‘Creating Wealth and Transforming Lives’ has been the guiding light of NJ Wealth ever since they started in 2006. A leading financial institution in India that aims to elevate the ordinary people through very successful wealth management techniques, the company has grown to mighty proportions today.

Business challenges and opportunities being the primary focus that can only be achieved through significant partnerships, NJ Wealth has spread through 95 branches in 21 Indian states. Over 25,00,000 investors and 33,000+ NJ Wealth Partners aptly sum up where the company stands today.

Join the full-service company with an NJ Wealth Demat Account and gain access to excellent trading chances through an NJ Wealth Trading Account.

NJ Wealth Offers

NJ Wealth Demat Account

When you get physical shares on certificates dematerialized to the online form, you need a Demat account to hold the shares as a legal record.

It is a great advantage to go for the online shares rather than the physical shares. NJ Wealth Demat Account will bring many benefits but must be followed up with the Trading Account to facilitate the buy and sell activities of the shares.

Products and the transaction modes that you gain access to with such an account:

  • Products available would be exchange-traded Mutual Fund Schemes, Exchange Traded Funds and Direct equity stocks operated through the exchange.
  • Transaction Mode Options include NJ Trading Account, by calling the helpline and Offline /Physical instruction through the form.

Special Features

  • Mutual funds that include Purchase, Redemptions, SIP, STP, and even inter-AMC switches are available through online transactions.
  • Equity stocks and ETFs offer SIP options.
  • Online payments that include Net Banking and Debit Cards.
  • ECS & Auto debit Facility for mutual fund SIPs.
  • Online Trading Desk, Mobile Desk, and Mobile Application facilitate anytime access from any location.

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    How to Open an NJ Wealth Demat Account?

    Once the wise decision has been made to Open NJ Wealth Demat Account, proceed with a few simple steps.

    1. Demat account applications may be made online or offline. When you click the “Open Demat Account” button available below, a Pop-up Form appears.
    2. Fill up that form with you details like Name, Mobile No. & City.
    3. An executive will call you & guide you through NJ Wealth KYC process.
    4. You will need AADHAAR Card and PAN Card or other valid document scanned copies along with a photograph to establish your identity and physical address proof.
    5. Bank Name, Branch details of account number and IFSC code will also be required to prove financial status. Filling such information is absolutely safe in the company database.
    6. You have first to fill the form for the Demat account application. You have to fill all the necessary details that are required. If you are filling an online application with AADHAAR, once you fill in the AADHAAR Details, it will become easy for you to open the account.
    7. You have to upload the scanned copies of the documents like PAN, AADHAAR, Cancelled cheque, and photographs. Once you upload the documents, you will receive a call from the NJ Wealth executives. They will guide you about the rest of the process, and then you can open the account.
    8. After the verification process is over, the account will be opened. You can log in with the credentials provided by the company. You are now ready to start to buy and sell trading activities.

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    NJ Wealth Demat Account Charges

    NJ Wealth Demat Charges
    Depository ParticipantCDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening ChargesRs.300
    Demat AMCFree
    Trading AMCRs.250 per Annum
    Margin RequiredMinimum Rs.3,000
    Dematerialization AvailableYes

    With depository participants CDSL and NSDL, NJ Wealth Account Opening Charges will amount to Rs. 300. At the time of opening the trading account, you have to pay Rs. 300.

    Regarding opening the NJ Wealth Demat Account Charges, it is free, and that means no fee is to be paid. The Dematerialization facility is Available with NJ Wealth.

    NJ Wealth AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    In terms of the Demat account, no Annual Maintenance Charges are required to be paid. AMC is free for the Demat account.

    NJ Wealth AMC fee is Rs. 250 per annum, which means that the amount of Rs. 250 has to be paid once every year. The margin required is a minimum of Rs. 3000 that is to be maintained at all times.

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    NJ Wealth Trading Account

    In the risky world of stock market trading, the company experts provide researched instructions and help minimize customer losses.

    Market analysts understand emerging trends better, and safety lies with them rather than trading alone. While the right decisions help create wealth, mistakes can turn into vast losses. Play it safe with an NJ Wealth Trading Account.

    Reliable and worthy of faith, the company has a huge presence across India. It is an old brokerage house with an exceptional online active platform easy to access.

    Get an NJ Wealth Trading Account and commence researched trading activities. With a country-wide reach in India, you have access to multiple products and find single-window answers.

    The company places customers first, as any reputed business should. Their salient lineage is committed to excellent business practices through well defined and time tested processes with technology constantly improving its reach and scope.

    While technology is what motivates all the modern trading practices online, it is global standards of information security, customer privacy, and network along with infrastructure management that provides a fabulous interface.

    Reliable, effective, and secure online environments ensure a hyper-successful trading experience but avoid the pitfalls with expert advice.

    NJ Wealth Demat Account – Conclusion

    With an NJ Wealth Demat Account, you gain access to a powerful all-India full-service brokerage house, and numerous meaningful investment opportunities arise.

    Trade-in Financial products like mutual funds, equities, PMS, and insurance. Maybe the personal interest lies in fixed income products like company/ bank FDs, bonds, debentures, and small saving schemes (PPF, NSS, postal schemes).

    What about non-financial products like physical assets (real estate, bullion) and private assets (equity, debt)? NJ Wealth provides awesome opportunities to grow your wealth safely.

    Adding up all the branches and partners, it is a mighty infrastructure of NJ Wealth that shares its experience and expertise with clients. Managing business risks is high on the agenda, and standard services elevate productivity and ensure customer satisfaction.

    Open NJ Wealth Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

      Fill Your Details Here

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