges are also incorporated within the Demat account charges themselves.

    Religare Securities AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    The Religare Trading Account does not have any Annual maintenance charge whatsoever, but the Demat account does have an AMC of Rs.400 per annum.

    However, you can waive off the Religare Securities AMC by opting for the Bandhan Green plan wherein you pay Rs. Two thousand five hundred one time and get the AMC free for a lifetime.

    To know more in detail, also check Religare Brokerage Charges.

    Religare Trading Account

    Like the Demat account, the Religare Trading Account also plays an integral role in the entire Religare trading experience. You get many benefits with the trading account as well:

    • Speedy and faster trading using the trading account. Buying, selling shares, and holding stocks can be done smoothly.
    • Technology-integrated trading tools and trading terminals have been designed to help you trade smarter and more effectively.
    • Live market updates, real-time streaming of stock rates, and notifications are provided for you to make instant decisions.
    • Stock tips and recommendations are provided at periodic intervals for you to enhance your decision making
    • With Religare’s advanced trading portals, historical data, company-specific trending, segment-wise evaluation, and many more such features are available.
    • The Religare Securities Trading Account links all exchanges and all segments in one account smoothly; you don’t need to open multiple accounts for the same

    Religare Online Demat Account – Conclusion

    For so many years, Religare Securities, a leading market player, has acquired the art of capitalizing on the customer’s wealth and taking them to growth heights.

    Hence the Religare Demat Account is famous and trending topmost among all companies. Their features and benefits are also decided based on customer expectations.

    Therefore, it is a great value proposition if you plan to get their Demat account opened and start trading with them.

    Religare Broking Demat Account FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to Religare Broking:

    How can I open a Religare Broking Demat Account?

    The process to open the Demat account begins from this page itself. Search and click on the green button named “Open Demat Account” which will open a pop-up. Fill up the pop-up button and then enter your contact details. When you submit the form, the company will follow up with you for the KYC process.

    Is Religare Broking Demat Free?

    No, the Demat account as offered by Religare Broking is not provided free of cost. There are indeed two different charges associated with the account, and though the Demat account opening charge is free, they levy the account maintenance charge.

    What are Religare Broking Demat Charges?

    If you plan to get a Demat account with Religare Broking, you then have to pay for one charge in connection with the account. The only charge you need to pay is the AMC or account maintenance charge of Rs.400 per Annum.

    Is AMC levied on Religare Broking Demat?

    Yes, the stockbroking house levies an AMC or Account maintenance charge of Rs.300 per Annum. But, there is a perk where the stockbroking house can even waive it off under certain circumstances. Then the AMC would be Free for the concerned individual.

    Is Religare Broking’s Demat Account the best?

    Yes, this stock broking’s Demat account is one of the many options you can avail of. They have a well-devised plan which is to the current prevailing market demand and hence, they cater for all of them via their exclusive products and services.

    Does Religare Broking provide Demat a/c?

    Yes, you can avail yourself of the demat account this stockbroking house offers. This account allows you to invest in all kinds of financial products and services and lets you fulfil all your financial and investment needs.

    What Documents are required for Religare Broking’s Demat?

    We wish to provide the information on the documents you need to get an account activated successfully. So the list goes as an Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport size photograph and cancelled cheque and they have to be provided at the time of KYC.

    Is Aadhaar Compulsory to Open Religare Broking Demat?

    Yes, an Aadhaar card is a necessary document as it serves as the base for address proof and identity proof. You also need to sign the end KYC form essential for the verification process before the account is activated and provided to you for use.

    Is PAN required for Opening a Religare Broking Account?

    Yes, there are many documents that you need to carry out the account opening process. One such document is the PAN Card which is essential for linking the savings account with the ​​Demat and the trading account.

    Do they Charge the Demat Account Opening Fee?

    No, most stockbroking houses charge a Demat account fee, whereas some choose not to take charge of this particular stockbroking house.

    Do they Charge the Demat Account Opening Fee?

    No, most stockbroking houses charge a Demat account fee, whereas some choose not to take charge of this particular stockbroking house.

    What does Religare Company do?

    Religare Enterprises Limited is a financial service provider. The Group set forth its foundation in 1984. It delivers financial services to its customers, including Insurance, brokerage investments, asset management, wealth management, etc.

    Is Religare a good company?

    Yes, Religare is a long-term standing, credible company where the environment is very cooperative and supportive. It helps its customers in a very friendly and beneficial manner. It is also one of the best Health insurance.

    How do I trade in Religare?

    Customers can easily place orders with Religare through their access points – website, online portal, or trading application. You can access these from your computer, laptop, or mobile phone in your comfort.

    What is NCB super in Religare?

    Religare offers NCB Super which is a health insurance plan. It is comprehensive and includes multiple benefits. It comes with an exceptional No Claim Bonus feature on the sum assured.

    How many branches of Religare are there in India?

    Presently, Religare Securities has expanded its operations to about 851 branches from where it is catering to its clients.

    How do I claim Religare Insurance?

    Religare understands emergencies and your necessities. You can inform it via a toll-free number 1800 102 4488 or reach out by email at customerfirst@religarehealthinsurance.com. The information is intimate to the company within 24 hours in case of hospitalization.

    What are STT charges in Religare?

    Religare charges Rs. 500 for the opening of a Trading Account. Further, it has waived the Annual Maintenance Charge on the Trading account. STT charges for Equity Intraday is 0.025% levied on sales.

    How can I withdraw money from Religare?

    Place your money withdrawal request in the “Withdraw Funds” section of the Religare app, and enter the sum you want to withdraw. Transfer of money to the Bank account linked with the trading account or the selected account in case of information of multiple Bank Accounts is given.

    How can I change my mobile number in the Religare Demat account?

    Customers can easily get their mobile numbers changed through the KYC change request. You will be required to fill out the KYC change request form and submit it in person at the nearest branch. The request should be accompanied by Identity proof. After the personnel verify and confirm the changes, they will be updated with the new information.

    When did Religare change its name?

    Religare Enterprises undertook the change of name of its health insurance subsidiary. Now it has been restructured as Care Health Insurance Ltd. Earlier, the name of the company was Religare Health Insurance Company Ltd.

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