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Nirmal Bang is one of the top-class broker houses that offer seamless brokerage services at a very low cost. The Nirmal Bang Demat Account can be opened without any cost and can be a great medium for trading in the stock market.

A lot of facilities are tagged to this Demat account and helps traders in multiple ways. The Nirmal Bang Trading Account is listed amongst the best trading accounts through which traders can trade without any glitches.

This article will help you learn in detail about the useful services of the broker house. You will get to learn the account opening procedure, charges for opening an account, benefits, and AMC charged by Nirmal Bang here.

Go through the article minutely to grab all the details properly so that you can trade with the company better

Nirmal Bang Securities Offers

Nirmal Bang Demat Account

Popularity of the Nirmal Bang Demat Account has been noticed amongst the traders, and there are justified reasons for it.

There are some of the brilliant services provided by the company through this Demat account, and traders appreciate it to the greatest extent. The advantages of having a Demat account are as follows:

  • There is no money charged for opening the Demat account of Nirmal Bang.
  • Traders can trade by paying a very less amount of brokerage through this account.
  • Clients don’t need to travel to a branch of the broker house for opening a Demat account; they can do it from their Smartphone.
  • Investors can trade very easily without any hassle through this account.
  • Some excellent trading platforms are maintained by this company that help clients to get an overview of the entire stock market.
  • The personal data of the clients are kept confidential with the company, and they maintain top-class transparency in their trading procedure.
  • Facilities of dematerialization is as well provided by this broker house.

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    How to Open Nirmal Bang Demat Account?

    You will have to follow some plain and simple steps to Open Nirmal Bang Demat Account. All of these steps can be easily completed through the app developed by this broker house, and thus there is no need to travel to any branch physically.

    The steps for opening a Demat account with this broker house are:

    1. Click on the “Open Demat Account” button that is present at the bottom of this page.
    2. You will find a form appear on the screen of your device; fill it up with all the details required.
    3. After submitting the form, an executive from Nirmal Bang will call you and send you the link for completing the EKYC procedure.
    4. Click on the link, and you will find another form where you will have to enter your AADHAAR Card number, PAN Card number, and date of birth.
    5. Then the form for entering the bank account details will appear on the screen where you will have to enter the account number, branch name, and IFSC code.
    6. After submitting this form, the system will ask you to upload the scanned copies of your important documents that include AADHAAR Card, PAN Card and a cancelled cheque.
    7. Following the band details, you need to cross check the draft and then, you need to sign the form digitally, using the AADHAAR card.
    8. Once the uploading procedure is completed, you will have to make the payment for opening the Demat account.
    9. After the payment is made, your Demat account will get activated, and you can start trading by logging into it.

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    Nirmal Bang Demat Account Charges

    Nirmal Bang Demat Charges
    Trading Charges [One Time] Rs 0
    Trading AMC [Yearly] Rs 0
    Demat Charges [One Time] Rs 0
    Demat AMC [Yearly] Rs 200
    Margin Required Minimum Rs.10,000
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    Every broker house charges an account opening fee, but there are no Nirmal Bang Account Opening Charges. The company offers Demat services free of cost, and there is no charge for the trading account also.

    The company does not levy any Nirmal Bang Demat Account Charges, but traders need to maintain a minimum margin value of Rs.10,000 in their account.

    The amount for the margin value is quite high, but if compared to other broker houses, it is low. There are also dematerialization services offered by the broker house, and this helps traders to get an all-round advantage by opening a Demat account with them.

    Nirmal Bang AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    Almost all the broker houses in this nation charge a maintenance charge for the Demat and trading accounts. This broker house also levies an AMC, but that is very less in amount.

    The Nirmal Bang AMC is only Rs.200, and that is charged for the Demat account. There is no maintenance cost charged for the trading account by this broker house. This is a sigh of relief for the traders who are into a huge amount of trading.

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    Nirmal Bang Trading Account

    There is a list of advantages awaiting the traders on opening a Nirmal Bang Trading Account. The facilities provided by the company are worth a mention, and they are summed up as below:

    • There are options for trading in mutual funds through the trading account of this broker house.
    • Clients can sell and buy shares through this trading account very easily.
    • Traders can keep track of their transactions using this account.
    • There is no charge levied on opening the trading account.
    • Traders need not pay any AMC for holding the trading account of this broker house.
    • This broker house is registered with CDSL, and all of their business procedures are fully transparent.

    Nirmal Bang Demat Account – Conclusion

    Traders can get a lot of advantages from the Nirmal Bang Demat account, and it is quite evident from the data provided above. This broker house charges a less amount of fees but offers some of the best facilities that any trader would wish for.

    Company respects the privacy of the clients, and thus all the confidential data are maintained properly. Traders also get a brilliant amount of support from them if they face any difficulty while trading.

    Therefore, if you want to invest in the stock market, Nirmal Bang can be your ideal option any day.

    Open Nirmal Bang Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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