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Standard Chartered Securities is one of the top-rated brokerage houses of the country. They provide a wide range of assistance to the retail investors and help them in earning a good amount of profit.

The Standard Chartered Demat Account offers a large number of advantages to the investors. There are many services provided by the broker house to the Demat account holders.

This article will reflect on both Standard Chartered Trading Account and the Demat account. All the important details like account opening charges, maintenance charges, Depository Participant, etc. shall be discussed here.

Standard Chartered offers

Standard Chartered Demat Account

There is more than one reason why the Standard Chartered Demat Account is extremely popular amongst the investors. A bunch of advantages is tagged to the Demat account of this brokerage house.

You can avail of all of them by opening a Demat account with them. But before that, you should know the reasons for which you will be getting a Demat account with the brokerage house.

  • They charge a very less amount of brokerage charge for various transactions
  • It is very easy to trade using the Demat account of Standard Chartered Securities
  • The Demat account opening process is very simple and can be completed over the internet
  • Their trading platforms are well-maintained and have useful features
  • They maintain the utmost amount of transparency in their business procedure
  • The facility of Dematerialization is offered by this Demat account

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    How to Open an Standard Chartered Demat Account?

    You can Open Standard Chartered Demat Account very easily sitting at your home. The whole process is guided online, and there is no need to visit a branch and standing in a long queue.

    1. Below in this page, there is an “Open Demat Account” button, click on it and then fill-up the form with all the required data
    2. Then an executive from Standard Chartered Securities will call you and send you the link for completing the EKYC procedure
    3. In the EKYC procedure, you will have to provide your exact date of birth, PAN Card number, and AADHAAR Card number. The rest of the form will be auto-filled by the system recollecting the data that you entered previously.
    4. Then you will have to fill-up the form of bank details. There you need to put the account number and the IFSC code, and all the rest of the fields will be filled automatically
    5. After submitting the bank account details, you will have to upload your original copies of AADHAAR Card, PAN Card, a canceled cheque.
    6. Then you will have to sign the online form for which you can do a digital signature if you have an AADHAAR Card. If you do not have an AADHAAR Card, then you will have to go to the branch and do the signature in person.
    7. After you submit the online form, all of your documents will be verified
    8. Then you will have to pay the Demat account opening charge to the firm, and they will activate your Demat account at the earliest
    9. The company will send you all the details for logging into your Demat account, and then you can start with your trading

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    Standard Chartered Demat Account Charges

    Standard Chartered Demat Charges
    Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening Charges Rs.310
    Demat AMC Rs.310 per Annum
    Trading AMC Free
    Margin Required Minimum Rs.15,000
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    The Standard Chartered Securities Account Opening Charges are quite low if compared to other brokerage houses.

    An investor just needs to pay Rs. 310 as the Standard Chartered Demat Account Charges, and he is all done.

    There are no hidden charges levied by the broker house. The charges for opening both the trading and Demat accounts are combined to the single amount of Rs. 310.

    Minimum margin money of Rs. Fifteen thousand should be maintained by an account holder with Standard Chartered Securities.

    This is on the higher side, but the money will lie safely in the account of the trader, and he need not worry about it. The broker house offers the facility of the Dematerialization of shares, which proves to be a great advantage for the traders.

    Standard Chartered Securities AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    All the broker houses charge a certain amount of AMC or annual maintenance charge for maintaining the Demat and the trading accounts.

    The same goes for Standard Chartered Securities also, and traders need to pay a small amount of AMC every year. Standard Chartered Securities AMC for Demat account is only Rs. 310 for a year.

    The broker house does not levy any AMC on the trading account, unlike many other firms, and thus traders are spared of a good amount of charge.

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    Standard Chartered Trading Account

    If you want to trade with this broker house, then a Standard Chartered Trading Account is extremely necessary. There are many advantages to this account that shall be discussed below:

    • Traders can buy and sell shares through the trading account
    • The trading account allows trading in various mutual funds
    • Clients can view their profile on this account. They can check out their stocks, margin, the amount left, and some other crucial details through the trading account
    • Standard Chartered Securities does not levy any maintenance charge on the trading account, and traders can run it for free of cost

    Standard Chartered Demat Account – Conclusion

    After reading this whole article, you must have surely evaluated the benefits of owning a Standard Chartered Securities Demat Account.

    The company allows trading in a lot of products at a very low brokerage charge. You can open a Demat account from your Smartphone and trade using the fantastic app maintained by the company.

    All of these together make the whole process very smooth and effortless.

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