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Profitmart Securities Pvt Ltd was fouded during the year 2010. The company has always had its headquarters in Mumbai. The company is dedicated to providing modern financial trading and investment solutions through Profitmart Demat Account.

One of those ways even include providing expert advisory through WhatsApp and Telegram. Nonetheless, the company’s feats are the least of our concern.

And, we’re speaking in terms of this very article. So, we’ll instead direct our focus on to Profitmart Securities Demat Account and Profitmart Trading Account.

We’ll discuss about the benefits they grant to the customers. We’ll talk about the generalized charges they incur. And, we’ll even guide you through the entire account opening procedure.

So, brace yourselves for a huge load of relevant information on Profitmart Demat and Trading Account.

Profitmart Securities Offers

Profitmart Demat Account

There’s a lot that can be said about Profitmart Demat Account. However, we’ve retrained to the most lucrative advantages they tend to offer. We have, in fact, enlisted all of their pros just underneath.

So, just take a sneak peek into it:

  • One of the major reasons to be opting Profitmart is the account opening fees. The company literally believes in giving the accounts for free. And, there is no special condition applied. You simply do not have to pay to open a Profitmart Demat Account.
  • Having a Demat Account grants you the access to several modular investing platforms. These platforms are custom built to suit the needs of the customers. And, they come integrated with loads of features. We’re specifically talking about their Terminal and Mobile App traders.
  • The company offers a single platform for usage across multiple instruments. They typically have built a platform that enables you to invest across Equity, Commodity, Currency and F&O.
  • The company belives in utter transparency. This is even applicable to the charges they implement. They tend to explain every step of their charging procedure to the customers.
  • They even provide a hassle free account opening procedure. This basically helps the customers to boost start their investment journey.
  • They grant substantial discounts on brokerage as well. The discount they offer typically ranges from 10% – 20% over the levied charges. And, as they say, a penny saved is a penny earned. So, you get the point right?

Open Profitmart Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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    How to Open Profitmart Demat Account?

    Honestly speaking, there are a lot of ways to open Profitmart Demat Account. However, we believe that you’d rather prefer the easy one.

    So, we’ve drafted the entire procedure for you underneath. And, all you need to do is just follow every step with in the exact order as we’ve put them. So, here’s how it goes:

    1. Click on the ‘Open Demat Account’ button available below. A Pop-up form will appear.
    2. Fill up that pop-up form with your information.
    3. A customer executive will call you & will share an EKYC form link.
    4. This link will have a form where you have to provide details like Aadhaar number, PAN number and date of birth, also the bank details such as account number and the IFSC code.
    5. So, just go through the entire form before you fill it up. And, do remember to only provide valid information.
    6. Anyway, there are a few other soft copy documents that must be uploaded. We’re referring to the pieces of certain documents like Aadhaar, PAN Card & Cancelled Cheque.
    7. Next you submit the form and the aforementioned docs, there’s but one thing to do, sign the form digitally using the Aadhaar card and then you must wait for a call from the company.
    8. This call will be placed to you by one of the company representatives. The representative will guide you through any further formalities. And, this will even decide if you get access to the Demat Account.

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    Profitmart Demat Account Charges

    Profitmart Demat Charges
    Depository ParticipantCDSL
    Account Opening ChargesZero
    Demat AMCRs 999 One Time Fee
    Trading AMCFree
    Margin RequiredMinimum 10,000
    Dematerialization AvailableYes

    We’ve already told you that there are no specific Profitmart Account Opening Charges. Nevertheless, there are certain Profitmart Demat Account Charges.

    We’re referring to the charges incurred as brokerage. However, the company does offer certain discount even on these charges. And, the usual discount range varies from 10% – 20% of the sum.

    Profitmart AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    Profitmart AMC is yet another interesting factor. The company has not introduced any specific AMC for Trading Accounts. This simply means that the Trading Accounts can be availed for free.

    However, the Demat Accounts do come with a certain charge. And, even this is not something that you call a typical AMC. In fact, the company levies one time charge of Rs.999.

    The customers can opt out for dematerialization of the accounts. And, that can be done as per the customers’ preferred duration. However, a minimum balance of Rs.10,000 must be held as Margin Money.

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    Profitmart Trading Account

    Profitmart Trading Account is a package of generous benefits. And, that’s just a manner of establishing it casually. In fact, the company takes special interest in providing great benefits to the traders.

    This this because the traders are the ones grating major profits to the company. Anyway, that is not the matter for discussion right now. So, here’s the set of benefits you may get from Profitmart Securities:

    • The company grants a lifetime free Trading Account to the customers. And, this is just the beginning of the long list of advantages. This, means that the Profitmart Trading Account can be used to trade without paying any specific usage charges.
    • The account comes linked with CDSL. This makes the transfer and deposit of required funds hassle free.
    • The customers can enjoy a leveraged exposure of upto 40 times with these accounts. This kind of exposure helps to fetch more stocks for lesser investments.

    Profitmart Securities Demat Account – Conclusion

    The Profitmart Securities Demat Account is hassle free to own. It grants huge discounts on the brokerage charges. And, it offers generous trading exposure to the customers.

    We don’t think that there is anything more that can be sought in a financial service provider’s Demat and Trading Accounts. So, just think a bit and get yourself one of these marvelous things.

    Open Profitmart Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

      Fill Your Details Here

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